Friday, September 14, 2012

Sneek Peek? Windows Around the Bath....

New home great bath great view, but for WHOM?????

This is the Master Bath under construction..... Ok, West facing,
Neighbors, Fence, but there is a privacy issue.....
What do we do about window treatments????????
There are 8 small windows and a long one.  All of them have beautiful deep insets like crown moulding..... Cover it all up??? (if we did an inside mount of fabric inside those smaller windows it would have looked like eight Hankies hanging around the tub.) I don't think so. NO.

Soooo... We Etched the windows and WOW...... Knew immediately we made the right choice........ 
The Light combined with the privacy was perfect.

The lines and the center pyramid shaped glass perfectly complimented the Master Bath.....

Even on the longer window.....

There is a diamond pattern in the tile in the bathroom so we decided to emulate that...... What we didn't expect was that with the Western exposure the light would stream in at the end of the day in lines and the center Pyramid shaped pieces of glass would act as prisms.

I love how this turned out.....So did the builder. His reaction was WOW too!   This was before move in......I think Etching is something most designers don't consider and I hadn't done it before,  but I am doing more investigating......Look for more in upcoming posts.......Etching was done by Dauphin Sales and Art Glass Houston.......They also do fabulous mirrors........Thanks to my client
who went with the idea and let me post this..xo


  1. it did!!!!
    it came out great!!

    you genius - and pattern you chose id purrrrfect.

  2. excuse my misspelling....
    it was too early to comment coherently.


  3. Stunning bath, Marianne! Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Saturday.

  4. The windows turned out beautiful... great solution...!

  5. So sophisticated and chic.
    Love how it suddenly became such a sanctuary!

  6. Maryanne,

    What a fantastic solution. Light, privacy and damn chic!

  7. Wow -- I think you came up with the absolute best solution possible for this situation. It looks great, and you created a very private space without giving up any of that beautiful light. Well done, Mary Ann!

  8. wow - i would have never thought of that - and it's genius! perfect and so elegant too. great job!

  9. Leave it to you Maryanne to pull this design dilemma off so exquisitely. What could of be a design disaster turned out to be the masterpiece of the room. You've done it again! I was so excited to hear from you. I've missed you and I hope you and Robes are doing super? Please give him my best.
    Big hug to you xx

  10. Absolutely stunning...I can't imagine a better solution

  11. What a gorgeous idea!! I wouldn't have thought about it!! Excellent Maryanne!!

  12. wonderful solution - and elegant, too. but that entire bath is a dream, isn't it...donna

  13. Oh what a wonderful window treatment for the bathroom, looks fabulous and such a great idea to still have the light and privacy. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy week