Friday, February 19, 2010

Bugatti, Italy: Wow Design and Bling?

Robes and I love a good shot of espresso and have been in search of a suitable replacement for our espresso maker since our Bodum Granos (the second one we owned) went south on us a few months ago. It was so cool looking on the counter, when it sizzled, heated up and died I didn't even want to throw it out. I actually didn't for two weeks... ( Don't say it....I KNOW)
So, as I was searching for HOME DECOR at M&O, this stopped me in my tracks.....I fell in love...
Could this be an ESPRESSO MAKER??????? Yes!!!! and it has a name "THE DIVA"!!!

This is one of a line of very WOW appliances by Bugatti, Italy.
The line has been out for a couple of years but has evolved and increased in popularity.
To see more (the juicer is fabulous too) go

This winged beauty is a TOASTER. I, at first glance, thought it might be a deep fryer until I saw the slots....

How'd you like to slosh up some margaritas in this baby?????? Other colors for spring: the purple in the first picture, acid green, lime (pictured here), tangerine and chrome. But you want to know what sent me "Round the Bend?" This!!!!!!!!!

Yep folks this is a Diva bejeweled with none other than Swarsovski crystal!!!! I went nuts over this and Robes says "MA you don't even wear that much JEWELRY!" I am not a blingy person but this is so obscenely wonderful and ridiculous at the same time, it floats my boat. So, what happens if you lose a stone, do you take your espresso machine to your local Jeweler?????
Living in a small town in Texas I can imagine the look on their face if I walked in with one of these. I am standing with patrons who have watches and rings and I am holding a 20 lb espresso maker that needs a stone replaced. IT WOULD BE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE LOCAL PAPER! BTW, it also makes a delicious cup of espresso as they were pulling shots out of a White one at M&O. Don't want to get the grounds stuck in the crystal one I guess........What do you think??????


  1. Very cool, I love Italian design!! I know you will really enjoy your coffees with this!


  2. How over the top FUN is that?? I think you could sell those, in Texas.:) What's not to love? xo Lidy

  3. I love it! I did not see it before! I think you will not only enjoy every day your espresso but even that beautiful Diva for its design!
    Have a nice weekend,

  4. I think Brenham needs an espresso maker such as that.I would have to come see that for myself & to meet you of course. I have ridden my motorcyle your way. Very scenic, I loved it.I would be tempted to get the "bejeweled" or it that "bedazzled" (?) and the plum versions. You two are having much to much fun x

  5. I think it's beautiful and so very you. It would make a lovely addition to a Texas home!

  6. Hi Maryanne,

    Lovely post and I know I would love the Bugatti Espresso maker. Give me the little pink Diva and that would make me really happy.

    Have a very happy weekend

  7. I think the jeweled Bugatti would go great with your vintage lockers in your kitchen!

  8. So cool! i totally missed it at the shows...I would love the espresso maker and the toater. Will check on line...afraid to the see the attached price tag...Francine

  9. Wow. I just want a good, hot cup of coffee each morning. My challenge is finding a coffee maker that serves it hot and not lukewarm. Your Bugatti is prettier and fancier than anything I have! I am so in a blogging slump - thanks for not forgetting me and leaving a comment! Hope to see you in the spring!

  10. So Fun! What great engineering and design.

  11. Just catching up on some posts around the blogosphere and saw this one from you...Love the
    coffee-maker....Go on and treat yourself...why not??!! You work very hard and deserve that little bit of counter bling....and a GREAT cup of coffee!