Friday, June 25, 2010

Hotel Crillion Le Brave, Provence, GO!

The last time we were in Provence we stayed in a TINY village called La Roque Alric.
Located in the Cotes Du Rhone area high in the Dentilles Mountains in the Valcluse, some homes were literally built into the rock.. We stayed in a delightful little house overlooking the glass structure over a pool.
This place was paradise to us , our first and next time having an apartment in Le Sud de France. We would hike behind the rock and get the most marvelous view of the area and saw this........

Wow...... What the blazes was THIS Place??!!!!!

Even more procavacative by night...........

It was a village below us, Crillon le Brave and what we saw was the view of the
Hotel Crillon le Brave.

Now in the heat of summer in Texas I am dying to go here.

The Hotel is not only the Main building of Crillon le Brave but encompasses seven of the village houses......

Ok I know, another pool pic but it's hot here for Gods sake and making me feel better....

Some of the local lavender way down in the valley below the hotel......

The courtyard restaurant of Crillon le Brave.

Oh and did I mention the SPA????? Please put me there right NOW.

And while you're at it rustle up one of these by talented Chef Phillippe Monti along with an ice cold Lillet Blond Apperitif and a bottle cold dry rose from Carianne. Hey, when I dream, I dream good food and wine too, and with all the accoutrements!

Yeah that would be good..........See how relaxed I look? Right.

Oh and to get even more relaxed, take a look at this view... ( don't anyone DARE mention a certain commercial for you know what, you'll kill the mood.)

And then to bed...

Chef's helpers will go shopping for tomorrow's provisions.. I think this is near the bakery in Beaumes De Venise.(where they make the delicious Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Robe's favorite) We would get bread there and there was an archway very similar in front of the local Boulangerie.

I guess we'll turn in, but we have to go up the hill to our wonderful place above all this grandeur as the hotel staff prepares for tomorrow's guests.... We went to the market and bought Le Poulet,fromage, une salade,and those two bottles of wine I mentioned....I think we'll have a great time too taking a dip in our petite pool. But If I had a some extra time in the future.....


  1. Maryanne my dear you are killing me, what a truly magnificent place. I can just see us gals lounging by said pool, sipping that chilled rose, nibbling on the tasty fromage. I think I'm killing myself!

    So great to get your email & forgive me for not writing back yet. You were so kind to share the pics of that incredible clothing line with us. I say it's all gorgeous, very wearable & by all ages. Truly a special line.

    Would love to see you again soon & Peter too. Hope you are both very well & up to all sorts of divine projects? Still thrilled over our finally meeting!

    Cheers ~

  2. Fabulous photos Maryanne!!!! It is amazing how a change of place can change your whole look... and mean outlook... ~Terri

  3. woops... meant to say... "I mean outlook" (why don't they have an edit button on this thing?)

  4. Well, Maryanne, definetely this IS THE place!!!! what a nice holiday you had...
    maria cecilia

  5. Thanks,Terri, you were starting to scare me...HAHA!Maryanne

  6. What an amazing certainly get around Maryanne! Tracey xx

  7. Fabulous, fabulous! What else is there to
    say, except I want to go!

    Flora Doora

  8. OMG! What a dreamy place...let's run away together and take Robespierre and Tall Husband there with us.

  9. Just what I needed, Maryanne! Stone steps and lavender! Wonderful. The weather has me dreaming of outdoor watering holes...might have to resort to a big galvanized feed trough! Not quite the disappearing edged pool, but in a pinch it would do. XO Trish

  10. "Calgon, take me away!" I am putting this hotel on my list of places to stay next time......I enjoyed the tour!

  11. Wow, such gorgeous photos. My two little sisters are in France this very minute having their last Hurrah before one of them tries to get pregnant. I hope they enjoy themselves as much as you did!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  12. Hi Maryanne,

    What a fabulous place, it would be the perfect getaway.
    Thanks for sharing your delightful photos and I will be able to dream of swimming in the pool, drinking wine, tasting great food and a day at the spa. A great change from a winter's day here.

    Happy weekend

  13. I KNOW!!! Ten years I've been in Provence and haven't been there yet. Soon...soon....

  14. I just closed my house, and for a moment transported to Crillon Le Brave.
    How I miss my summers in Provence.

  15. Stunning...I'll be dreaming of this one for awhile!

  16. You don't have to twist my arm any further...French Kissed must book a stay there soon!


  17. Looks like the most amazing place. Wish I could be there as it's a little cool down here in Aus.....:O Kym

  18. Provence + lavender + SPA + boulangerie = BLISS
    I am in!!

  19. I'm not sure if you really went or it's still in the dream state but either way, this place is magnificent! It's incomprehensible that it's up so high, built into that mountain. That pool, the view, the town! C'es magnifique! Thanks for the tour, I want to go!

  20. Oh my Maryanne, this looks like heaven on earth. would give anything to go there. Thanks for sharing.

  21. okay
    i am blown away.
    how lucky are you to have been to this hidden treasure???
    i am sweating my head here in fla fla too.

  22. Maryanne, it is very hot in Provence , too. So may be Texas is better ( I'm kidding )I have never been to this place but I may check with my fiancé

  23. Maryanne are you not back from top that magnificent French hillside yet..ha! Just stopping bye to wish you & Peter a fun 4th of July. I know you will be having a marvelous time and I hope the town is filled with tourists with heavy wallets and good hearts. Thinking of you x

  24. Maryanne, I can't show my husband La Roque Alric - he would literally faint. (One of his hobbies is rock climbing! Maybe he could start his climb right through the bedroom window!)

    Happy 4th, dear friend!

    Much fondness, Mon

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  26. Absolutely beautiful! I am always inspired by photos of lovely French fields of lavender. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! -The Arkansan Anglophile

  27. A dream from first picture to last full stop!! I want to pack my bags and go there now!!
    All of it is so 'me' and I would be very happy to relocate!


    x Charlotta

  28. Oh MY!!
    That is a gorgeous place. Texas is hot I grew up in Houston..The village is so quaint.


  29. You have made me dreaming today!! A beautiful place! La Douce France...!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  30. So gorgeous! And those double bath tubs...Oh, la la!

  31. Thank you for sharing this hotel with us...In the heat of summer hear in Texas, I always long for a place away from home with delicious food, a view, and of course a pool!