Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Herve Gambs Pushing the Design Envelope

For years when I went to Maison et Object in Paris I loved seeing this spectacular floral designer's offerings.

In a world where there are hundreds of choices for fragrance, uniqueness and presentation is paramount.
These are the Love Couture Orchids in five of the six colors.

So how does he do it?????? The offerings are of flowers in containers shown here the larger orchid cubes.
Six colors: white, green, red, violet (or Figue!), fuschia, and black orchid. Five Fragrances:
Herbe Intense, Essence de Figuier, Noie de Cassis, Bois de Cashmere and Terre D'Epices.

Look at the boxes......Very Chanel Like.   So What makes this different????? The flowers are made from a special material that acts as a ROOM DIFFUSER when sprayed with the home fragrance. 
It will last several days.

For the Holidays???? A RED Love Couture Orchid with a mini spray in the white box with the black trim in the Bois de Cashmere fragrance.....Hey Gentlemen, wouldn't an engagement ring look great nestled in there?

The artistic talents of Mr Gambs is evident when you visit his website

Here are the Sphere Orchids with a ribbon handle to hang.  They are big.  I LOVE them.  And yes you can spray them too!

Love this picture!
So what's your opinion??????Do you love it as much as I do?????? I think it is even pinworthy on my favorite things.......Will it be coming to Beadboard????? Hummmm.


  1. Wait, are these FAUX florals, or live? If they are faux, they are amazing -- they are amazing if real as well, of course, too. :-)

  2. Oui...j' find the best!


  3. I am CRAZY for his stuff!
    He's so right on with what we woman want - GLAMOUR!!
    merci carolg

  4. Hi Maryanne,

    Beautiful! is my answer and love the colours of the gorgeous orchids.
    Also love the picture of the Lady with pram.

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend

  5. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for stopping by this morning. Are you having soup for Supper? XO, Mona