Friday, August 31, 2012

Merci Southern Lady!!!!

We have been featured in Southern Lady!!!!!!

Along with Brenham's finest.......Here is a glimpse of our charming town, when it is not Antiques weeks when we are innundated.

Here we are lower left...... Know what they said about us?
"Venture into Beadboard UpCountry, and you'll feel like you've discovered a precious secret.  This high-end home and lifestyle store on the square-one of the country's ony purveyors of Arte Pura Linens from Italy-delivers luxury and sophistication in abundance with it's Beverly Hills- style storefront and exquisite offerings."
Being in a small town seeing these words in print validate our hard work and makes us feel very gratified.

So when you visit look at the gorgeousness of these B&B's, and the food rocks too..... All of these people are good cooks and The Ant Street Inn (not a B&B) has the best sheets.  We know because people that stay there come in and tell us.

Foodwise, great selection, Steaks, Texas Barbeque, home made Pies, great sandwiches and malts and Blue Bell Ice Cream which put us on the map.... Did you know that Blue Bell is sold in only one quarter of the US but sells one third of the ice cream in the US????????? I live here and I didn't know that!!!!

Culture??? How bout the world Class Round Top Festival Institute,
 or the Unity Theatre ?  Gardening Enthuiast?  The Antique Rose Emporium is for you.... All the wild "found" roses they have saved.

You can tour the Blue Bell Creamery, Stay downtown,
and just enjoy yourself.....
Not because they featured us but I went through the whole issue of Southern Lady, I was impressed they have lots of good things in there. I will subscribe......
Thanks to writer Kathleen Whatley and the beautiful photography by
John O'Hagan.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

There are Throws......

And then there are throws by Arte Pura.

This the Visconte Throw by Arte Pura.  Size is incredible.

So is the detail.  Look at the stitching on this!  Organza over jersey in a geometric pattern with a little cashmere in the jersey (why not?)and..

A little mini ruffle separating the generous looped volante.
We ordered one for a customer and within 15 minutes after we unboxed it we had another order.........(we were checking it out, with her permission of course) I NEED one of these. Sigh......
32 colors......

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Evento Has a New Sister!!!!!!!!

The Evento Slipcover.  

The first "Dress" Made for side chairs.

Made by Arte Pura and gaining popularity in many circles. These are in the new breakfast room of Leslie Sinclair of Segreto Secrets.

Author of the Gorgeous book Segreto the Secrets to

Here is another Evento in the Polevere Old a soft beigey/mauve/

Here shown in the Damasco Old a milk chocolate color
 it has an adjustable skirt......

Dress it up, Dress it down, Two layers of softened linen with batting inside
 comes packed in a puckered bag.....

Bag shown on one of the Argilla Old slips....... with an Arte Pura tablecloth and crocheted runner with candle in the background...
Long tableskirt by us here at Beadboard.

Even though the Evento has been "the dress"
for side chairs for a year or two.....
It was the only one of it's kind...
So.. Daniella at Arte Pura designed a companion for Evento.
(imagefrom Pinterest

Introducing "GALA"!!!!!! Puckered Linen covered with Organza
and an adjustable linen skirt!!!!!!!

There is a "corset" in the back anchored by beautiful
parsemmentarie laced with organza and a huge
BOW in the back shown in the Perla Old color...
(there are 32 colors)

I think Evento and Gala will get along just fine.......

Friday, August 3, 2012


 To our Third Annual Beadboard Knitwear Collection Trunk Show!!!!!!
Extended for your convenience!
This year, a peek at the new pieces in the collection
as well as some popular pieces from last year!!!!

So due to the olympics being so popular and lots of our customers being out of town,
they asked us to extend so it will go through next Saturday.
Some who have participated in the trunk show will see some new stylings and some some very popular pieces from past years...... At the end of the blog will be the color selections . Pricing and size info will be at the bottom of each picture..... approx 10 weeks from order your custom made piece will arrive  mid October...... Shipping on us..... If outside of Texas no tax.  If you see something with a contrast color on the piece and you want that, please select two colors . We are offering only items that are not too size specific.............Enjoy! 

Cape Double Breasted with Buttons and button Detail down the side
LOVE THIS! CAP-12-02R 327.00 ( Reminds me of Jaeger)  I would have worn this to the Jubliee!!!!!
And this rocks in the Midnight Navy.....

Ruana Regular length with  the contrast Double Relaxed Ruffle or Volante.
Double ribbed trim shown above RRIP-12-02R 237.00
or Petite Ruana Shorter version above the knee similar to next picture length RPIP-12 -02 R  217.00

Ruana Petite Simple Border with tie RSBP-02 187.00

Another personal favorite....Great Cowl Neck with ribbing detail and relaxed volante trim
PONS-12-02R   197.00  Leggings anyone???????

This everyone can wear........ Love the pockets and the casual styling. Ordered for the store in just this color the Heather Grey.  PONS-12-06R 177.00

This is for the tubular scarf  only with asymmetrical Pointelle detail only/////
 They are great to layer up over a light sweater or coat.....
COL-12-03R 77.00 each

Look who's Back!!!!!!! People can't get enough of this coat..... sizes S/M (4 to 6) and M/L 8 to 12
Snaps at the neck under the tie, this is so Chanel looking and always is a showstopper.
Two color options on this...........COAT- 021, 377.00

Another favorite just introduced last year the open pleat cardigan.....Looks great in brights too!!!!!Orange, Purple you name it.  Pair it up with a white turtleneck and jeans.  S/M 4-6 M/L 8 -12.   SW-02-R 267.00

I was thrilled to see this piece back. If you are tall it just makes you look as good going as coming as the belt threads through, and gives a beautiful silhouette in the back........
CAP-11-05, 297.00

Another introduction from last year Lucy Bloom cape  soft ruffle shown in SAND color CAP-230  187.00
with the medium Rosette RST-02 sold separately  37.00

Regular Ruana can be worn belted or unbelted  Always a favorite.....
RRR-01, 187.00

Petite Ruana RRP-01  177.00 are very popular as you can wear also as a skirt with leggings and boots.....
Giving one of these away to a lucky follower!!!!!

NOW for two NEW NEW introductions!  So new not included in the photo shoot.

THIS I LOVE     It is the SAME sweater!!!!!!!!!The Asymmetrical Sweater.  Wear squared off or to the side
PON-02-03R 177.00

This is the other new piece the Pointelle Cardigan with the Shawl Collar.....
.I took two pics of it to show the back below

Love this in the colors that let a white or black shirt show through. CAR-12-01R  237.00

Color swatches below.... Inca White, Sand, Khaki,Camel, Espresso, Black, Tweed Charcoal, Deep Orange, Terracotta, Red 

Next group: Toasted Red, Wine, Mauve Pink, Plum, Lilac, Purple, Maize, Forest Green, Parrot Green, Tweed Lemon Green

Next group: Olive Green, Deep Sea Blue, Turquoise, Dark Turquoise, Teal, Tweed Blue, Blue Jean, Midnight Blue,
 Silver Gray

This is the best I could get the colors....If you have any problem distinguishing them please let me know!!!!!!!!

AND a giveaway for one of my followers of the Petite Ruana that is the Pink Piece , Shown Belted,
 you pick the color you want. If you are a follower you are eligible no hoops to jump through we will select at random. 
 Oh and this is the same type of piece you know who was wearing

After the Royal Wedding...  Enjoy!!!!!!!! 

To place an order please email us at
I couldn't get this to link...., sorry.
Or go to
and go to Contact Us. Thanks for viewing.....

And a special thanks to Marsha of Splenderosa Blog for pairing up her
jewelry collection  for the first portion.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

3rd Annual Trunk show and Giveaway Friday!

Here's peek at one of the new pices from the collection. Cute No?????

I wonder if she is still wearing her Ruana........??
Friday through Monday on my blog you pick your style and color
Goods take ten weeks to make, delivery mid October.....Oh and a GIVEAWAY and a surprise!!!!
Marsha of Splenderosa will be pairing up the jewelry this year!
Spread the word!!!!!!!;)