Thursday, June 6, 2013

Arte Pura "Couture"

Everyone knows Arte Pura for their home decor. 
 Bedding, curtains, tabletop, bath , accessories that are over the top.
Well the designer for this fantastic line of Italian Home decor did not start  in home decor...... She has been designing Ready to Wear
very successfully for 20years under the name of Elisa Cavalletti.
We were their guests at the Prete a Porter show in Paris in January.  WOW.  When she designed Arte Pura I guess the idea was to design "dreamwear" as they called it, to go with the home decor.
ONE PROBLEM.........

When she designed the dreamwear it was so cool no one wore it to bed.
 One customer bought the Maddelena  Linen jacket and pants in the Gray and wore it to the opening of the Santa Fe Opera, added a little Silver jewelry and Viola!  She said she never got more compliments.  ( She now owns 4 ensembles)
So it evolved into day dream wear, and finally clothing.
I am one of those people who said " I don't dress like I decorate."
UMMMM....I may be reconsidering. Available in all 32 colors.

I will be posting an inventory or mini trunk show of what we have in the shop now......Within the next few days....The interesting part of this is the bottom of the blouse is the Tulle lace from the home decor pieces, and the arms are the Crochet lace from there.
By the way all those buttons????????
All the brown ones are just decoration.........
No worries;)