Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bed or Souffle???????

Peach Souffle.  Looks delicious, airy, mouthwatering..... Yummm.
So, we thought, did this...

This is the latest and greatest bedspread from Arte Pura.  It is called the Sorgente, and we JUST got it and put it on the bed.......The color is Armonia Old.  Linen encased with organza with Arabesque embroidery and a double volante in linen.

See the way the organza puffs up and makes it look so airy?????? We decided it looks like a big
So now we call it the Peach Souffle bed......

The Souffle pillow in white.......Also with the organza and the double linen volante.

Similar, Right? Souffle image from I went to her blog,
and if she made this.....Wow!!!!!!

you may see a familiar face, mine.  Also putting in their two cents is Mona, (Providence Ltd) Greet (Belgian Pearls), Brooke (Velvet and Linen), and Gina (Willow Decor) enjoy!


  1. As inviting as the bed looks - I have the Souffle! Yummmee!!!

    And for now - I'll grab a piece of chocolate, out of desperation!

    Lovely post!

  2. Oh to fall into that bed at night with a giant scoop of that souffle! Now that would be perfection!

  3. I'm ready to go to bed and that is looking very good. How fun to be included with you today st Splendid Willow. Hope all is well with you guys! Mona

  4. Hi Maryanne,

    They both look divine, the peach souffle looks scrumptious but I love the soft and pretty bed linen.

    Happy weekend

  5. Lovely post!

  6. Maryanne there is nothing I love more than a cozy luscious bed to sink into! Oh can I eat the souffle in bed?

    Come over on the 15th for a special bedding surprise! You will love it!


    Art by Karena

  7. Maryanne, Monika's series is wonderful. Such a creative way to introduce everyone. Love Greet & Mona too and will get to know the other 2 ladies. Love your pink confection. xx's

  8. I know someone who would jump up and down on that bed!
    I also know someone who would jump into that souffle, yummy.

  9. Maryanne, what a royal bed!!! (Unlike my own which needs a total makover...).

    Thank you for participating in my 2 cents series. I had so much fun and I learned a lot!

    Hugs, Mon

  10. Dear Maryanne, this peach souffle bed is incredible lovely!!! oh and ah for this one!!!
    Funny, but I have been browing at Target and ebay to find some duvet cover and skirt in ruffles, love all this kind of romantic beddings!!!!
    hugs my dear

  11. I think I need some peach souffle to eat! I'm sorry but the bedding is too girlie for moi!

  12. I would love to sink right into the Sorgente bedspread and the Peach Souffle. The good news the Sorgente is calorie free and any naked bod will look lovely on it.

    Maryanne ~ hoping all is very well? Sending love to you and Robes. xx

  13. I wouldn't choose either of them, I want them all souffle and bed (lazing around aren't I?). Love love the details on that bedspread so fluffy and dreamy. buy aion accounts

  14. To Renae:
    I agree this bed is not for everyone. That's the beauty of this line....You can do very sleek contemporary lines in colors like lava that are totally unembellished, no frills. YOU are the one driving the design bus with Arte Pura. Sleek, Tailored,Romantic or in between. Something for everyone. I usually order neutrals for the shop and stay in the middle design wise because I want our beds to appeal to husbands as well. I didn't this time and this "souffle" has really generated some interest because it is DIFFERENT. Always a pleasure to hear from you.Maryanne;)

  15. I like how you compare a souffle (breath in French) with airy linens...can't decide which is more inviting.