Saturday, September 17, 2011

Paris, The High Rent District at M&O

Yes, it is all different here....In this building #7, the exihibitors pay a hefty sum to be with EACH OTHER.
It is evident by the Car (this Jaguar) in the entrance......

These are a series of pictures.... Some taken very quickly as they are not allowed unless you are "Le Presse".
So if some are blurry, my apologies...... If I had set up a tripod I'd be French Toast. 
Called Scenes d'Interieurs, the design showcase of Maison et Object in Paris houses some of the WOW, but not all of it.

Fun Chandeliers.... Something totally new.  Fabric with beads with a modern tweak.

This was a poster on the side of a Pavillion.......Don't you just love the basics?????

Haviland China has teamed up with Limoges...... Love this color blue.

All the glass in here is Limoges......As is the Dresser.... Yes Dresser... See the inlay.
Yup, Limoges in in furniture...Literally.

More Limoges furnishings......It feels wierd to say that.

This was also in the showroom.   The glass over the night tables is Limoges. 
Jeez I hope they are not doing bedding.......But this room was stunning.
More eye candy to come!


  1. Maryanne, I loved those beaded parasol chandeliers, too -- they reminded me of Mary Poppins, and Sugarplum fairies, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was good to see you in the City of Light!

  2. It was great meeting you yesterday. Thank you for helping with the finishing touches I needed
    for my bedroom. Slipcover & monogramed pillows.
    I do love the basics too.
    Sherye B.

  3. Love everything here. Pure class! Can Haviland do any wrong? Not in my book. Absolutely stunning!
    Have a great week.

  4. So jealous Maryanne, wish I was there to see all of the new pretties! Thanks for sharing your's the next best thing! Tracey xx

  5. All gorgeous. I was hoping to get there but not possible as September is always busy with guests. Maybe next year :-)

    Leeann x

  6. It's amazing to see that although we both saw a couple of the same things, you saw so much I didn't! The show is so dang big that even a full 5 days wasn't enough! Most of all I wish we saw each other :)
    Next time!

  7. I started by your last post and now I'm reading you were in Paris ... I hope you had a wonderful time . I couldn't come this time . I may try to come in January

  8. Hi Sis!!
    Oh my that mirror and that repro cabinet!! Take them! They are beautiful!!!