Friday, June 25, 2010

Hotel Crillion Le Brave, Provence, GO!

The last time we were in Provence we stayed in a TINY village called La Roque Alric.
Located in the Cotes Du Rhone area high in the Dentilles Mountains in the Valcluse, some homes were literally built into the rock.. We stayed in a delightful little house overlooking the glass structure over a pool.
This place was paradise to us , our first and next time having an apartment in Le Sud de France. We would hike behind the rock and get the most marvelous view of the area and saw this........

Wow...... What the blazes was THIS Place??!!!!!

Even more procavacative by night...........

It was a village below us, Crillon le Brave and what we saw was the view of the
Hotel Crillon le Brave.

Now in the heat of summer in Texas I am dying to go here.

The Hotel is not only the Main building of Crillon le Brave but encompasses seven of the village houses......

Ok I know, another pool pic but it's hot here for Gods sake and making me feel better....

Some of the local lavender way down in the valley below the hotel......

The courtyard restaurant of Crillon le Brave.

Oh and did I mention the SPA????? Please put me there right NOW.

And while you're at it rustle up one of these by talented Chef Phillippe Monti along with an ice cold Lillet Blond Apperitif and a bottle cold dry rose from Carianne. Hey, when I dream, I dream good food and wine too, and with all the accoutrements!

Yeah that would be good..........See how relaxed I look? Right.

Oh and to get even more relaxed, take a look at this view... ( don't anyone DARE mention a certain commercial for you know what, you'll kill the mood.)

And then to bed...

Chef's helpers will go shopping for tomorrow's provisions.. I think this is near the bakery in Beaumes De Venise.(where they make the delicious Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Robe's favorite) We would get bread there and there was an archway very similar in front of the local Boulangerie.

I guess we'll turn in, but we have to go up the hill to our wonderful place above all this grandeur as the hotel staff prepares for tomorrow's guests.... We went to the market and bought Le Poulet,fromage, une salade,and those two bottles of wine I mentioned....I think we'll have a great time too taking a dip in our petite pool. But If I had a some extra time in the future.....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fleurs d'Ete in the Texas Countryside

When it starts to get really hot here in Le Sud de Texas, and I see these fabulous blogs of people gardening in California with their Foxglove, Peonies, Roses I miss living in a cooler climate.

Then when it gets hot as the dickens around here these gorgeous things bloom.

They are Crepe Myrtle trees and they are prolific in Texas.
Trimmed on the bottom they look elegant....But look at these "Country"Crepe Myrtles.....!!!!!!!

Humongous! See how close those power lines are?

Colors: Red, Cranberry, Pale Pink, Fuschia, Purple and White.
These will grow up and look like a big line of color someday.

I love the white ones... This one in fron of the Ingleside B&B in Brenham.

Nice car....(mine) HAHA!


These last two photos are in the lovely front yard across the street from our house, the old Jacobs House....(we can live there 50 years and it will still be called the old Jacobs House)

We see this view out our front window, they belong to our lovely neighbor Elaine.

You may have tasted her family's delicious salad dressing, Brianna's. Thanks Elaine, for the view and thanks for keeping us supplied with Champagne Caper Vinagrette..Yum!

Oh, if you like a fresh fish recipe we marinate Halibut or Sea Bass or other firm fish in the dressing and coat with Panko Flakes and bake...DEEE-LISH!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Arte Pura Bath.......Bellissima!

Everyone has been enjoying the pictures of the gorgeous textured Italian bed linens by Arte Pura. Not only has it been embraced by design bloggers, but luxury websites like JUST LUXE
are discovering what designers have been traveling to Italy to buy for their customers.

ARTE PURA DI FIANCO AL PARADISO(meaning pure art, next to heaven) also offers extroardinary bath linens, and accessories that you can, like the bedding, DESIGN yourself!!!!!! The bath linen, like the bedding, feels like BUTTER.

Consider this: Towels are offered in cotton terry and also linen
in 30 colors. You have a choice of 4 trims on the towels. And you can have them with or without Swarovski crystal! Pictured here on the right is the Macrame trim a lovely lace.

Towels with the ribbed linen trim embellished with Swarovski crystal. Like the bedding the crystal is fused into the fabric by laser so they stay on in the wash better than gluing or grommets. Oh and did I mention the robes??????? And that curtain is natural linen with organza in the pleats. How cool is that?

More bath in the white linen with a curtain you can use as a shower curtain with a liner..

More towels with Eyelet trim, tiny pleats and Macrame Lace.

I love the linen border on these terry towels with the little pom poms.

Reversible bathmats in linen and terry, and adorable kleenex box covers. Both can be ordered with or without crystal.

This purple/lilac combination is wow...

Colors can change your look from traditional, romantic or contemporary.
The linen can coordinate with many different bathrooms the choices are endless.

Linen Terry beach size towel can be used as cushions for outdoor chaises. They are washable and gorgeous. You can tote them around in the bags......

Oh and the robes???How about Linen or Terrycloth with or without a hoodie?

The Arte Pura logo bath ensemble available only in white......

The sleek black accessories and MY favorite robe: Linen on one side, Terry on the other, with a hoodie and it is REVERSIBLE!!!!!!
Available to order exclusively from Beadboard UpCountry just email us at .