Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Anniversary of Beadboard Upcountry Blog...

With coming back from NYC, and the Trunk Show and, losing Murph, I realized my 1st blog anniversary has come, and gone. It's causing me to reflect on the past year of blogging and the amazing friends I've made and met.......And I ask myself, have I improved any? I still have logistical issues on occasion......Have I learned anything?????YES!!! From reading all the other great blogs out there..... Had I any idea how much time it would take to keep up????? Absolutely not. Am I keeping up? Maybe.... Do I get anxious that I don't have followers in the four figures????? Sometimes, but I have other priorities.........I am the proverbial plate spinner.....I have several in the air and one occasionally starts to wobble...... Am I glad I started???? Yes. Is the shop and me better for it?
Definitely.... Thanks everyone for your tuning in over the past year, for "getting it" and taking a moment to see what a blog from a small shop in the sticks has to offer.....xoxox Maryanne
picture from Lussorian Mirrors...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Remembering Murphy

On Thursday morning we lost Murphy our Basset Hound. He was goofy, smelly, had that hound like bark, and was the one that started up the nightly clamour for feeding time. We will miss him.
Au Revoir, Murph.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Due to it's Success We are Extending the Trunk Show!!!!!

A collection of elegant stylings of fall knitwear. Also, anyone who orders will be eligible for an opportunity to select another piece or a combination of hat, gloves and scarf!
All shipped free of charge to you in the US. Shipment expected end of October/Beginning November. Trunk Show will CLOSE at the end of the day Friday Aug 21. First up:
Image #1 (Above)
The beautiful Capelet in Almost White with Rosettes. Cap 221, 247.00
Pictured in Terracotta, the Pom Pon Scarf SCF-21, 77.00
Adorned with the felt ball necklace in Menta Green 42.00
Image #2

The Lovely Long Cape in Fuschia RSBP-01, 187.00
Paired with the most fun "scarf" Looks like a man's tie!!!! Loving this!
The Max Octopus scarf, SCF-28, 127.00

Image # 2

This is gorgeous!!! Above the knee length coat with contrast ruffle on cuff and collar
You can pick the color and the ruffle in solid or contrast like here....This is the biggest seller this year! Black/Almost White Looks very Chanel I think don't you ? THIS will be in my closet... Maybe grey with black cuffs?????Coat-021 360.00 S/M or M/L

Image #3

Gorgeous, version 2. Cape /Black RSBP-02 195.00
Ruffled Collar Almost White CP-03 87.00
Fingerless Gloves with Ruffle GL-24 87.00


Ruffled Bolero Cape with Tie In Mauve Cap-226, 210.00
Long Jacquard Mittens in Plum GL-25, 87.00
Zingara Scarf in Plum SCF-31 87.00
Felt Necklace Grey 42.00 My closet Pick.....

Image #5

Merengue Stole "Stole " the show last year!!!!! I have two, 3 layers of relaxed ruffles and fabulous!!!
Appealing to all ages...Shown in Dk Turquoise ST-83 197.00

Image #6

The Ruana. Available in this length and a petite length. The petite length is about mid thigh. I would reccomend that size if you would like to wrap and wear as a skirt....Yes you can and I did! I prefer the petite and I am 5'6". But some people my size wanted the coat length, below the knee. Both the regular and petite are available with contrast ruffle. Shown here in Camel.
Reg Ruana 187.00 Petite Ruana 167.00 It is gorgeous in the charcoal tweed with the Black contrast ruffle......

Image #7

This year's smashing new stole. With 3 layered relaxed volante. Also available with contrast colors. Shown in Black and Lt Pink. Flower is a crocheted pin, sold separately.
Stole ST-02 197.00
Crochet Flower Pin XLarge 38.00

Image #8

This beautiful Mandarin Colored cape is made with Alpaca.....Color is Cherry Red
Cap-231 360.00
Shown with PomPon scarf SCF-21 87.00
Felt Necklaces in Red, Lilac and Hot Pink 42.00 Aren't they fun????

Image # 10

The Cowl Caftan Cape shown in a blend of color Color Mixte #957, CAFT-21, 230.00
Also shown are two of the single Rope Octopus Scarf shown in Plum and Wine
Scf-24 and are 18.00 Each
Mittens are petite braid in Cherry GL-21 and are 37.00
Scarf is Petite Braid and is 77.00 in Cherry

Image # 10

I love this look! Shown in Tweed Blue, a vest with ruffle detail availble in two sizes.
They run small.
Small /Med is size 2 to 6 Vestr-03 187.00
Med/Large is 8/10 Vestr-03 187.00
If you are generously endowed in your decolletage, this would not be the best choice.
Mittens are Simple Mittens in Tweed Blue GL-22, 34.00
Hat is Tweed blue with crocheted Flower 42.00 These hats are enormously popular!
The flower looks like part of the vest it is the XL crocheted flower pin and is 38.00
Braided Scarf is Max Alpaca Crochet in Orange SCF-25 87.00

Image #11

Here the long cardigan with detail. Sizing runs same as the vest. If you're a little generous in the hip area this is not for you....If not it is WOW.
Coat-023 in Plum 237.00 Paired with is one of my favorite scarves The Tube Pom Pon scarf in wine. (it is fun looks like spaghetti noodles.)SCF-26, 87.00

Image# 12
Ok is this fun or not????? When is the last time you bought leg warmers????This is the blue Poncho with Tassel Belt KIM-01 227.00
Gloves with crocheted Flower 34.00 These went like hotcakes last season.....Scarf is the Max Alpaca Crochet, SCF-30, 87.00 in Grey
Escarpines (leg warmers) in Alpaca Crochet ESC-40,also in Grey 75.00PR
Crocheted flower necklace is 47.00, all are one of a kind, no choice of color.


Color Mixte #957
Shown on Cowl Neck Cape

Almost White

Inca White (cream)



Silver Grey

Charcoal Tweed


Lt Orange

Deep Orange


Apple Green

Soft Pink

Lime Green

Mauve Pink

Cloud Blue


Forest Green

Soft Yellow


Olive Green


Tweed Blue

Deep Sea Blue


Midnight Blue (like Aubergine)


Blue Jean

Lapiz ( Lapis )

Dk Turquoise

Navy Blue

Parrot Green
(Mojito Green)

Cherry Red





Tweed Forest Green

Felt Necklaces come in the following colors: grey, red, lilac, menta green, brown, black, off white, blue, and hot pink. 42.00ea
There are two more colors Espresso and Maize (mustard) I can email those color samples to you. These are for the knitwear.

Le Fine Print: If you want to place an order, email us at and let us know what you would like. We will confirm the order back to you and ask what credit card you would like to use. We accept all credit cards. If you like you can provide your phone # so we can call you for the card #at your convenience. Also if you want more specifics about any of the pieces shown you can e-mail us. All of these are custom order so we would require payment in full at the time of the order and are non-cancelable. Orders will be shipped end of October or beginning of November at no charge with our compliments. We are not a huge operation here, so we didn't want involve a website designer as this is a one shot deal we would have had to charge more.....If this proves successful we will do more!!!! Thank You for viewing!!!!!
Due to customer demand we will extend the trunk show through Fri August 22st.