Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Provisions in Paris, Ile St Louis..

While getting provisions in Paris, Robes and I have our little things we like.....
The first day he went to the market alone and got things HE wanted..... I think because
I had been there in Sept while he watched the shop.....Then when I saw what he arrived at the apartment with I saw a few things missing....... So, we headed down to Ile St Louis.... 
This is a restaurant on Rue De L'Ile 
  Sign not too enticing....

But look at what in hanging in the window..... All fresh!!!!!!!  NO Plastique food thank you very much. 
 I was ready to crunch on some of those gorgeous radishes....They serve them with a little unsalted butter.

But I was on a mission,,,, I wanted some Point L'Eveque cheese.....Hit Paydirt here!!!!!!

Also you will notice the terrine de lapin is missing.....
That is because the young gentleman was cutting a petite morseau pour MOI.
AND they had Proscuitto San Danielle.........YUMM!!!!!! 
 And wine so we didn't have to make an extra stop.

This was where we got the flowers From Patrick Allain........

So Pretty

Snapdragons??? We got Hyacinths, roses, and orchids...... And a bouquet of Fuschia colored flowers. 
 I blogged on his shop a few weeks ago.

I have know idea what happened here but I liked it so here you go.....
Maybe I was reeling from the fragrance.  Literally.

Down on the corner was Le Regis Blanc a great restaurant/bar., where we could not only  nab a baguette on the way home but suck up a fabulous fresh mint Mojito.

I saw on the mirror they have bouillabaisse........Will definitely try that next time.

Soooo Fun.  Wait staff were easy on the eyes too....... Nice....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Whimsical Kitchenware from France

This is not the kind of thing that normally floats my boat.   But there are these shops in France whose functional merchandise is so whimsical they are worth a second look.

Pylones are the names of the shops.....This is a cd player??????
I don't thnk so...I don't care what it is Sooo cute!

  These are Demitasse cups with wings on them.....Love these...

For a summer salad you might want to serve with these bathing beauties...

Ok, I have purchased the pricey toasters from the San Francisco store who will not be named.....
But How cute are these....???

Oh, and a staple in Europe the teapot although these are looking like something from Alice in Wonderland but they are ELECTRIC......

These were my favorite...... The Eiffel Tower that is an Espresso Coffee Pod Holder.
I took this picture because the flowers were DANCING. Should have made a video.
This is a great shop.  This particular one was on Ile St Louis....
Hope you go there. The walk down the street is worth it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Macaroons for You!

(Image by Juliska's new and very talented Photographer Pete Zezima)
Edible Friday,,,,, Don't ask for the recipe just enjoy the view.
Juliska cake plate.......OOPS! Some fell off!!!!!
I guess I'll have to indulge myself....... With this,
Some cafe in this named "Deshabillez Moi" or Undress me.
The coolest coffee cup & saucer I have ever seen.
Designed by Emilie Floge for Createurs a Limoges Availble in France
for 150 Euros for two.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Going to France in Two Styles!!!!!!!

Soooooo you want to go to Provence?????
How bout May, how bout staying in this villa outside Isle Sur la Sorgue, with a few other like minded people that will be enjoying
antiquing, cooking, wine, taking fabulous pictures, flea markets and more and have an interest in art and design?

Yep I wouldn't mind spending a few days here.......Especially if the arrangements for my entertainment were made by none other than Kit Golson, California Designer and author of the Blog Chic Provence. 
 Kit has a passion for attention to detail when it comes to her guests, and is very familiar with the area.
You would drink wine and make new friends in this room. How cool is this?????

After a day antiquing in the Sunny Provencal weather, maybe take some cooking lessons from a local chef in the villa's spacious Kitchen.

Using some of these cooking supplies..........(Just let me loose in there, I'll teach one!!!!)
For more information and the brochure just click on the sidebar for the Chic Provence tour.

All previous images by Kit Golson.


If your interest lies in a more Urban venue, check out Jermaine's (of French Kissed Blog)
Parisian Shopping Spree!!!
Who better than the part time Paris resident with the Most Fashionable daughter Haleigh,
 a permanent Paris resident and fashionista.........(author of Making Magique Blog)
to introduce to you the best shopping (well known and also the secret places) in the City of Lights.

Places as cool as Merci.......

As delicious as Laduree.....

While you pass flower markets.........

Go to  Astier de la Villatte, known for their fabulous white ceramics.  
Will someone please get me a pitcher from here??????????

Don't ever get me started on these........

Stop in and say hi to the home of one of the hottest spring collections this year.....I mean it the collection is fabulous.... All Grace Kelly like........Le Figaro called it Les Hitchcockiennes!!!!

Stop and rest with a Coupe de Champagne.......
Oh and did I mention the Marche Au Puces where you can antique shop til you drop???????
This little jaunt is conveniently scheduled after the Chic Provence Tour.....Meaning...
YOU CAN DO BOTH!!!!!!! Just click on the Eiffel Tower on my right sidebar for further info.

And you should,,,,, you really, really, really should.  I would if I hadn't just gotten back.....
 And Robes would be soooooo jealous.......

All of the Paris photos were taken by Jermaine,,,, I'm sure she'd be happy to gve you some pointers.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I want an Orchid car for Valentines day.

You know after the Xmas season is over, I can't wait to get back to music I haven't listened to for 30 days........Not that Diana Krall, Michael Buble aren't fabulous for xmas music which we play in the shop.......But it is the theme for those Lexus commercials that drives me round the bend!!!!!!!! I would be just as happy with one of these in the above pic Sans the bow thank you very much.......I believe it is a Deux Cheveaux or a Peugeot. But while walking past a Toyota dealership in Paris on Blvd St Marcel I spied this sweetness.

It has a built in smile!!!!!!! Just like my old beetle rag top!!!!!!!!!!!It's the IQ? I can't imagine what bells and whistles it purports... I just want it. Want it. Want it.

And it's Beautiful!  Enhanced with  decorative orchids........ How cute is this?????
Why are there no Toyotas like this in the US?    I know, maybe there are and I just haven't seen them.
But sooooooo cute!  What do you think???????

Friday, February 10, 2012

The PERFECT Valentine Gift!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's day.  Ok here 's the deal,,,, Men, I think, are in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, or they are clueless as to what day it is and will look at the TV and assume that chocolates, flowers, perfume and champagne are one Heck of an original idea for a Valentine's gift.  Plus you can by it at the local supermarket!!!!!!  WRONG.  SHE WANTS SOMETHING SPECIAL.

THIS IS SPECIAL...... A beautiful red orchid by Herve Gambs, a French Floral designer, in an elegant Chanel- like Presentation box named the COFFERET PRESTIGE with a perfume spray you spray on the orchid as a room fragrance(it's primary function) or yourself....For the Wife, Girlfriend, Mother, Boss...

Slip an engagement ring on the round vial for the fiance to be.......
Don't you just love it when a floral designer and a perfumer collaborate?!!!!

Or you can go for the topiary............This will really WOW her! These are also very useful if you've messed up bad and need a little something to smooth things over.......LIKE IF YOU FORGET VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!
 Thank you Herve!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Anne de Solene & Sonia Rykiel Spring Linens! Fabulous!

 Because we carry Anne de Solene in the shop, and it is not only gorgeous on it's own but mixes so well with other things because of their wide array of Vexin solid sheets, I never miss seeing them in Paris.
This is new called ENVY (note the green towels?) Large peonies on a shell pink field soooo pretty!
The deco Pillow is one of two new ones with a satin bow on the corner.....

This fresh little darling is Augustine mixed with a smaller print Antoinette.  Shell pink solid Vexin sheeting shown here but it coordinates with Pistachio, Feuille de menthe, Raspberry, and Amethyste.

This is a vexin duvet with an adorable Paris pillow on a twin bed.

This pillow could hook up with a lot! Even a white slipcovered sofa! 
Now for the BIG Surprise!!!!!

The new softer look of Sonia Rykiel.  Her signature Maison line always was bold black stripes and bold colors...... I am lovin this......A white applique like look. The knit cushions with medallions in the corner and throws are to die for.

Lovin the tassels on these too.  I went nuts for this and we might be carrying it in the shop.

Signature towels and robes.  But here is the most fun thing.........

The blue beach stripe with the BIG BOW!!!!! How fun is this??????? Perfect for a beach house????
Totally pinable I think on Pinterest........These two lines are made by the same manufacturer
Colombier Hacot
Love the quality..... And if you haven't seen the spring clothing collection for Sonia Rykiel go to click on the video.  Reminds me of Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn........What do you think?????
(This is the dessert for this blog;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Upholstered Macaroons from Designer's Guild

When I saw the offerings from Designer's Guild and Christian La Croix who also has a line with them,
it reminded me of the colors of a box of macaroons.  (the French ones)

How fun is this??????

Tricia Guild is known for her color, I love this vignette and the starfish bowl on the table.

More fun!  Look at the inside color of the floor lamp!
Pretty in pink LIGHTING!

Obviously this woman liked this so much she couldn't get up from the sofa. 
 Don't blame her look at the way the back is tufted and how high it is.

I saw a LOT of that azure blue color at the show....... It was pretty dominant everywhere.

Love the ombre draperies.

They surrounded this vignette.

I don't know if they make blue macaroons but this floor covering would probably be the color.....

This last vignette is from the most well known designer in the world. 
 Mother Nature.
These pinks, corals and blues are a sunrise taken out the window of Air France.