Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why do I love this lilac color so much?

When I opened my copy of Veranda I fell in love with this new Jewelbox of a Jewelry shop
Mish New York.  Loved the chandelier,the mural by Mark Uriu Studios, the color of the lacquered front doors, the settee.  More in the magazine don't want to spoil it for you!
 Thought I'd share this little tasty morsel.   The jewelry is incredible too!..... Good Luck Mish!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thank You, Merci & Gratzie

There's no better way than this I can think of to share xmas except with the work of
 photographer and artist Kees Terberg.

Paperwhites and fairies....
A Bloembox and a fairy.....Sitting on an Amaryllis.

And our own little fairy at home perched on a lamp.
Wishing you the happiest of holidays..... Thanks you for reading.
It warms our hearts to think we have so many virtual friends. xo
Maryanne and Robes.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Arte Pura Pajama xmas......NO PLAID HERE!

I am not one for wearing xmas ensembles... No sweaters with trees, no earrings with giftboxes on them.  And I'm not being all Scroogey.  BUT.......I wouldn't mind opening a gift or two in this.
THIS floats my boat.  From the new Collection that has just started trickling in
This is Felpa. The puffy collar on this makes me Happy Happy. Oh and NO ONE IS WEARING THESE  TO BED EITHER!!!!!!!!

We just got this in the shop.  In the Grey Lilac Color called Fata Old.
Ruching in the front with tulle details on the cuffs. Palmaria. You have to enlage this picture to see the look at the woman in the back, who is LOVIN this top......I took all of these pictures at market in Sept., so lighting was a challenge.

Tops and bottoms sold seperately bottoms are cotton low rise with pockets in the back and belt loops....
This is Bergegi.

Casletta blazer.... I'm definitely thinking jeans with this.... Squares of tulle over cotton.

This is a favorite the Cheradi..... With the crochet lace from the bedding, table top, and bath collections in the front.  One thing in common with all these pieces.  FABULOUS buttons!!!!!!!

This is already a hot  seller.  The Lunga. there are pearl on the cufffs along with the laces......
Frosted buttons and two of teacups.
This is Trezze, with the geometric quilted organza.......

Actually any of these can be night AND day wear.  Love the detail on this The ELBA.

The Camicia Front.

The Camicia Back.  To the left is the back of the ELBA.  
I love it when you look just as good coming as you do going.

This is Piana.....All the ruching......Detail on the sides.   Remember all are available in 32 luscious colors.

I don't know about you, but even though these wouldn't be in BY xmas,
 I would love having one of these to wear later.  Oh and I am by the way.  If you are "Piqued"
contact us at mailto:www.beadboardupcountry@sbcglobal.net for particulars.  We will be glad to fill you in.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beadboard Xmas Part Deux!!!!!

 I feel like Beadboard got it's presents early.
We got the shipment from Arte Pura and I ripped into it like a crazy person!!!!!

I wanted a very Figue xmas in the color palette for the shop
and the bedding, candles and pajamas hadn't arrived yet.

So here it is.The Magia bedspread/duvet with the crochet and the Arte Pura logo in a wide swath across the bedapread.  The bottom two layers, one of linen and the second in linen encased with organza in the new color FATA OLD ( a grey lilac).....Is gorgeous.

This tablecloth is in the same color.
The grey lilac is paired with grey, cream, white with touches of amber and mercury glass.

And we got candles!!!!!!!!!

The samples arrived in great shape beautifully boxed... So yes!!!!!
We are already taking orders for them!  This one being taken for a test drive.
It is performing well burning in a hole in the center and then when it gets way down you can stick an led votive in there and it will go indefinitely.  I blogged on it.....

So I added another bed to the shop to show the grey. 
 And the Topazio pillow with pearls and crystal, with the painted roses.

The figue floral arrangement with recycled paper and candles with the Arte Italica Candlelabra

Remember the peach souffle bed?  Here it is with the new Admiration pillow shams
from Anne de Solene.

The printed shams are reversible to tiny pink flowers on the back.

The pajamas are incredible.  Here is the "t-shirt" Poveglia. Shown in Fata Old (the grey lilac) with crystal down the front and parssimentarie. (obviously THAT word isn't in the old spell check!)

This is the darling Lunga Nightdress with the relaxed ruffled sleeves with pearl trim,
 and three layers of lace on the bottom...Two of the buttons are tea cups.

Palmaria with the tulle embroidered with roses........Fabulous.

The Berrgeggi pants.  For the younger fry?  Maybe not. 
 Low rise, belt loops, and pockets in the back like jeans.

When you sift all the orange colored pumpkins from your velvet ones, you can still use them........

Here is the cash wrap with the poinsettias locally grown from Ellison's gardens.
They have a pointsettia festival every year.

And here it the xmas "Cofferet Prestige" from Herve Gambs.  We sold out and are getting more.
The flower is a diffuser you spray with the Bois de Cashmere fragrance.
The Bois de Cashmere for this time of year is just, well, RICH.  Men love it, women love it and it smells like a room in a big house with a fireplace, leather furniture cashmere throws and some cognac.
That's Christmas here.  I'm pooped.  Bring on the eggnog!!!!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let the Holiday Games Begin! 2011

Ok, I have NOT been idle!!!!!The shop is ready for the holidays....Whew!

Jacqueline, our mannequin, is sporting our knitwear a red belted cape with a ruanna wrapped as a skirt and a Merangue stole as it it chilly out.  (finally)

Inside a fabulous Red Riding Hood cape boasting a three layer ruffle on the top and bottom.....

Here it is our Herve Gambs!!!!! The orchids you spray with the fragrance...
The Bois de Cashmere is VERY POPULAR.....

Here is the orchid topiary in red.  Yes it can be a rom diffuser too!

More good fragrance!!!!  The Sands of Morocco.  A french "nose" teaming up with her sister that does fabulous graphic art.... Packaging is gorgeous.......

Here's more with out tree of silver birds and hummingbirds.

Lavender we can't be without......

AND brand new from ARTE Pura the octogonal tableskirt in the new Fata Old Grey Lilac
 with the Elegant Lace trim........

Dinnerware is Amorini from Arte Italica and the Ambra glasses
that have an opalescence on the outside... (love these)

Silver xmas balls contained in a cylinder on a column.

Our window,, the Amorini on the Cellini Gold tray as a charger.

More window

The green ruana with the midnight blue cashmere squiggle.

The Amorini is dressed up with the Vittoria Gold Stemware.

We did a little nest in the compote with a champagne colored hummingbird perched on the side.  Don't you love the way the grape leaves look like holly????

If you haven't yet guessed we've got a FIGUE colored thing going on this year..... People love it....So now you see Robes and I have been busy, but I know my fabulous followers and readers will understand.;)
If you are in the neighborhood stop in and see in person.... And for info and pricing on anything just contact us through the website.....http://www.beadboardupcountry.com/