Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Spy a Cocotte!!!!

I ADORE THESE....Les Cocottes usually small,  as we know in America, Dutch ovens .... 
 Renowned Chef Cristian Constant opened a restaurant in Paris devoted to these little vessels called
" Les Cocottes." at 135 Rue St Dominique in the 7th in Paris.  On my Bucket list to eat there.

A great way to serve guests small comfort food dishes individually, with great presentation.....Why ? Because traditionally they are cast iron covered with enamel....... Usually used for the all time comfort food dishes like, Coq au Vin,  Savory custards, Pot au Feu and, in this country, good old pot roast and chili.

I paired this cocotte with a vintage Villeroy and Boch Alegretto salad plate, Juliska green glass and
a vintage cocktail napkin with grey embroidery and a vintage soup spoon...
 Tossed in a Desert Cactus flower tealight 
from Point a la Ligne. 

This  is an 8 QT Le Creuset cast Iron /Enamel  dutch oven. Usually  200 to 300 dollars and that is not a recent estimate.I hate to call it a Dutch oven because the Dutch had their own versions of these some with tulips painted on them and I KNOW because I have about 50 pieces of this vintage type of cookware that I use all the time.........!!!! THAT could be another post of interest!

This is a close up of the cocotte I just bought. Ok what is the catch????????
This is ceramic bought locally from my "unsupermarket"( and don't get me wrong I love the people there )for
TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS.!!!!!!!! Hey I feel like I hit the motherlode on this..... Kitchen to Table by HEB good in the oven to 445 degrees..... Also how many uses can YOU think of for these??????


  1. So adorable and in my favourite colour green! Have a lovely weekend! Tracey xx

  2. Hi Maryanne,

    I love your little cocotte and would be so useful.
    I have the large Le Creuset which I love and use such a lot.

    Happy weekend

  3. Wow. That is some un-supermarket! Love the idea of little covered "to each her own" serving. Very cute. Hope your having fab weekend! XO Trish

  4. Absolutely adorable and love the colour. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Maryanne! Ax

  5. I have never heard that word. Learn something new every day. Very cute though! Mona

  6. Your little cocotte is adorable...I think it looks quite hungry for some french onion soup too!
    xo J~

  7. I have the Creusets and love them, heavy a so good for cooking!!!
    hugs my dear