Friday, October 21, 2011

The Color Figue!!

It's everywhere this season!  In water features like this...

In our tabletop!
And dinnerware...(image from Cote Sud Sept 2011) 

Floral arrangements....Maison Pederrey.

At Maison Object on the leather sofa, on the footballs, I thought this guy would MOVE when I took this picture, but he is a PROP evidently.... And a cute little prop at that!  He knows it too....

On cars...

Jewelry ads, this one from Veranda for Coomi.

On our outdoor furniture..... This from Veranda August 2011.

We are wearing it in various tones.  Yes here it is.. Figue!  I bought Robes a Figue shirt in Paris.  The first time he wore it in the shop a woman complemented him on it.... "It's FIIGGUE!"he said proudly.

Oh and we are sleeping on it!  The Arte Pura bedspread in Agata Old (Figue).


  1. Oh that bed! SO beautiful.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Maryanne,

    What a gorgeous colour and love all the photographs.
    The prop is a little bit of an alright!
    I love the bedspread and isn't Maisons Cote Sud a gorgeous magazine, I often buy it when I see it here.

    Happy weekend

  3. i think it is exciting to have THIS color hot and happening this season.

    great shots.

  4. I am totally having flashbacks to Donny Osmond's purple socks... ;-)

  5. Hi Maryanne! We're all looking for something to punch up our greige! Had a couch slipcover redyed...nice plum undertone to the gray. All those colors lurking below the surface...only a matter of time before they asserted themselves! Yes...change your bed. It's only a bit of bleach...paint! XO Trish

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  7. Ah ha! This explains all the purple I was seeing in Paris...
    Paris is soooo trendie