Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Spy a Cocotte!!!!

I ADORE THESE....Les Cocottes usually small,  as we know in America, Dutch ovens .... 
 Renowned Chef Cristian Constant opened a restaurant in Paris devoted to these little vessels called
" Les Cocottes." at 135 Rue St Dominique in the 7th in Paris.  On my Bucket list to eat there.

A great way to serve guests small comfort food dishes individually, with great presentation.....Why ? Because traditionally they are cast iron covered with enamel....... Usually used for the all time comfort food dishes like, Coq au Vin,  Savory custards, Pot au Feu and, in this country, good old pot roast and chili.

I paired this cocotte with a vintage Villeroy and Boch Alegretto salad plate, Juliska green glass and
a vintage cocktail napkin with grey embroidery and a vintage soup spoon...
 Tossed in a Desert Cactus flower tealight 
from Point a la Ligne. 

This  is an 8 QT Le Creuset cast Iron /Enamel  dutch oven. Usually  200 to 300 dollars and that is not a recent estimate.I hate to call it a Dutch oven because the Dutch had their own versions of these some with tulips painted on them and I KNOW because I have about 50 pieces of this vintage type of cookware that I use all the time.........!!!! THAT could be another post of interest!

This is a close up of the cocotte I just bought. Ok what is the catch????????
This is ceramic bought locally from my "unsupermarket"( and don't get me wrong I love the people there )for
TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS.!!!!!!!! Hey I feel like I hit the motherlode on this..... Kitchen to Table by HEB good in the oven to 445 degrees..... Also how many uses can YOU think of for these??????

Friday, April 22, 2011

What is it about this Color?

What is Gesso?????? Well it is, in fact, a combination of Plaster of Paris and glue that painters would use to give texture to the bases of oil paintings or bas reliefs starting itn the 1500's. Pronounced "JESO" long O.
This is the hottest color in the Arte Pura Line in our shop called Gesso Old. This one of our velvet reversible coverlets embroidered with Cornely Roses and with a beautful  volante. The velvet dyes darker and the  volante shows more of the true Gesso Old.  Now it is a spring bed with the white and Angelo Old resembling bleached blue jeans.

This was the same spread in the winter version......

This Color, Gesso Old, has just proved not only gorgeous but so compatible with other colors....

We are selling it in tabletop,

Bath accroutrements,

And, as shown on the left in  pajamas.........(You know, the ones no one is wearing to bed!)

There are three Gesso's here. Can you pick them out?  And wouldn't the ensemble on the right be the coolest workout outfit EVER?????? For the younger fry of course. ( like those who don't NEED to)
 A little Swarovski there on the bottom. Why not have a little bling when you are working up a sweat????

The Gesso again on the left in this darling nightdress, with the Tulle lace trim available on the pillows, tabletop, and bath items........

More of this color.... I Obviously LOVE it.

THIS is the ultimate Gesso Old.....The Zaffiro bedspread.  Ok, listen up, this is linen enveloped with organza, embroidered with roses.  It comes with a volante on all four sides also encased in organza.  And it comes with a surprise.  It has another layer of linen underneath and a pocket for a duvet insert. Angelique!

This is the Gesso Old in the Atollo bedspread,,,, belongs to one of our customers....
 I HAD to photograph it before it left the shop... See how gorgeous the Gesso is with the Shell Pink?

She loves it by the way......

SO...if you want more information or a catalog as this line is huge....... go to our website above and click on "contact us" we'll get you all the eye candy you want.....32 colors, 8 trims , crystal and much more......
And at some point we will be offering up a SUBSTANTIAL gift like offering.....Happy Easter.

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Beach" House in the Country!

It is rare when I get a chance to see Beadboard's work in a beautiful setting such as this.
This is the country home of Karen Beach a friend and client.  I refer to it as the "Beach house" because it has a beach in the back of it......This window overlooks it. That is one of our Beadboard sofas with a slipcopver one of several pieces  Karen sourced from our shop.... Her friend Leslie Sinclair did a beautiful post on it this morning.

For more pictures of this house and reflections of the owner's good taste, go to Leslie's Blog Note the upstairs sitting room,
 I love that white and grey print sofa!(if I say so myself!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cows Bathing in Paris?

When walking the streets of Paris Robes and I like to window shop.  Not only the obvious spectacular designer shops with their fabulous merchandising but simple things that catch your eye.
Like this drug store.

These cows were in the window advertising milk bath products...... They were delightful.

Shown here as a Birthday cow...... How cute is this?????
Is that a toupee???????Nail polish anyone?

I liked this one, "La Vache Zen" like, where's the SAKE??????? 
Maybe in that brown bottle there Hmmmm?

Robes was partial to this 'Pink" number in the football helmet. 
 With Milk instead of BEER??????
Love the shades.......

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Parisian Restaurant Renovation

Our favorite oyster bar....... on Rue St Jacques off  St Germain in the Cluny area of Paris in the 5th.
Simply named "the Oyster Bar"....

Under new ownership, we have eaten there a few times, and love the variety and the presentation.

The new interior is contemporary silver and grey with  neutral accents.

I loved the new light fixtures. 

Details, details.  And Presentation.....

The oysters come on a tall tray with dry ice spilling "smoke" out of it. 
Several different oysters, langoustines, crab, lobster, clams, are on the menu as well as many other seafood choices.

I love the way they serve, this is a flavored vinegar with fresh chopped shallots to dress the oysters. I also loved the rim of the plates.... Do you think it looks like Beluga Caviar????? If you are wondering why it was empty it is because it was very early in the evening and I wanted to get some shots of it with no people.
It is packed later in the evening. What did it look like before?

This.  Quite an improvement.....  But one thing has not changed, and that would be the
 way they pile up all of that seafood on mounds of ice on the corner outside......

How could any seafood lover resist this???  Dinner anyone???????
le bar a huitres, 33,Rue St Jacques, Paris in the 5th

Monday, April 4, 2011

Live camera on an Eagles Nest!!!!!!!!!

Whatever you are doing JUST STOP!!!!!!!!! Go here:
WHY????  Because you will see a great bald eagle mom with two hatchlings and a LIVE camera on the third egg.  Maman is 80 feet up in a tree in Iowa.  That is 8 stories......The photographers have been watching the pair for some time.... You can get sound........OMG!!! Dad has brought in meals and it is bare bones....... Literally....... The one hatchling is grey with a black beak.....No window treatments, no linen, no seagrass, just twigs and a lot of love.
Go see it NOW!!!!!!! Grab your kids!!!!
You need to sign in fior the website.....
Picture from National Geographic. Go, Go, Go!!! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Romancing Round Top!

I usually do tasteful posts on Swedish and European furniture available here Antiques week.
NOT THIS TIME!  Here it is: WARRENTON, TEXAS down the road from Round Top where it gets down and dirty, great deals, entertainment and bumper to bumper yesterday.......Above, the Famous Vehicle of the Junk Gypsies who put on a "Prom" one night every Round Top with Full Western Regalia, (mostly sold by them) Cowboy hats, tulle skirts, boots..........

Beautiful weather, there is everything is here,stylewise, some retro, country, shabby chic, jewelry,
garden you name it. They do not shoe horses here.

I especially loved this sign...... It was among those on the fence advertising twinkies, oreos, and funnel cakes... I wonder, is there any Carolyn Quartermaine here???? It there is, does it smell like Kettle corn?????
Whowever 's sign this is, you have to give them credit.... They are trying......

If the twinkies aren't titilating your tastebuds, how bout some FRIED ones. 
 YEAH! THAT will make them much better!

Something for everyone, cinnamon buns, kolaches,quiche, lasagna, a veritable European smorgasbord.....
This is fabulous, if you read the top of the banner it says"Home Style" on the left but what is a "Cold Air Drink"?  Who cares? Notice this is place is not empty and has a "Make em all happy!" mentality....
 More power to em!

Everywhere you can get Cold Beer, Tex Mex and great Bar-B-Que.  Just good old Texas style Fun.!!!!

And other stuff.....

Oh and beware of these "pies".  Yes the infamous "cow pies", not offered in restaurants, but located strategically in the fields among Swedish, and French furnishings.........Recycled grass/ hay as it is, all part of the uniqueness of antiquing here.......
Until the Fall Antiques show......... Your roving reporter......
OOH, I just stepped in something.....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Flowers for Leeann

Every Friday Leeann Hawke posts her  "Friday Flowers" on her blog "Fabulously French"
 There is nary a time I wasn't brought to smile, was cheered up, or inspired.
Thanks LeeAnn. These are for you. On a yellow provencial table
from my living see more, visit Fablously French
Yes, I know, I need to do something with the lamp cord..