Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Coming!!!!!!!! Our Third Annual Knitwear Trunk Show!!!!!

Yes we are doing it again for all you wonderful
Beadboard Collection Knitwear Fans!!!!!!!
We are putting on the finishing touches, this is a taste of what you'll see..... Stay tuned for the dates 5 days only....Towards the end of the month. You pick style, size, and color and there are a lot of colors !!!!!!!!!!! Lots of new styles and your favorites from last year....Stay tuned!!!!!!!

And YES!!!!!!!!She'll be back!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Air France's Fabulous Business Lounge!!!!!

Thought this was an appropriate post for Bastille Day. 
THIS  is the most beautiful business lounge I have EVER seen.
Located at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, Air France pulled out all the stops.
(Photo from Just by Air France)

The architects and designers Brandimage and Noe Douchaufour-Lawrence
brought the outside in with Trees and Leaves mixed with a contemporary
( Image Just Luxe Com)

Mixing textures and  offering considering every possible need of a weary, busy passenger
they did it with style.

Get a little work done.....

Relax a little.....
(Image from Just Luxe.Com)

Enjoy an array of delicious eats.
(Image Just Luxe.Com)

The Dining Room.
Photography by Luc Boegly

A bar area....
Image from

Or you can nap and just "chill" which is what I will imagine I will do after an apperitif, maybe a little few selectons of delicacies from the buffet, and a little glass of vino or two.
Merci Air France!
(image ) Article by Cindy Zinderman

Friday, July 6, 2012

Where have I been? Codarus Showroom in Dallas!

TARA SHAW  MAISON has moved their Houston showroom
to a new home.

They now have a home at the CODARUS showroom in the Dallas
World Trade Center.

In a bright new airy showroom the collection looked fabulous. 

 Loved this white chair with the silver handle, available in a tapestry like fabric too.

Everything beautifully merchandised not crammed in the pieces were given the space they needed.

Vignette after vignette elegance and old world French and Italian

Everywhere you looked a visual surprise.

This is coming Beadboard.....

Anyone in need of a bedcrown???????

Or Two???? Just a little thing to make an impact.......

Loved this mirror and the tapestry thrown over the upholstered

All the accessories were so suited to the furniture......
Yes! My client and I loved it.... More to come from other vendors in the new showroom!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the Blog interruption....... Lots hapening here.  Some personal, some from nature like the cricket invasion of biblical proportions, some just busy at the shop...... I appreciate you reading.....
And blogger is driving me nuts.