Friday, August 31, 2012

Merci Southern Lady!!!!

We have been featured in Southern Lady!!!!!!

Along with Brenham's finest.......Here is a glimpse of our charming town, when it is not Antiques weeks when we are innundated.

Here we are lower left...... Know what they said about us?
"Venture into Beadboard UpCountry, and you'll feel like you've discovered a precious secret.  This high-end home and lifestyle store on the square-one of the country's ony purveyors of Arte Pura Linens from Italy-delivers luxury and sophistication in abundance with it's Beverly Hills- style storefront and exquisite offerings."
Being in a small town seeing these words in print validate our hard work and makes us feel very gratified.

So when you visit look at the gorgeousness of these B&B's, and the food rocks too..... All of these people are good cooks and The Ant Street Inn (not a B&B) has the best sheets.  We know because people that stay there come in and tell us.

Foodwise, great selection, Steaks, Texas Barbeque, home made Pies, great sandwiches and malts and Blue Bell Ice Cream which put us on the map.... Did you know that Blue Bell is sold in only one quarter of the US but sells one third of the ice cream in the US????????? I live here and I didn't know that!!!!

Culture??? How bout the world Class Round Top Festival Institute,
 or the Unity Theatre ?  Gardening Enthuiast?  The Antique Rose Emporium is for you.... All the wild "found" roses they have saved.

You can tour the Blue Bell Creamery, Stay downtown,
and just enjoy yourself.....
Not because they featured us but I went through the whole issue of Southern Lady, I was impressed they have lots of good things in there. I will subscribe......
Thanks to writer Kathleen Whatley and the beautiful photography by
John O'Hagan.


  1. How exciting for you, and well deserved!
    Fondly, Marjorie

  2. Congratulations and well deserved. I remember when we first stumbled upon your beautiful store on the corner. We were thrilled too. Never even knew about blogs back then. Who would have known we would become good friends? Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Mona

  3. Congratulations! Your shop is amazing, and I look forward to visiting one of these days. Southern Lady has been one of my favorites since it started! I will definitely pick up this copy!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. What fun to be nationally recognized.

  5. Mary Anne how great for you to be featured!! and Brenham.. I know my dear friend Teri loves it there, then there's Ursula and Joel... the list goes on and on... I have to come for a visit soon!!



  6. Congratulations, Mary Anne! One of these days I'm going to have to come out there and investigate. All I know about Texas I learned from watching Dallas on TV in the '80s, and from reading your blog and Côte de Texas! ;-)

  7. yeah baby!!!
    you were always on my map!!!


  8. Bravo!!! You are a precious secret in a town that melts your heart. I loved Brenham and seeing all the photos made me miss it (& you) all the more....along with a double-scoop of Blue Bell!