Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Tournament of Roses.....

This year the parade will be on Jan 2nd....... Usually it is on New Year's day.
It is a spectacularly unique show of flowers, bands, horses and all that is great about Pasadena and California.........Rules, everything on the floats have to be made from flowers, seeds ,grains leaves......

The parade always precedes the Pac 10 play off football game......

A close up of the flowers and the efforts of many many local volunteers that work into the wee hours of the morning....  To my knowledge this is the only parade that is Perishable.......All the fresh flowers arrive at the last minute from all over the world.

The floats are spectacular and start out with a rendering like this...

Love this.  This was one from FTD Floral Company...........

There is always a queen and her court. Selected for their academic abilities, poise, community service accomplishments, and always a delightful group of young women....

Last year's grand Marshall..... You see him, Captain Sully, the airline pilot that landed his plane in the Hudson river in 30 degreee weather..............Not just celebrities here........Sometimes even better.

Another beautiful float......This one not for commercial reasons,
 but awareness of alzheimer's disease.

Fabulous high school, college and city bands compete for the privledge of  being in the parade.

Horses of many breeds are represented as the parade started from carts and floats being pulled by horses near the turn of the century.

SOOOOO Who gets to ride in the beautiful floral bedecked old vintage car as the Grand Marshall this year?????? None other than JR the veteran from dancing with the stars........Wonderful Choice!!!!!!. I'll be watching..
Looking for the entry from the City of Long Beach, where I used to live, to see their float that usually has a Pelican on it......Hope you will too.  Have a very Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Pictures from Google images.


  1. Love this! I'll be watching too! Happy New Year and the best in 2012!

    Flora Doora


    All my best wishes for a splendorous and healthy year 2012!

    Warmest greetings from the Périgord,

  3. I love this parade. We never miss it!
    Have aHappy New Year! So happy to have found your blog in 2011!

  4. One small quibble: it's not the PAC-10 playoff game. It's a game between the PAC-10 and Big 10 league champions.
    Your pictures are beautiful!

  5. this looked like an amazing parade.
    the captain sully is some big hero in my book!!


  6. I love the float that is a train. That is really neat.