Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Herve Gambs Pushing the Design Envelope

For years when I went to Maison et Object in Paris I loved seeing this spectacular floral designer's offerings.

In a world where there are hundreds of choices for fragrance, uniqueness and presentation is paramount.
These are the Love Couture Orchids in five of the six colors.

So how does he do it?????? The offerings are of flowers in containers shown here the larger orchid cubes.
Six colors: white, green, red, violet (or Figue!), fuschia, and black orchid. Five Fragrances:
Herbe Intense, Essence de Figuier, Noie de Cassis, Bois de Cashmere and Terre D'Epices.

Look at the boxes......Very Chanel Like.   So What makes this different????? The flowers are made from a special material that acts as a ROOM DIFFUSER when sprayed with the home fragrance. 
It will last several days.

For the Holidays???? A RED Love Couture Orchid with a mini spray in the white box with the black trim in the Bois de Cashmere fragrance.....Hey Gentlemen, wouldn't an engagement ring look great nestled in there?

The artistic talents of Mr Gambs is evident when you visit his website

Here are the Sphere Orchids with a ribbon handle to hang.  They are big.  I LOVE them.  And yes you can spray them too!

Love this picture!
So what's your opinion??????Do you love it as much as I do?????? I think it is even pinworthy on my favorite things.......Will it be coming to Beadboard????? Hummmm.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Color Figue!!

It's everywhere this season!  In water features like this...

In our tabletop!
And dinnerware...(image from Cote Sud Sept 2011) 

Floral arrangements....Maison Pederrey.

At Maison Object on the leather sofa, on the footballs, I thought this guy would MOVE when I took this picture, but he is a PROP evidently.... And a cute little prop at that!  He knows it too....

On cars...

Jewelry ads, this one from Veranda for Coomi.

On our outdoor furniture..... This from Veranda August 2011.

We are wearing it in various tones.  Yes here it is.. Figue!  I bought Robes a Figue shirt in Paris.  The first time he wore it in the shop a woman complemented him on it.... "It's FIIGGUE!"he said proudly.

Oh and we are sleeping on it!  The Arte Pura bedspread in Agata Old (Figue).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arte Pura, Elegant Table Linen

Yes! Here are the pictures from the new introductions from Arte Pura Italian Table linens,
 Fall Collection 2011.
I ENCOURAGE YOU TO ENLARGE THESE, so you see the detail. This one of two new colors, Incanto Old (like seaglass) shown here with the new trim they call Elegant lace.

The Arancia octogonal tablecloth on the left with Tulle Lace border, and on the right the same in Bianco with Swarovski crystal, plain border. Dress it up, dress it down.... Shown with the ever Popular Evento stretchy slipcover. 

The new option in their tablelinens.... Now, not only can you pick the trim on the border of the cloth and also the color but now you have another choice:  You can have the trim, 9 choices there,  going down the CENTER of the cloth.......Shown here both ways with the new Elegant Lace in Polevere Old.

More tablelinens, Incanto Old with the New Geometiic plaid quilted organza in a diamond pattern on the left and Burro Old  with the Crochet lace on the right.  Also see the runners, placemats and little fabric baskets???

More eye candy.  The tablecloth on the left in Armonia Old with th Tulle lace trim, and the Gesso Old Grey/taupe on the right, both layered up with napkins, runners , placemats......How fun it this????

This is new. They are putting the organza on the placemats over the linen on the edges and doing the Arabesque embroidery over it.... The new napkins are in a lighter weight linen and have the Arte Pura embroidered logo in European script.....
Shown here with one of the new candles (from a previous post) they are gorgeous. 

I took this in Paris.... The new color I love, Fata Old, a grey lilac....SOOO Pretty! Elegant lace on the runner and on the border of the tablecloth.  In the shop this season  this color will be mixed with the Burro Old, a pale butterscotch color.

A table in Bianco linen, with Crocheted Lace runner folded over.

The Geometric Plaid
Linen with Ogranza quilted over it in a diamond pattern.

See something here that would compliment your holiday table????????
If you want to order, do NOW for the holidays..... That goes for dinnerware and stemware too....:)
For more specifics, go to click on Contact us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Star Trek, Tribbles, Squiggles, Cashmere...

What in the blazes do all these things have in common???????
If you have seen Star Trek, and who on earth hasn't???????
You will remember these warm fuzzy creatures, the TRIBBLES.

My favorite episode....."The Trouble With Tribbles".  These softer than soft fuzzy things were proficient at multiplying!!!!!!
They ended up all over the ship!!!!!  No one could figure out how these furry little ball like creatures were having wild sex...
 That presented a problem.... Evidently.

Doesn't the look on Bones (the Doctor's) face tell the story?????
What does this have to do with CASHMERE???????

We have our own "Tribbles"!  They are
 cashmere squiggles.....Appeared last year, for the first time, warm fuzzy little things, soft, grippy,
 like a Shar Pei Puppy around your neck!!!!!!!!!!!

With a ruana or coat they look like a piece of whipped cream on top,
 with a little fringe for more texture. 
Gorgeous and perfect with a sweater for cold evenings...
 Like in California under a gas lantern at a restaurant without a coat.

Colors, and new ones.... Charcoal, Heather Grey, Camel, Tobacco, Ivory, Coral, Plum, Dark Plum ( the French are calling FIIIGGUE! (figue), Turquoise, Black, Royal Blue, & Midnight Navy.

They are 117.00 each....100% cashmere, more weighty than the Loro Piana ( I know because I compared them in New York.)  which, by the way, would retail in the 400$ range. Our Squiggles can come home to you.  Just contact us. . And if you find a way to make them multiply,
 DEFINITELY contact us!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rivera Maison, The Dutch "Get It"

This is why I like going to market in Paris..... It's civilized, and you can see companies that show real inspiration like Riviera Maison....
.A lifestyle company that, if it ever came here, would blow P Barn out of the water.

At the entrance this old car set for Christmas with pillows, gear, throws hanging out the window to make way for what else?????????  The Christmas Tree!  Note the big screen TV in the background, they don't miss a trick.  THIS is the way to treat people at a show......
The back of the trunk..... Inside the pavillion is a 30 ft BAR amid custom upholstery, accessories, furniture and people sitting everywhere as if they are RELIEVED to be there.  They serve water, wine, champagne, espresso, and have store employees serving at the bar.......(and you wonder why I hate Javits????! The concessions are the pits.)
I'll take Laduree, Fauchon, a baguette sandwich, and splits of champagne anytime over the mystery food served at the NYC show.
Another example.. NICO, a visual merchandiser for RM.  He expalined to CTH ( mon ami Charlotte the Harlot) and I that their uniforms are changed with every new collection..... FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY. 
He said customers beg to buy them.
Not just a shirt but pants, sweaters, the works.... Monogrammed on the arm, with a hoodie!

Oh and the attention to detail..... This is a chocolate truffle coated with white chocolate with pictures of RM's products on it!!!!!!  (I ate one and forgot to take a picture and Nico quickly grabbed a photographable one....)
Oh, and in big baskets,
 because it was hot with all the lights, were small bottles of complimentary water to spritz yourself with, sporting the same images as on the truffles!!!! Talk about COOL!!!!!

And after looking at this,

And we spent all day in just ONE building (there are 8) .  I applaud Riviera Maison for being so gracious.
Go to because it would take me too long to describe it........And enjoy!

A mention....... A fond farewell to Steve Jobs. He made all our "Jobs" a little easier. 
 Do you think the man upstairs has a MAC?  HMMMM....