Sunday, July 11, 2010

Artisinal Lighting Hand Crafted by Julie Neill

When I decided to feature the talented illumination artist Julie Neill's work I didn't realize how daunting it would be...To pick a few examples of her extroardinary collection from a myriad of photos. This, a new design, the Bon Bon Chandelier. (one of my favorites)

The lighting from Julie Neill is hand crafted in New Orleans LA. Every piece is made on premises by her talented team of artisans. I found out about her from one of my clients. We are collaborating on her new home and needed some sconces for the living room. They had to be narrow and elegant.... She found one and sent me a picture and I went on to investigate...I proceded to be amazed and impressed at the selection and the design of Julie's collection...I am lucky my client has good taste.......

Another new design, Carol's Crown Short Top chandelier...

Julie mentioned her inspiration comes from her artisans talents, her love of classic design that is all around her in NOLA, and her appreciation of classic proportion. Having a background in interior design and a degree in fine arts, her design business has evolved into the making of these incredible pieces. This is another new piece, a feathered glass chandelier called the Guthrie.

Offering several different gilded and glazed finishes, shown is one of the artisans adding the silver and gold glazing to THIS..

The Ingrid Wide Chandelier... The is also an Ingrid Pendant.....

I love the delicacy of this one and the classic Balloon Shape..
The Cammie... It looks light as air...

The Bywater chandelier in the black iron finish.....

Did I mention she does extroardinary lanterns too???? This is my favorite with a little Oriental flavor..... The Mary Ann..... Gee I wonder why I like this??????

The Sheldon Sconce....... Shown in Orleans gold and glazed gilt.

The Carolina....The crystal looks like bubbles.
Julie also excells at making custom pieces for designers for large and small projects and does it very well. For example:

This was done a custom design for the Monteleone Hotel. Look at the cut out initials......

WOW. Look at the reflection in the crystal ball........
Julie is working on a new catalog to the trade and tweaking her website which is already full of eye candy . In addition to lighting, there is some furniture, mirrors and other accroutrements. If you get to go to NOLA Julie's showroom is at 3908 Magazine St.

So, what sconce did my client like? This one the Claudia. Perfect.
I hope she doesn't kill me for this.....
Oh, and I promised you a bed........
Julie said this one was sold.... I say MAKE another one or two or three.....!


  1. This is a fabulous resource -- thanks for sharing! Do you know whether they do custom work as well?

    BTW, I'm going to need one of those scarves like the one you let me play with in Paris. Is that something you have in your shop now, or that you plan to get more of in the fall?

  2. All these lights are stunning! I think that it is a wise investment to buy quality lights for your home. The light can make or break the room in my opinion.

  3. Hi Rebecca!
    Funny you should mention the scarf.....We are going to carry more but the new designs they made are over the top...... We are trying to figure out how to do a virtual trunk show.....They look so Parisian..Ruffled gloves with the fingers cut out and a bolero that will blow you away.....I'll shoot you some pics.....Robes says hi.....xo

  4. Hi Maryanne. LOVE Julie Neill's lighting...the bed! Light, ethereal, glittering jewels. Lovely finishes. Just the right amount of restraint. On my wish (long)list. Thanks for the great post! XO Trish

  5. Hi Maryanne, Thank you for creating such a wonderful post showcasing my designs in such a gorgeous way. I'm so happy we've become blogging friends and I hope one of us will find some time to come and visit the other in person! In the mean time, I'm hoping to create a bed for you to dress in some of your fabulous linens as a collaborative project.
    Thanks again for the wonderful post!

  6. Hi Maryanne,
    This is some of the most beautiful lighting I have seen! It is both elegant and sophisticated.
    Thank you for sharing...I will visit her blog.
    Take care,

  7. Maryanne this is amazing! What a talented girl. Her work is outstanding. I am so glad you shared this - really. I am totally inspired!
    I am new to her blog but am heading over there right now.

    Big hugs and thanks also for your sweet comment on my recent post.

    x Charlotta

  8. amazing lighting -thanks for sharing- I will be sure to consider her on my next interior design project...


  9. This is an amazing post! Thanks for sharing this website!!!

  10. Hi Maryanne,

    Many thanks for sharing the wonderful post, and what fabulous lighting and the bed ~ Wow.

    Have a great week

  11. The Ingrid...oh the Ingrid...just stunning! I won't even try to come up with a word for the bed.... :)

  12. We love us some Julie Neill here in New Orleans!
    She so highly recommends your blog, that I am adding you to my blog lost.
    xo xo

  13. Back at ya sister!!!!!!You will be added to mine!!!!!!!!Laissez les bon temps roulez!!!!!

  14. I love Julie Niell's work, thanks for a great post! that bed! those sconces! that chandelier with the bubbles!



  15. I had the good fortune of spending a day with Julie last year while visiting NOLA....she is definitely a creative girl. She took me to her workroom....great to see all the TLC that goes into every fixture!

  16. I think the orential lantern
    is my favorite. These are very
    nice choices.


  17. May I just please grab about everyone & have them installed in a beautiful Paris apartment with a view of Le Eiffel? Seriously, Julie has an amazing talent and you Maryanne have a gift for choosing such exquisite pieces. If your client just happens to be the lovely woman I met, her home is going to be Architectural Digest worthy. This post was a real delight! Hope you & Peter had a wonderful country-style 4th?!! xx deb

  18. Maryanne, What a wonderful resource! Love so many of these. The lantern is a particular favorite. And the bed, wow! Are you carrying this line in your store now?

  19. very talented indeed! "Illumination artist"...I love it! Sounds so fabulous :-) As she proves it is!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  20. I love Julie's designs - I have some of her sconces in my front hall, and hope to use more of her lighting in my new house.

    Great to see some of the new designs coming out of her talented atelier

  21. Hi Maryanne!

    Loved this post! The eye candy makes me want to buy a huge chateau in France and install them all! A girl can dream right?

    We met at the bloggers meet up with Jackie in Paris in January and I have been enjoying your blog ever since! Embrasse Robes for me! Bisous a toi aussi!

  22. Julie does very nice work! I will check out her website... ~Terri