Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Extra Man / Kevin Kline! 8/13!

When I heard one of my favorite actors was starring in a new film The Extra Man, I couldn't have been more delighted.

The Oscar award winning actor has been in several of my personal favorite films. In The Extra Man he plays a gentleman, Henry Harrison, who escorts elderly socialites to society functions, whose husbands are no longer with them. Mr. Kline referred to the character as not a gigolo but more of an Oscar Wilde like character.The extra man was based on the novel by Jonathan Ames. PERFECT. Moira MacDonald of The Popcorn and Prejudice blog stated" It's a wonderfully loopy performance by an actor who's notched up many unforgettable performances in his long career". Ms MacDonald will be doing an interview with Mr Kline this week. The Extra Man Opens August 13th ...Can't Wait!

This from the Wild Wild West, he starred with Will Smith in a remake of the hit TV Show. My favorite western bar none is Silverado. He has also played more serious roles such as Sophie's Choice, and was educated at Julliard.

This was one of the funnniest movies EVER made. The venerable "A Fish Called Wanda" where Kevin Kline played the wacko gangster "Otto" who was into sniffing things, boots, armpits... He shared the spotlight with Michael Palin,
John Cleese and the sexy, vibrant Jamie Lee Curtis. He was also starred in the classic

The Big Chill.

One of the finest things he ever did was marry the incredible actress Phoebe Cates.....She has a retail shop in NYC now. OHHH! She's a shopgirl just like me! I don't think so....

This is my favorite Kevin Kline movie..... French Kiss. Here he teamed up with Meg Ryan and made us love France, the French, the Cote D'azur and French life in Provence.

He will always be Luc Tessier to me..... Pronounce that LUUUUUC!

What's YOUR favorite Kevin Kline Movie???
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mirror, Mirror Made "Good" For You

I think if Iwere Coco Chanel Iwould have adored this mirror.
named "Coco". Made Goods makes some incredible mirrors that are works of art not just reflections of mirrors we've seen in furniture stores and the usual "design" shops..
As Beadboard is a design source for both customers and to the trade I try to find unique pieces that will fit into different design venues and are of exceptional quality. This, a favorite of mine the "Jacob". Don't you just love how they have a name?????? It has a French influence and is hand crafted and finished as are all the mirrors from Made Goods. They are original, familiar and timeless.

This is a great example of their work. Look at the finishes of the IVES. Could you see this in a home with French influence as if from Morocco? It is a frame with another cut out frame surrounding it.

Designed by Oscar Yague from Barcelona and artfully marketed by Chris De Witt, Made Goods has been in business since early 2008. This is the Sophie Trumeau mirror. What so you think it is made of????????? Linen in the back and embroidered flowers embellished with glass beads. In person these are WOW.

I love this one....... A gold tone Chinoiserie style tree branching through four 24x 24 panels that are hand painted over the top of an eglomise mirror.. It's name? Phoebe.
It seems the companies that are in tune with their craftsmanship give the product names...Hmmmm.

Joelle......A lot of the mirrors come in different sizes, can be custom made and even offered as frames for your own artwork!!!!!!!!! Can you say Flexibility???????????

Beatrice, antiqued mirror panels framed with zinc. I think this can go anywhere.....Contemporary, maybe not.... All of their offerings have character and are unique.

If these mirrors intrigue you, you'll be happy to know they make chandeliers and some furnishings as well. The mirrors are made with wood, shells, crushed shells, resin, metals, and fabrics and are not mass produced. We can order for you at Beadboard. To see more go HERE .

Gotta go, I have to deal with some witch in a mirror that wants to peddle me some apples... go figure....She thinks my last name is White.....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hold On to Your Hats Gloves & Boleros! A preview of our first virtual TRUNK SHOW!!!!!

Here's the scoop......... Last year I bought this line of knitwear for the shop. The pieces consisted of two sizes of capes with mini ruffles in contrasting colors. And a stole with three layers of relaxed ruffles. I bought gloves with crocheted flowers and the fingers cut out so you can answer your phone and text, and hats. Robes damn near had a coronary because we live in south central TEXAS where, pardonnez moi, we don't wear a lot of hats and gloves. He asked me WHY in the *!*?! did you buy apparel??????? This question, struck me rather amusingly coming from a guy nicknamed "Robes". I said "because this line reminded me of EVA TRA LA LA from Paris." He said ....."BUY MORE".........We sold out 4 times......Hats gloves, EVERYTHING......This is some of the 2010 collection..............LOVING IT!!
SCARVES, FELT NECKLACES, JUST WAIT AND SEE!!!!!!!!! We will keep you posted as to when it will be. 23 colors and you can do contrasting ruffles.......I can't wait we've never done this before.... Spread the word hummingbirds!!!!!!!! xo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Celebrating Bastille Day????????

Here's how Robes and I do it.......

We start with some of this: COLD dry French Rose.

To wash down these.... Moules done on the grill or Meuniere......YUMMM! Next...

THIS: grilled Lamb with herbs. Throw in a salad after with some dessert, cheese, cafe,
and we're ready for THIS:

A game of French Boules or Petanque...Happy Bastille Day from me and Robes. Robes and I. Robes and me...
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Artisinal Lighting Hand Crafted by Julie Neill

When I decided to feature the talented illumination artist Julie Neill's work I didn't realize how daunting it would be...To pick a few examples of her extroardinary collection from a myriad of photos. This, a new design, the Bon Bon Chandelier. (one of my favorites)

The lighting from Julie Neill is hand crafted in New Orleans LA. Every piece is made on premises by her talented team of artisans. I found out about her from one of my clients. We are collaborating on her new home and needed some sconces for the living room. They had to be narrow and elegant.... She found one and sent me a picture and I went on to investigate...I proceded to be amazed and impressed at the selection and the design of Julie's collection...I am lucky my client has good taste.......

Another new design, Carol's Crown Short Top chandelier...

Julie mentioned her inspiration comes from her artisans talents, her love of classic design that is all around her in NOLA, and her appreciation of classic proportion. Having a background in interior design and a degree in fine arts, her design business has evolved into the making of these incredible pieces. This is another new piece, a feathered glass chandelier called the Guthrie.

Offering several different gilded and glazed finishes, shown is one of the artisans adding the silver and gold glazing to THIS..

The Ingrid Wide Chandelier... The is also an Ingrid Pendant.....

I love the delicacy of this one and the classic Balloon Shape..
The Cammie... It looks light as air...

The Bywater chandelier in the black iron finish.....

Did I mention she does extroardinary lanterns too???? This is my favorite with a little Oriental flavor..... The Mary Ann..... Gee I wonder why I like this??????

The Sheldon Sconce....... Shown in Orleans gold and glazed gilt.

The Carolina....The crystal looks like bubbles.
Julie also excells at making custom pieces for designers for large and small projects and does it very well. For example:

This was done a custom design for the Monteleone Hotel. Look at the cut out initials......

WOW. Look at the reflection in the crystal ball........
Julie is working on a new catalog to the trade and tweaking her website which is already full of eye candy . In addition to lighting, there is some furniture, mirrors and other accroutrements. If you get to go to NOLA Julie's showroom is at 3908 Magazine St.

So, what sconce did my client like? This one the Claudia. Perfect.
I hope she doesn't kill me for this.....
Oh, and I promised you a bed........
Julie said this one was sold.... I say MAKE another one or two or three.....!

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Orleans Style Lighting and more! A preview!

This is a taste of what's coming next......... WOW.....My blog about a shop from Magazine St in NOLA.
Hand crafted artisinal lighting and a bed that will knock your socks off!!!!!!
Tickle, tickle, tickle...