Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Road Kill Design OR I Brake for Furniture!

At the risk of the title of this post ruining my design credibility..........I have decided to admit to the world that I suffer a syndrome I call "Road Kill Design" or, slamming on your brakes after you spy a piece of furniture or junk by the side of the road that has great lines or is just "cool". This happens to me on occasion. When I drive home and mention to Robespierre I have "FOUND"something, so cool, so appropriate, the perfect size, or so different, he gets a glazed look on his face translating into "OH NO". If the object is too big or too heavy to fit in the truck, it seems there is more cause for concern. If the thing is 4 hours away, that is not good either. The French, of course, coined the term for these things"Found Objets" which is the same thing, kinda. "Found Objets" lacks spontaneity. It is, however, how and where one "finds" the objects that differentiates the two terms. The way I see it "Objects" are found in Europe in a castle and have some historic reference. Road Kill is just great stuff found is unlikely places with possibilities. And you know what????? Every designer worth their salt has done this!!!!!!! Why? Because it makes a great story........

Nope, I don't normally shop here....... But you see the banks of lockers at the bottom of the sign???? This place doubles as...

Ricks office furniture. Of Course. This is where I found this...

Yup. Gym lockers. Aqua gym lockers...Great for my Retro California Kitchen!!!!! We had been looking at cabinets but they weren't Retro enough......

Here they are..... Not bad eh! Robespierre has put things in them, and, for instance, if you want some birdie treats it is located in #525. Mojito knows 525 is the GOOD locker. There are also hooks inside for you to hang strainers......Other cooking stuff.

Nope, I normally don't shop here either, but I spied an old Drexel Dresser that would make a great sideboard. Some Behr Ultra Premium Plus did the trick...

So here it is.......Great lines......

This is an old 1800's building. I was driving by and saw a thing chained to the post in front of it.

After knocking on the door the person gave me the number of the person who owned the thing.

I called the number and she agreed to sell it and after sandblasting it and powder coating it it is now the outside home of ...

You know who.

I would love to hear some of your own Road Kill Design stories.......And see pictures too!!!!

And remember, always wear your seatbelt.


  1. Wow those are some impressive finds. And those aqua lockers look fantastic! I never would have thought of lockers as a possiblity but you make them work and with such style! So great. Sorry I have no road kill stories of my own...yet...I am working on it!

  2. Wow all of your finds are so wonderful!

  3. Fun story! I am not sure about actually picking up road kill, but I notice texture and color all the time - like on beat up old trucks, water towers, old dilapidated building porch railings,maybe on the faded paint surface of the dumpiest of buildings. If I am with my family, of course I have to point it out. Sometimes this enthusiasm is met with sharing the same visual excitement, but often it is met with eye rolling!

  4. I would say that it is a "small world"... but more like "small town". The old 1800's building is where I had my first office downtown.

    Also, I have used pieces from Rick's used office furniture and his prices are dirt cheap. And you never know what you will find at Jim's Wims... mostly junk, but like your great find, there is always the chance that there will be a real find.

    I have a piece that I rescued from a dumpster... an old t.v. console. I added a shelf on the inside, added some trim and painted it and voila!

    The lockers look great in your kitchen...love the color!

  5. OMG! In retrospect, Terri, was the "person" who gave me the phone number!!!!!! I kind of wondered,I didn't meet her until over a couple of years later when we opened Beadboard. She's gonna love this!!!!Oh and you'll love the name of the person who had the birdcage...Beverly Hills Smith!!!!!! She was an accomplished artist and did stuff for the Houston Grand Opera!God I love blogging!!!!!!

  6. I have several great stories about sneaking out of the incredibly chic apartment of my best friend in Paris (both incognito with baseball caps and big coats on) to hit the streets in quest of 'left objects' that would become our 'found objects.' Have moved to Toulouse now, but they will be part of my Paris Episodes further down the track! CC my best friend still sneaks out at midnight and we giggle about it over the phone now...sigh...

  7. A day before I gave birth to my daughter (first kid, now 20) I bullied my husband to drive me to a construction site at night to pick up a construction spool top...they're huge and I knew it would be a perfect table top. He sat in the driver's side while I got out and put the huge thing in the trunk. I think he was in shock...normally he's a bit more solicitous. I also like concrete yards. You know, we could talk for hours. You sound like my kind of gal. LOVE the lockers. Tres chic. My sister hauled back a set from Belgian, but methinks she paid more. Merci, Trish

  8. i love this - esp. the lockers == those are so cute. btw - sent back "the glove"
    look for it soon!!!!

    thanks for doing that!

  9. I love your road kill design finds. You and Robespierre are so cool!

  10. You are a woman after my own heart. I do relate. Here in Santa Barbara, once a year on an appointed date per your neighborhood, you could put almost anything out on your curb and the city would pick it up for free. The upscale neighborhoods were fabulous to stake out and I even got some great pieces in my own. I would always go to the door and ask if they minded if I hauled it off for them instead of the city and I got the OK without fail. Unfortunately, Santa Barbara stopped doing this. But is happens every day in NYC and Brooklyn and I have scored big there as well. There you don't have to ask because they are not expecting the city to pick it up. Enough of my stuff ~ I absolutely love your lockers, dresser and bird cage!

  11. You found some great things for your home! So fun when you find something unusual when you're not really looking that you know will be perfect.

  12. Oh how I love recognizing a kindred spirit. :) A nearby town always has a fall clean-up day, and that's when I get out early and go a-cruisin'. Love your finds!

  13. Just found your wonderful blog. I too have found many teasures by the side of the road. Love the lockers and the dresser.

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