Saturday, January 28, 2012

I WAS in Paris! M&O Riviera Maison!!

First, the Imaginings of my previous four posts on Paris as you may have guessed,  were REAL.
Last time Robes and I were at M&O there was an attempted break in at the house in the back where the gate opens to accomodate a vehicle.   So while we were gone we tried to be incognito.
So here is one of my favorite places RIVIERA MAISON!!!!!!!!
I love their summer collection...... This company from Holland is cutting edge FUN.  It starts here at the bar with upholstered white tufted leather seats where you can get espresso, water, tea and Proseco
(Champagne Italian Style) Also serving cookies and chocolate truffles.

They should call this Riviera Beach as the white wood floor is covered in sand and shells.
They had two themes that cross over The Lake House and A Floridian Theme.

There is sand in this big glass cylinder in which there are champagne flutes that have pointed bottoms.

I love the "Je ne Sais Quoi" Sofa.. Nice mix of fabric and FUN.  Please take note:
See how they matched up the lettering on the two pillows??????? THAT is detail that isn't done

The coordinating chair.

Love the vespa, remember last time they had theVW beetle with the xmas tree and the suitcases?????
See it HERE.
Also love the Lake House denim pillow.

This was charming..... The pillows are in the shape of speed boats you would see on the lake. 

The boats are also on the check pillows.

Now they have a nice selection of bath products.  Making their stores a one stop shop.

On to Florida.......The starfish pillows and the Key West crates.

LOVE,LOVE  these "Coral Gables" chaises.  More Fun!

What would the beach be without surfboards???????

Loved this display of chrome lanterns...... And the wicker boxes with the year # on them.

This was a cadeaux from our friend Baudouin, thank you!  A coat hook with RM on the top.
The people here are so nice . Henk, the owner of the company is usually there, and, had his young son serving espresso...... Always a pleasure.....
 We look forward to when they make their appearance in the US.......
It 's all in the details...........

Plenty more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

If I was in Paris Parte Quatre

If I was in Paris the provisioning of the apartment would include fragrant flowers and bougies or candles.
I know the 'New Panetone" color of the year is orange. 
 Looks like Mother Nature beat them to it with this rose bouquet in a little teapot
with a dragonfly on it.

I think I would love the different shades of pink in this bouquet.

Sooo cheerful.!

I think I would get an orchid branch for the "Zen" bathroom,
no vases left so I would just put in a coffee cup.

It would be the time of year for hyacinths, Love their fragrance and the color... 
 This would look nice on the secretary.

These would be purchased here, the little shop on Ile St Louis.
Photo from

Then over to Durance for bougies....

I would pick the Poudre de Riz or Rice Powder candle.  So clean and fresh!

They have body products as well as fragrances. The design of the shops is gorgeous.
The outside in grey and taupes. Pictures of the shop from the website of the talented designer of the
Durance shops in Paris Go there to see other lovely Durance shops in Paris.
If I was in Paris I would have bought some bath things too. If I was in Paris.

I think I can almost smell this!!!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

If I was in Paris, Part Trois

If you EVER buy another cook book and you love bistro food  GET THIS!
The authors are the owner of the ever popular Bistro Paul Bert, Bertrand Auboyneau and
the food critique of Le Figaro, Francois Simon, who is always incognito.

Robes and I have eaten here before...... Fabulous steak and frites......
Nice people and nice customers.  The last time I was here in Sept with Charlotte the Harlot we had the entrecote...Delicious!.  They know beef.  The French gentleman next to me was having lunch with his lovely wife and ordered blanquette de veau...(it arrived in a glistening copper pot).with a gratin of fresh morels..... I saw his dish, and  just lost it......He noticed and...
 He offered to MAKE ME A PLATE!!!!!  From His!!!!!! I declined but was tempted.....
 SOOOO tempted.....

This is a picture from the book.   Don't you love it?  THE DOG eats better than me!

So I thought IF I was in Paris and if I was at Paul Bert what would be on the menu this week????
It might be a salade mache with fresh citron vinagrette and grilled quail for Robes.

St Jacques scallops from Brittany topped with sauteed fresh wild mushrooms on a bed of sea salt.
 That would look good to me.

In my musings, I would choose a Cote de Rhone from Carienne in Provence.
Robes and I had been there years ago and that little village makes great wines.

A bouteille of Vittel Sans Gas..... No bubbles.

My entree would be sliced veal with golden carrots and turnips and cauliflower bathed in a light sauce.

Robes and I would share everything we order..... He had the Rougons de veau.
Yes kidneys..In a creamy mustard sauce  .I would think half the restaurant was ordering these......... Delicious!

Along with the above dish would be this bubbling potato gratin...
Loaded with melted gruyere cheese with an aroma to die for.

For dessert I imagine I would try Paris Brest.  No, not BREAST.  It is a choux pastry ( like puff pastry) shaped in a bicycle wheel by a pattissier in 1910 in honor of the bicycle race from Paris to Brest and Back.    The filling is a praline based butter cream.  My favorite dessert there is Baba Au Rhum.   I imagine I didn't have that this time but it is in the book.  If is obscenely loaded with rhum.

I think Robes would have opted for this lemon sorbet,  lemon sorbet like we have never seen. 
 So light and fluffy!!!!

I imagine since we would be in a taxi I would have the Bas Armagnac.
IF I was in Paris.

Bistro Paul Bert 18 Rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris
L'Ecallier du Bistrot 22 Rue Paul Bert 75011 Paris
(this is the new seafood version of the original, more sedate)
Pre orders of the book are available on Amazon 34.95 release on Feb 7th,2012
I would imagine I got a copy and Bertrand signed it and I would dream that he told me if I ever came back they would make me a blanquette de veau.....ZZZZZZZ
I imagine I am in heaven.;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


When you go to Paris, you dream of the first restaurant you go to when you get there. 
 It sets the tone for the whole Paris experience.  If I was in Paris I would want that place to be a bistro like this.  DESVOUGES.

Sometimes you discover it on previous trips just walking, and peer in the windows.
You think, how Parisian!!!!!!! How cute, with the lace curtains.....Looks like a REAL Bistro.

The blackboard above the bar would have the list of wines that go with the delicious food they serve....Also a friendly hands on proprieter that greets you at the door and offers a menu on a blackboard and would explain every dish like he cooked it all himself.

Before lunch they would set the tables with checkered napkins and wine glasses.

I imagine appetizers of frog legs for Robes,
 and Pate de Campagne with gellee (aspic) and delicious bread that we share.

Robes would have a beef tenderloin steak seared,  accompanied by crisp fingerling potatoes sauteed in duckfat to make them so crispy. Red onion in a red wine reduction, would be there too and Belgian endive sauteed with balsamic vinegar would be delicious.

Me, I would have the cassoulet, with the duck and sausages with white beans in a Staub Coccotte.
I would think it was the best cassoulet ever.    And yes, we would share these dishes too.

I would think we would be a little full for dessert but would love the chocolate souffle chaud with molten chocolate in the center. On a cold winter day I could think of nothing better.

So while it was cooking I would think we would have espresso with crema on

I would imagine my dream restaurant would look like think this. If I went to Paris, the entrees would be only 6 Euros and the plates 15 Euros.......Fabulous.I also imagine it was everything we dreamed of in our first meal when we would arrive in Paris.

I would think the name of the owner was Jerome Desvouges.
He would be a former journaliste with a love of food from Toulouse
that he very successfully incorporates in his menu.
If you go to Paris check this out
I think it would be in the 5th at 6 Rue Fosse St Marcel

More on my imaginings to come this week, If I WAS IN PARIS.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


If I was in Paris, I would stay in La Carrotte Apartement,

I would visit Maison et Object and see Arte Pura' s new spring collection

To see La Carrotte go to my sidebar and click on La Carrotte 1.
Eiffel Tower image from

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Take a Little Sip of the Country!


On Saturday the 14th of January,Downtown Brenham wil be hosting it's first
wine tasting!

Called the UPTOWN SWIRL attendees buy 25$ tickets that entitle the purchaser to  wine tastings at various locations within staggering distance of each other around the Downtown area from 2:00 in the afternoon to 7:00 in the evening. You get a sassy little commemorative wine glass,(the glasses are great,Robes and I have been testing them for leakage and we can assure you they are fantastic!) tastes of 20 wines, munchies and proceeds will benefit downtown improvement projects.. 

Of course Beadboard will be participating!!!!!!  So come on up and spend the afternoon!
Tickets are available here, the Washington County Visitor Center, and by contacting Main Street
979-337-7384 or go to their website