Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fleurs d'Ete in the Texas Countryside

When it starts to get really hot here in Le Sud de Texas, and I see these fabulous blogs of people gardening in California with their Foxglove, Peonies, Roses I miss living in a cooler climate.

Then when it gets hot as the dickens around here these gorgeous things bloom.

They are Crepe Myrtle trees and they are prolific in Texas.
Trimmed on the bottom they look elegant....But look at these "Country"Crepe Myrtles.....!!!!!!!

Humongous! See how close those power lines are?

Colors: Red, Cranberry, Pale Pink, Fuschia, Purple and White.
These will grow up and look like a big line of color someday.

I love the white ones... This one in fron of the Ingleside B&B in Brenham.

Nice car....(mine) HAHA!


These last two photos are in the lovely front yard across the street from our house, the old Jacobs House....(we can live there 50 years and it will still be called the old Jacobs House)

We see this view out our front window, they belong to our lovely neighbor Elaine.

You may have tasted her family's delicious salad dressing, Brianna's. Thanks Elaine, for the view and thanks for keeping us supplied with Champagne Caper Vinagrette..Yum!

Oh, if you like a fresh fish recipe we marinate Halibut or Sea Bass or other firm fish in the dressing and coat with Panko Flakes and bake...DEEE-LISH!!!


  1. hi them, especially the white ones. I'm a bit clueless about resolution! Love flowering cherries, plums as well. XO Trish

  2. Hola Maryanne, nice place where you live, so pretty, beautiful gardens and houses and I think those trees are Crespones or at least pretty much the same... and I do remember your car when you were carrying a big pinguin in your convertible, it was a great picture!!!

  3. I never really gave the Crape Myrtle much credit until we moved into our neighborhood. It is a planned community and I swear you can walk two feet without seeing at least 100 of these. They are a sight to see.

  4. Hi Maryanne,
    You know I am jealous of your HOT weather there! here in Belgium it is so chilly! Temperature around 15°C.!! It is as autumn begins!!! And I am jealous of the view you have out of your front window!!! All beautiful! I think is is a very pretty place where you live!!! We should visit you some day...
    Have a wonderful HOT weekend my dear!!
    A big hug to you!!

  5. I am partial to the white crepe myrtles. I once knew a guy who came over from england and asked the name of that tree. but then he got confused and starting calling some trees 'crepe magnolias.' that was years ago and I have never forgotten how cute it was!

    lovely post! Have a wonderful weekend! Donna

  6. Maryranne,

    I love those crape myrtles when they bloom...those are some beautiful specimens you shot. Right now, I have pale pink blooms cut and in the old French milk bottle you gave us from your shop!

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  8. Gorgeous!! I love the crape myrtles too. They always remind me of visiting my in-laws in Louisiana.

  9. These are all gorgeous. I really love the white ones as well. We have several but they are not in full bloom yet. By the end of the month they probably will be. Mona

  10. L-O-V-I-N-G your blog! So glad I found it!! Made me miss home, but I'll be there soon :) Great photos !

  11. I'm from San Antonio, and the crepe myrtles are beautiful this year. I so love the true red and the white. Thanks for sharing them with me today.


  12. the crepe myrtle trees are all in bloom here in
    'hot as hell' florida.
    but lately i have had my eye on them because i need a flowering tree in my back yard.
    why don't they come in yellow?
    that is what i need.

  13. Hi Maryanne,

    I love all your pretty crepe Myrtle trees and what a wonderful show they make.
    Thanks for sharing some photos of your wonderful neighbourhood.

    Happy week

  14. Maryanne, I definitely have to come to visit you in Texas . Your area looks beautiful

  15. Lovely blooms and gorgeous homes. Up here in NY, I know that salad dressing very, very well! Will have to try that fish recipe, it sounds great. Thanks!

  16. Hi Maryannne!

    Crepe Myrtles are incredible..I grew up with one outside my bedroom window, they mkae up for the other stuff...! These are all stunning (and they take so little work to keep up, right?)

    Be happy its hot...we were 49 degrees the other night!!!

    Bon journeee du midi californie!



  17. We love the crape myrtles here in Charlotte, North Carolina, too! Did you know the crape myrtle isn't even indigenous to the U.S.? It was imported by colonists from -- drum roll, please -- FRANCE! :-) Admit it; you love them even more now, don't you?

  18. Rebecca Grace: Yes I certainly do!!!!!!!Thanks!!!!! And all of you should try that recipe for the fish it is awesome..........

  19. You live in a great neighborhood I can see! Why am I not surprised!

    And the neighbors must love you!!! Ms. great style!

    Love, Mon

  20. thanks for dropping by and your sweet comments. you have a lovely name. love those crape myrtles, hope mine will come out great this year! hope you have a great week...verbena cottage

  21. crape myrtles are so lovely but unfortunately they do not grow in my zone 4, but glad you shared them with us! so lovely to look at....and so nice of you to stop by my blog and introduce yourself...good to meet a fellow to you...maureen lynne

  22. You can't help but notice them they are so gorgeous! ... and they seem to be particularly wonderful this year...

    I've been meaning to go out and cut some for a vase... although they don't hold up too well after they are cut ~Terri

  23. You have the most stunning flowering trees and plants. I am so jealous - its so cold in New England our flowering season is so much shorter! What lovely shots!

  24. I miss crepe Myrtle, I was raised in Houston, You gave me some great memories with these great photo's..I see Yvonne

  25. ...Beautiful Im ages ...Thanks for Sharing!

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