Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Once in a Blue Moon you come across something so decidedly French but with an added bonus, HISTORY.  This Armoire belonged to Germain Bazin the curator of the LOUVRE museum (yes THAT Louvre). It is gorgeous, in fabulous condition and is for sale here at Round Top.

This is the identifacation paper of the owner,I think during moving, there are two..... Not only was Bazin the curator at the Louvre but after that he left to be in charge of all restoration of paintings at the National Museum of France.
He has written 32 books on art subjects.... Died in 1990 at the age of 88.

The small sign on the outside placed by the seller.....

The cover of one of his many books......

One more look...

OH, ENLARGE THIS IF YOU CAN, this is the other id tag placed on the inside of the Bonnet of the armoire which is usually removeable.  It is upside down. You can see the roof of the tent in the bottom of the image.  Evidently this piece was #13 being moved to or from the Louvre.
As of 3PM this afternoon it was still there..... If you have an interest, It is at Arbor Antiques, next to Chateau Antiques.  The vendor is Chad Smith a delightful chap, 850-384-1611.  I think the price is right for this piece I would have bought but I had other priorities......I just want to see this armoire get a good home with an individual that appreciates it........How would this look in YOUR home....???? By the way if you aren't aware do you know why these tall French cabinets were called "armoires"???
Because they were built to hold ARMS, that's right, weapons, long guns....Hence the name.


  1. Oh My! A name out of my past. I remember reading some of Bazin's works when I was doing my degree in art history.

  2. Oh this is wonderful Maryanne and having all the history to go with it. Thanks for showing us.


  3. A call to arms! Thanks for the "armoire" tidbit. It looks huge...gorgeous. Love all your photographs...makes me feel like I'm there! Merci! XO Trish

  4. This is just making me sad. We're not coming for the Antique show this time because Talena's daughter just had a baby and she is still in Dallas taking care of everyone. I'm really having withdrawals over this. We just have so much fun and find the most fabulous stuff.

    Are you really busy with the show going on? Take a break and stop by and see my interview with Greet. she's very inspiring with her take on Belgian gardens and landscape. I know the two of you are good friends.

    Maybe we'll see you in the fall. Mona