Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arte Pura, Elegant Table Linen

Yes! Here are the pictures from the new introductions from Arte Pura Italian Table linens,
 Fall Collection 2011.
I ENCOURAGE YOU TO ENLARGE THESE, so you see the detail. This one of two new colors, Incanto Old (like seaglass) shown here with the new trim they call Elegant lace.

The Arancia octogonal tablecloth on the left with Tulle Lace border, and on the right the same in Bianco with Swarovski crystal, plain border. Dress it up, dress it down.... Shown with the ever Popular Evento stretchy slipcover. 

The new option in their tablelinens.... Now, not only can you pick the trim on the border of the cloth and also the color but now you have another choice:  You can have the trim, 9 choices there,  going down the CENTER of the cloth.......Shown here both ways with the new Elegant Lace in Polevere Old.

More tablelinens, Incanto Old with the New Geometiic plaid quilted organza in a diamond pattern on the left and Burro Old  with the Crochet lace on the right.  Also see the runners, placemats and little fabric baskets???

More eye candy.  The tablecloth on the left in Armonia Old with th Tulle lace trim, and the Gesso Old Grey/taupe on the right, both layered up with napkins, runners , placemats......How fun it this????

This is new. They are putting the organza on the placemats over the linen on the edges and doing the Arabesque embroidery over it.... The new napkins are in a lighter weight linen and have the Arte Pura embroidered logo in European script.....
Shown here with one of the new candles (from a previous post) they are gorgeous. 

I took this in Paris.... The new color I love, Fata Old, a grey lilac....SOOO Pretty! Elegant lace on the runner and on the border of the tablecloth.  In the shop this season  this color will be mixed with the Burro Old, a pale butterscotch color.

A table in Bianco linen, with Crocheted Lace runner folded over.

The Geometric Plaid
Linen with Ogranza quilted over it in a diamond pattern.

See something here that would compliment your holiday table????????
If you want to order, do NOW for the holidays..... That goes for dinnerware and stemware too....:)
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  1. Would it be too dramatic to say I am swooning?
    I cannot believe how beautiful they are!

    Flora Doora

  2. i know so very little about the linens,
    table cloths, etc.
    i know there is cold hard cash in it...
    i better learn up on it ----QUICK
    my new partner has tons of it.

    xxx thanks for the call xxx

  3. Oh to have a dining table to put these on! The details are beautiful....and I always love their palette so day!!
    xo J~

  4. Love exponentially! So beautiful.
    I never leave here disappointed.

  5. I'm swooning too. Such fabulous details. XO, Mona

  6. Gorgeous -- I especially love the trim transecting the table instead of just on the hem.

  7. Oh Maryanne, this collection is beautiful and I love all the very soft and romantic looks.
    Thanks for showing us.

    Happy Thursday

  8. This line is really unique, I'm always stopped in my tracks when I see a new line from Arte Pura. I love the gauze over linen and quilted........very unusual and beautiful!

  9. It's all modern table linens, thank for shared!
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