Friday, April 22, 2011

What is it about this Color?

What is Gesso?????? Well it is, in fact, a combination of Plaster of Paris and glue that painters would use to give texture to the bases of oil paintings or bas reliefs starting itn the 1500's. Pronounced "JESO" long O.
This is the hottest color in the Arte Pura Line in our shop called Gesso Old. This one of our velvet reversible coverlets embroidered with Cornely Roses and with a beautful  volante. The velvet dyes darker and the  volante shows more of the true Gesso Old.  Now it is a spring bed with the white and Angelo Old resembling bleached blue jeans.

This was the same spread in the winter version......

This Color, Gesso Old, has just proved not only gorgeous but so compatible with other colors....

We are selling it in tabletop,

Bath accroutrements,

And, as shown on the left in  pajamas.........(You know, the ones no one is wearing to bed!)

There are three Gesso's here. Can you pick them out?  And wouldn't the ensemble on the right be the coolest workout outfit EVER?????? For the younger fry of course. ( like those who don't NEED to)
 A little Swarovski there on the bottom. Why not have a little bling when you are working up a sweat????

The Gesso again on the left in this darling nightdress, with the Tulle lace trim available on the pillows, tabletop, and bath items........

More of this color.... I Obviously LOVE it.

THIS is the ultimate Gesso Old.....The Zaffiro bedspread.  Ok, listen up, this is linen enveloped with organza, embroidered with roses.  It comes with a volante on all four sides also encased in organza.  And it comes with a surprise.  It has another layer of linen underneath and a pocket for a duvet insert. Angelique!

This is the Gesso Old in the Atollo bedspread,,,, belongs to one of our customers....
 I HAD to photograph it before it left the shop... See how gorgeous the Gesso is with the Shell Pink?

She loves it by the way......

SO...if you want more information or a catalog as this line is huge....... go to our website above and click on "contact us" we'll get you all the eye candy you want.....32 colors, 8 trims , crystal and much more......
And at some point we will be offering up a SUBSTANTIAL gift like offering.....Happy Easter.


  1. Gorgeous color and I love it with the pale pink too!

  2. Hi Maryanne,

    I adore this beautiful collection and the soft colours so pretty and feminine, especially with the pale pink.

    Wishing you a happy Easter

  3. Lovely - lovely bedroom, pillows and.....

    Will have a bath right now and then dream about...
    Just the right post for a Easter Saturday!
    Thank you - your post made my day!

    Happy Easter to You and greetings from France.

  4. The Old Gesso bedspread is very beautiful Mary Anne! I might think you will sell a lot of them!!
    Happy Easter to you and Peter!!

  5. It is elegant, soothing and goes so well with many other colors.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  6. Maryanne it is simply splendorous!! A lovely soft and romantic shade! I love all of your offerings!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my very Fashionable Giveaway from the French Basketeer!

  7. The Gesso is beautiful...I love it with the Anglelo blue. It would work in so many areas...a sofa for example...but it's perfect how it's used here, so pretty!
    Happy Easter!!!
    xo J~

  8. Well I have always admired the Gesso technique, and now I think I have found a new Color to love!
    Wishing you and Robes a Happy Easter!


  9. Maryanne ~ I do believe I need a Gesso hued napkin as I was drooling on my keyboard. Each and every item you chose is divine. Have a beautiful Easter you and Robes. I'm off to buy a lottery ticket.


  10. Just beautiful color! Found your blog this morning and really like what you offer. I am a new follower. I invite you to visit my blog.

  11. Gorgeous bedroom! The colors are so cool, chic, simple yet elegant and overall it makes you very comfortable and relaxed. Cool post, check out also 3D Rendering

  12. Dearest Maryanne,

    Out-of-this-world gorgeous. I am obsessed with neutrals in all their vast nuances. I like them in my home and on my body.


  13. I'm in love with this color. Fabulous for your home or yourself. I can just completely cover up in any of this. Gorgeous!!!!

  14. Just got lost here! So a beautiful blog. Looks as if a lot of my friends have already found you.
    Have a a great day.