Monday, December 21, 2009

Some French Holiday Cheer and a request,

During this xmas season, and Beadboard being busy, Thank God, it's been some long hours and few days off for Robespierre and me. We are grateful our shop is busy and our "Carrot" at the end of the long and hectic holiday season has always been a trip to Paris for market in January. We are hanging tight this year and don't know yet if that will be possible.

So, I'm digging out some xmas pictures of Paris to share with all you wonderful readers and bloggers and to ask a favor. Especially you wonderful French bloggers! We would like to know if anyone knows of anyone who has an apartement available for lease in Paris in January...

We have lined up some tentative ones through an agency, but had a not so good experience last year, the tub didn't work in the bathroom, I had to do some cleaning upon arrival, a sink didn't work and the bedroom sprung a leak......Luckily ,we know how to enjoy ourselves and had a great time...........So, email us at the shop if you have any ideas....The pictures here are Berthillion the wonderful Ice Cream shop of Ile St Louis, A little cafe on Ile St Louis that serves their Ice Cream(above) and the wonderful Moroccan Restaurant Mansouria, on Rue Faideherbe. ( Middle Shot) Thanks!


  1. Maryanne,

    I hope you can make your trip. Sorry I've no leads on an apartment in Paris. I always stayed at the quaint, non-fancy Hotel Quai Volatire.

    Happy for you that you've been so busy in the shop.



  2. Hi Maryanne. How exciting! Love that last photos with black store front and gold letters. I can see why your shop would be busy, but happy for you that you get to look ahead to a wonderful trip. Xo Trish

  3. Hope you get to make your trip to Paris...Merry Christmas!


  4. I wish I had a Paris Apartment to offer you! Maybe one day.....
    I hope you get to go. Claudia's blog "The Paris Apartment" has links to several apartment rental agencies, some that she's reviewed and stayed in the apartments and has photos of if that helps. There's a link on my sidebar to her blog. I think she was there in the Spring if you look in her archives.

  5. Yes, The Paris Apartment is the place to go for your quest. I do hope you get to go, you certainly take lovely pictures while there, thanks for sharing them!

  6. Oh... I want to go with you and Peter!

    I hope you are able to make that trip...

  7. I am finally finished... as finished as I will be anyway!

    Merry Christmas to you and Peter! Stay warm...

  8. Hope you can make it to Paris. I will be there Jan 19 - Feb 1 and I'm trying to put together a meet and greet of bloggers who are attending Maison et Objet. If you decide to go and you're interested let me know and I'll update you on the get together.