Friday, September 30, 2011

The"Lights" of Arte Pura

Ok, I've saved this until I got all the info.....Candles.  Yes Candles!!!!! But what Candles!!!!!!!!!
Candles you design yourself??????? Absolutely....

Only one designer could come up with this... Daniela Dellavalle from Arte Pura.
By now, everyone who reads this blog knows we are nuts for these Italian Linens, but she has gone way outside the design box......
What other line is doing candles that compliment their linens that have a piece of the linen IN THEM???????

Daniela confided in me that it was a challenge for the candlemakers to realize her vision for these pieces of art....... No they are not in a glass cylinder.......YES you can burn them.... And they are huge.....The idea is this: When you burn them they will form a cylinder inside the center and later you can put an LED votive in it so it can light indefinitely.....Brilliant!

We already have Arte Pura owners who have ordered...... There are three sizes, two cylindrical and one cube..... The cylindrical are approx 14" and 10".  The Cubo Grande square is approx 8" square.  They come in 7 colors and in 8 laces..... They offer three subtle fragrances depending on the color.  the neutral colors are in a Linen fragrance, the cooler colors are in Lemongrass / Mint and the others are in Sandalwood/ Patchouli.

I have never seen anything like this.... I applaud Daniela for her vision and for taking the "candle "
 into a new category of decorative arts....

Colors : Blanc, Naturale,Beige, Polevere, Gesso, Incanto, and Fata.
That means... White, Milk White, Cream, Beige, Beige Mauve, Grey/Taupe, Seaglass,and Grey/Lilac.
Of course, they are available through Beadboard UpCountry especially for you. Email us for specifics...
Light up Your Fall..... Gratzie;)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sizzling Sales at Round Top!

These blew me away......Great pair of lamps...  The dealers at European Antiques Collection  out of Atlanta have the shades custom made..... WOW.  Great pairing.

I went nuts for this Art Deco Clock and Candlesticks.  
 You need to enlarge this..... So almost Erte Like.
This was from the same vendor "Rustique" at Rustique ( I am too pooped to link it at it is day two of a 12 hour bell to bell at beadboard.)  In shop talk open til 9 for 4 days....But this piece is special, Restoration Style, in Maple, with a gorgeous gray marble top,one of it's sister pieces are in the museum of decorative arts in Paris. 
Loved this cofffee set.....Everything about it.. They tray is a seperate piece.....

These were so pretty, I like the one in the front.......

Sold!  To a couple last night at 8PM a wonderful example of Louis Phillippe......Shows you what kind of business you can do when you serve wine.........
 Hope they leave the fabric alone.......

I know it is fall but big gazebos are the rage.......This was the best I saw.

A painted Provencial entry chest, and it had the original key......I like that....

Pretty Trumeau.

I think this was a repro... Liked it anyway.

From Industrial Chic, by Christopher Bailey.

Beautiful French Sheets from Touch of Europe..... Mimi and Peter have gorgeous things.......

And lots of them!!!!!!! Great prices! La Bahia Antiques.....
They are also online......
I must say one thing..... this was a very different Round Top..... It for the first time was Excruciatingly hot, no breeze in an area like most of Texas that has the worst heat and the worst drought in recorded history......
Not all visitors are happy this year we hear all of the buzz...... But it depends.....You don't have to do it all at once....... And the shows need to realize they can't count on mother nature. if coolers and fans are needed do whatever it takes....The ones that charge need to be giving out water.... This is serious stuff.... I am seasoned at this and it is tough going but there are deals to be had...... Just be smart about it....
 Take care of yourself....;)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Clair de Reve Marionettes

This is a relatively new shop on Ile St Louis, Paris.... Clair de Reve.

As we were shopping for provisions for the apartement, mon ami from Californie, Charlotte, ( I call her Charlotte the Harlot ) and I stumbled across this little gem of a shop. 

It reminded me of the movie "LILI" starring Leslie Caron where puppets and marionettes were acting like people in small shows in the parks of Paris.......I could just hear the accordions..... 
Or, the Sound of Music when they did "The Lonely Goatherd" Yodaallaayydee!!!!!!

We admired these wonderful pieces of art.... Each with their own distinct personality.

They also offered other clever pieces......Don't ypu just love the Blue Deux Cheveaux in the back?
 CTH and I didn't make a purchase.  We figured they looked better just hanging than in our unpracticed hands.....
However, I wonder if they have the book "Marionettes for Dummies" on Amazon.....Hummmm.  Maybe a surprise xmas present for CTH. I think she'd kill me.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Paris, The High Rent District at M&O

Yes, it is all different here....In this building #7, the exihibitors pay a hefty sum to be with EACH OTHER.
It is evident by the Car (this Jaguar) in the entrance......

These are a series of pictures.... Some taken very quickly as they are not allowed unless you are "Le Presse".
So if some are blurry, my apologies...... If I had set up a tripod I'd be French Toast. 
Called Scenes d'Interieurs, the design showcase of Maison et Object in Paris houses some of the WOW, but not all of it.

Fun Chandeliers.... Something totally new.  Fabric with beads with a modern tweak.

This was a poster on the side of a Pavillion.......Don't you just love the basics?????

Haviland China has teamed up with Limoges...... Love this color blue.

All the glass in here is Limoges......As is the Dresser.... Yes Dresser... See the inlay.
Yup, Limoges in in furniture...Literally.

More Limoges furnishings......It feels wierd to say that.

This was also in the showroom.   The glass over the night tables is Limoges. 
Jeez I hope they are not doing bedding.......But this room was stunning.
More eye candy to come!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reflection on Paris and France

This post will be different......
The first of a series on my trip to Paris, France. " Normalement", I go in January with Robes for market.... This time I went with one of my two best friends, Charlotte, from California.
January the gardens are bleak. This is Place De Vosges..... 

This was shot on Sunday Sept 11th... Our apartement is a block away.
You would think this be business as usual at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, it wasn't.
 I had heard there would be a requiem mass for the victims of 9/11.. 
And we were too late because I didn't know where it was.... It was OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!  Some friends of ours got in very early and were able to be there.  Rebecca Grace and her husband from the Cheeky Cognoscenti blog. Lucky them.

So as we were walking by we saw serious security.....

And the government cars......

Lots of them with no license plates....
Inside was President Sarkozy and his wife,
the pregnant Carla Bruni along with other French dignitaries....

I thought it fitting there was a full moon shining at dusk.This is a building behind the cathedral.
 There were memorial services all over France..At Omaha Beach, and another one in Paris where they did a 10 story mock up of the Twin Towers one with the names of the victims and one with hand written condolences from the French People.  I can't imagine how many other things like this were done on a community level all over the country.

So I am thinking, when Americans see what they saw on TV on Sept 11th, 
do they realize how many other countries are grieving with them???????
And when people say they won't eat "French Fries" how stupid is that?????
And when they say mistakenly, the French, especially Parisians, are snooty,do they remember that the big statue we call  Lady Liberty proudly protecting us in New York Harbor was, um, a gift to us by the FRENCH people?
I feel privileged to have been in France on Sept 11, 2011. 
It gave me a great perspective......

Monday, September 5, 2011

Arte Pura goes to College!!

On july 9th of this year I blogged about our Arte Pura muse..... We call her Miss Beadboard.
She is attending a major university, is in a sorority, was a cheerleader, gets good grades, and has awesome parents.  MB fell in love with this bed, the Sorgente in the peachy Armonia Old.

Soooo, she sent up pictures of HER new room at school. 
She chose the Ciotello spread in the same peachy color accented with greys and whites.

How this for student digs????????

Evidently it is getting high marks with her sorority sisters already.

Here's the evento slipcover in the Gesso Old at her worktable....
The puckered bag it comes in is being used to carry the MAC.

 Oh and we love the Arte Kleenex box in the white terry with the Swarovski Crystal.
Thanks for the pics MB!!!!!! To see the blog from July just click on muse in the search onthe right sidebar below.  

Oh! And other news!!!!!!! Beadboard was featured in a regional publication, Austin and San Antonio
URBAN HOME!  Page 96.  Thanks URBAN HOME!

So, my apologies for not commenting so much lately... I've had the "schmutz" like a mini flu, and I'm leaving for Paris for Maison et Object tomorrow with a battery of over the counter cold medicine,
while leaving the shop in Peter's capable hands.  
I will be meeting the designer and the team from Arte Pura,
and seeing their new fall collection in person...
(I already have the pictures but have to keep them under wraps until after the show.......)
All I can say is it is incredible!!!!!!!!!!  Over the top with a few surprises.
So I will be scouting out the latest and greatest for all of you fabulous people.......;)