Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 What will the New Year Bring?

Here we are walking through the portal to the unknown,leaving the last year behind.
What will be in store for us?
We all have hopes and dreams that maybe This will be the year that they will be fulfilled.
We hope your hopes and dreams will happen in the coming year.
Image from Pinterest Paris Boutique via Michael Mallinger.
Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Now THAT is my kind of xmas Picture!

I couldn't think of a better xmas card from our shop than this a beautiful young girl surrounded by
Arte Pura curtains........As if in snow. 
Merry Christmas, Buon Natale,Happy Hanukkah,
Joyeux Noel,God Jul, Happy Kwanzaa,Feliz Navidad.
That's all I know....
We wish joy for your new year!!!!!!
Maryanne and Robes (Peter)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

ARTE PURA does it again! Fall 2012

Well, here it is the new trim by Arte Pura enhanced by the two new colors... Minerale Old (a greyish green) and Essenza Old
(a dusty turquoise...)

The new lace trim is Pizza Gocce or "Lace Drops"
I Love this.......

Although Arte Pura is known for its bedspreads the duvets have the same choices 32 colors and 11 trims.... Can be sumptuous and simple.

As many of our customers know they design apparel as well  cleverly incorporating elements of the home decor .  This is a fabulous example..... The crochet from the Magia bed on the back of a fabulous chemise. The Castelluccia.  Can you see the Arte Pura embroidered in the back?

Here is another new piece the Camerota, with roses on the sleeves. 

Here is another one the Gaiola.  Every time Daniella designs apparel the backs are as interesting as the front.....

Left the Chianca wrap with the Castaluccia chemise shown in white  earlier and right the wonderful Nisida Linen... (we have had this in the shop and it just blows out every time we order.....)

Left a placemat with the new Lace Drops and a towel with the same trim.......Always 32 Colors and 11 trims......

Oh and yes these are bath mats  with the Lace drops and looped terrycloth on the reverse side.

More of the Lace Drops with on the Arte Pura Placemats!!!!!

They are always evolving.......... Which is what makes it a pleasure to introduce to our customers and readers...........

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Design, Dogs, France, Fashion, Paris, Food,Xmas, It's all here!!!!!

WHOA!  Some one has been a bad blogger!!!!!!!! Ok the shop excuse again, this time of year Busy,,,,. And Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone hanging in there with me............I would like to introduce you to two the coolest books of the season.......

First up, a book by Dallas Designer Betty Lou Phillips and Roblyn Herndon with fab illustrations by Sheryl Dickert. It is presented in the genre of "The Night Before Christmas" Poem But with a twist Francophiles
will love. 

Mrs Claus, who is portrayed here as quite a number, sets off for Paris for fashion week in Sept.....Vows to come back soon....OOPS!
Santa has to go get her......... No more, don't want to give away the PLOT but when he finds her it involves macaroons.

THIS I LOVE!!!!!!  DogTrots Globe, written by Chula, a sheltie as barked to her owner Sheron Long.  Chula travels to the south of France first by plane and then to ST Remy in the south by TGV.
(She gets her own train ticket)

Chula enjoys going to the markets........

Getting treats under the tables with other dogs..........

Cooling off in a fountain..........Maybe we could do a bit bigger guys?

That's more like it!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoying the Lavender ........

In Chula's words: "Boy after a day like that, it is nice to relax at my temporary Mas or farmhouse to wind down sit underneath the table ( my "table cave")and have a few bites slipped to me of whatever is being served that evening." In a few days Paris and more adventures there. AND a surprise for you Beadboard readers and customers....
Copies bought from here are 19.95 same as Amazon  and the other book 9.99 same as Amazon....... BUT...... Chula and Sheron's copys are not only Autographed by Sheron but Pawtographed by
Miss Chula Wula D'Augue herself!!!!!!

If you want to take your pup to France all the information you need in in there too..........
More to come on new happenings, Arte Pura new intros and changes around here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ma and Robes.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To those affected by the aftermath of the storm

We wish you these. 
Cape May, Ventnor, Atlantic City, the area where my mother's family called home.
There are no words.
For all those affected by this catastrophe, New York City, and the surrounding states, the other outlying areas of this huge storm, and Philadelphia, my home town, all the people that lost something, someone,a pet...You are in our thoughts and prayers and donations.....
We want to acknowledge our wonderful
 vendors who are friends based in the NYC Area, and other surrounding states: Arte Italica, Juliska, Comtoir de Famille, Brahms Mount,
Libeco, Anne de Solene, and more whose electricity is out, or have encountered other problems related to the storm. The important thing is their people are ok.
We appreciate what they do,and the efforts they are making to cope with this unique situation and the wonderful people who work for all our vendors.
We appreciate everything you do especially now........
Hang in there and things will get better soon.
Thank You so Much....
(image via Pinterest from pinmarklet)

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I must thank  Leeann Hawke of the Fabulously French Blog
for introducing me to these fabulously French sachets.
Evidently she received one as a gift and blogged on it...

MI-Septembre is a new company and has only this one fragrance. 
Beautifully presented, smells like fall. 
 I thought Sachet/ Passe. Until now.

This is the Sachet Fleur tied with Liberty of London fabric and updated with a
waffle like fabric similar to spa robes.....

This is the Pochon Nacre with Grograin Ribbon.

This one is the Boule Classique with the
Canelle, Badiane,Girofle and Parfum.
(Cinnamon, Anise, Clove and Parfum)
 The MI-Septembre fragrance.

This a "Coussinet Classique" ( like a little cushion )

This is the double version of the above available in a lovely gift box embossed with the MI-Septembre/Paris logo in silver as shown below.

Tres Jolie, No????? The Boule in the first picture is also available gift boxed, and there is tissue in the gift boxes and a MI- Septembre seal.
They are already working on another fragrance for Spring...

We are proud to be the first shop to offer this in the US. 
And the people there are delightful to work with. 
For more info and pricing, contact us at

Saturday, September 29, 2012

We've been invaded by Faeries!

You never know what happens in this place........
Beadboard seems to have been invaded by autumnal Faeries! 
This one fancied the colors of our knitwear.
(maybe because it reflected her own ensemble)

This is what caught her eye...... She is well behaved, but the others!!!!!

It's crazy, these little beauties loved the peacocks......

And you know, these fuchsia peacocks look great with bronzy pink faeries.  They all seem to get along.

Even the teeny birds on the napkin rings......

The little acorn fairies in the burlap were fun, but

Their red headed brothers were into everything.
They Like Herve Gambs!!!!!!(good taste)

These Leprechaun like ones were riding chickens, and got the acorn ones to hop on a few too!!!!!!!!

This one fancied the yellow orchids in the Arte Italica Pitcher.

OOPS! Got stuck! Inside a lantern.....
What is  this Night at the Museum??????

Looks like sis is coming to the rescue....(Hey look at those two in the background to the left on the etagere. They are high fiving each other, do you think they locked the latch?)
One more piece of knitwear..... There was a faerie on it.... Hummm..
Who's in charge here this Fall?????????

Oh no!  HIM??????????
If you are in the area for antiques week, stop by for a glass of wine we will be open til 9 through Friday nite.....And maybe you can see these characters in action;)

We had something to do with this.

This home is for sale...... It is only two years old......

Located in the Memorial Area of Houston it is amazing....

No detail left unattended.

Designed by my good friend Jon D. Bartell of Jon Bartell Designs, it reflects part of his versitility and amazing talent..... This is the rotunda like window in the entryway......

When I first saw this I felt like I should KNEEL.

Very French in style but with middle Eastern touches, it is spectacular.

A little library off the main living room.

This first floor is so open.......

Even with huge open rooms cozy corners are present.

JD  designed this kitchen the base which you can't see how gorgeous the base was  but was grey blue to go with the Breakfast room chandelier .

Made of Murano Glass to reflect the mosaic in the pool outside, it started off at the top as an azure blue and faded into white....
THIS was my favorite thing in the house.....

Powder room.   Where's the Powder?

Fountain outside near the pool....

This was going TO the pool........So. How am I connected with this....????  JD and I work together of some projects I fill in with some accessories,bedding etc.... in this case all the dinnerware came from Beadboard....... The Pictures are on KHOU  TV, Houston. JD came in today to consult on another project we are working on together....
Oh and these pics are the tip of the iceberg,,,, I went all through this house....... You can have it for a pittance 14.9 Mill.
Listed by Martha Turner Properties.