Friday, May 24, 2013

Moore Flowers for Oklahoma

Flowers and a donation to the Red Cross for the  People in the Moore area of Oklahoma and southern Okla City..... I've experienced this but not at this intensity when my Aunt was living there....
My heart goes out to them.......

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm back!!!!!!! What IS a trunk show? In my case insanity!

Usually it is a designer  representing an upcoming season's offerings,
being either jewelry, accessories, or apparel. 
 Things that are easily portable.
So when I hooked up with Leslie Sinclair at Segreto she was having one featuring her Goldenthread jewelry. She and I thought since she was doing a trunk show  It would be nice if Beadboard could join and introduce Arte Pura to Houston.

So usually the designer brings extra goodie for people to see and
People walk out with something they usually didn't get in the shop all the time.



I bring MY ENTIRE SHOP (almost) so people can see Arte Pura the way it is supposed to be seen in an Arte Pura Shop.

Now,  I know how to drive a Penske moving truck in wind and rain and I actually backed it into a hotel parking space.....HEHE/  Robes couldn't believe it. I was very proud of myself.

Leslie graciously gave us her sample room and we (no I did) merchandised the color of her artistic samples with the Arte Pura linens.  And we had beautiful examples of Brahms Mount blankets in cotton and linen from Maine thanks to  Ben Gay their very wonderful representative....... You wouldn't believe how good they feel.......... In another blog we will elaborate......

Here is a table I brought down. Centerpiece came next day, cute little Aviary Cloches with White Peacocks on them.  AND all the pretty Evento Slipcovers...... We sold several and had to keep pulling them off and putting them on!

I even brought Portoagettis ( Italian Fabric baskets)Along with curtains, pillow shams, bedding , table runners, and clothing.  WOW clothing in linen by Daniella Delavalle.....Here is another Portoagetti.....(It took me weeks to spell this)

This one was filled with little pillow mists from Durance in the Cotton Flower fragrance........ I broke the tester,  The place smelled great.!

Another Portoagetti filled with Amorino Soaps......

A newly converted Arte Pura lover.... Will be getting gorgeous gray pillow shams soon with French Tulle lace.
A big thank you to Leslie and her staff, all of her things in her boutique complimented what we brought so beautifully, and she had wonderful light bites and wine......And a big thank you to the two gentleman from C & Moving and storage who helped me unload when I got there in the rain..... Oh Yes Both days......But all in all a great day..... And a special thank you to Robes, and our Friends Kathy and Bruce Watson who helped me pack this all up........I am in their debt....
Overall a great day!!!!!!!!!!! But POOPED!
BUT NOW Houston has been introduced to Arte Pura and they LOVED IT!