Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 What will the New Year Bring?

Here we are walking through the portal to the unknown,leaving the last year behind.
What will be in store for us?
We all have hopes and dreams that maybe This will be the year that they will be fulfilled.
We hope your hopes and dreams will happen in the coming year.
Image from Pinterest Paris Boutique via Michael Mallinger.
Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Now THAT is my kind of xmas Picture!

I couldn't think of a better xmas card from our shop than this a beautiful young girl surrounded by
Arte Pura curtains........As if in snow. 
Merry Christmas, Buon Natale,Happy Hanukkah,
Joyeux Noel,God Jul, Happy Kwanzaa,Feliz Navidad.
That's all I know....
We wish joy for your new year!!!!!!
Maryanne and Robes (Peter)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

ARTE PURA does it again! Fall 2012

Well, here it is the new trim by Arte Pura enhanced by the two new colors... Minerale Old (a greyish green) and Essenza Old
(a dusty turquoise...)

The new lace trim is Pizza Gocce or "Lace Drops"
I Love this.......

Although Arte Pura is known for its bedspreads the duvets have the same choices 32 colors and 11 trims.... Can be sumptuous and simple.

As many of our customers know they design apparel as well  cleverly incorporating elements of the home decor .  This is a fabulous example..... The crochet from the Magia bed on the back of a fabulous chemise. The Castelluccia.  Can you see the Arte Pura embroidered in the back?

Here is another new piece the Camerota, with roses on the sleeves. 

Here is another one the Gaiola.  Every time Daniella designs apparel the backs are as interesting as the front.....

Left the Chianca wrap with the Castaluccia chemise shown in white  earlier and right the wonderful Nisida Linen... (we have had this in the shop and it just blows out every time we order.....)

Left a placemat with the new Lace Drops and a towel with the same trim.......Always 32 Colors and 11 trims......

Oh and yes these are bath mats  with the Lace drops and looped terrycloth on the reverse side.

More of the Lace Drops with on the Arte Pura Placemats!!!!!

They are always evolving.......... Which is what makes it a pleasure to introduce to our customers and readers...........