Friday, October 24, 2014

Our situation and maybe light at the end of the tunnel

BEADBOARD UPCOUNTRY is no more.  I have not blogged
since the beginning of it's demise..... So devastating...... We tried our best to keep it afloat but
a frugal German town in Texas was not the place to offer a shop of
this caliber....... EVER...... My own misjudgement of the mindset of the majority
of the people who live in this area was part of it.....  BUT most of the locals with class, taste and
intellect, "got it" and my own reaching out on social media helped keep it going for 8 years.
Some of the upper crust wouldn't shop here but would actually bring their holiday guests for"tours"
of the shop as if to show it off but they never supported it..... 
I want to thank those who did not only locally, but in Texas like Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and those from Oregon, California, the Carolinas, New York, Belgium, France, Australia, and Canada for taking a chance and buying from this little shop, in the country.  Also, thanking the designers who brought their clients here to see the extraordinary goods we strived to offer.....  We miss the interaction with the marvelous beings that entered our doors and let us come into their homes.  AND the support from the wonderful bloggers that made me feel like
one of them....... 
Merci and We love you all.

Robes and Maryanne xo