Friday, June 15, 2012

Glace/Sorbet French Style

Is this  French Ice Cream Truck not the cutest thing????????
Not to mention the L'Homme serving it!

The French love their Glaces, Sorbets, and Granitas Both Sweet and Savory.
Above vanilla ice cream with grains of fennel.

This is peach ice cream with rosemary........Gotta try this one.

Left to right and then down: Almond Granita, Coffee ice cream with Pignon nuts,
Icecream cake (do I see some pistachios in there?) and Nougat Cake.

Now for the Savory Glaces Frozen yoghurt (sheep) with a coulis on top of pureed Arugula in olive oil.

Top left Tomato Sorbet with fish tartare, Right  Savory Glace with green and red tomato tartare,
Lower right a glace of basil with balsamic vinagre and tomato...... YUM!
Recipies in the June /July Cote Paris (this was a really good issue!)
I'm going to give some of these a try!!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bubbly Weekend

Ok, you are in Paris and want to get away for the weekend. (POOR YOU) How about here?
At the Parc de la Malmaison, Empress Josephine's getaway place in Ile de la Cite.

How about staying here??????? Les Bivouacs de la Reine in the Park de la Malmaison
IN A PLASTIC BUBBLE........With beautiful amenities...

I saw this in Cote Paris and thought it was great. Just minutes outside the city in a beautiful park with all the amenities and on the weekends you can get a package with a "panier gastronomique" (gourmet basket)
 Bet there's bubbly in there and macaroons too!
If you are lucky you can book a tour of the castle.........;)

How cool is this??????  With a cute bistro table to dine al fresco????? To check them out go to
Oh and yes they even have these things in TREES. I want one for my backyard......
Happy Weekend!