Friday, April 2, 2010

More Round Top Adventures, Euro Style, In Search of Linen.....

Nope, Begonias are not part of the wildflowers of Texas. These are in a wonderful floral stand where the 290 loops around Brenham across from K=Bob's Steak House on the way to Round Top.

More from the flower stand......We got some for the shop all orange.......

Bougainvilla gobs of it.........

And then I went up the road to the 237 and the La Bahia Antiques fair on my annual search for European Linens from Touch of Europe. Mimi and Peter always have a great selection and fabulous prices. I shop ahead and they are nice enough to bring my pre selected items out for me....But I like the "Hunt" so I enjoy poking for a few things for moi. They are always bringing out new boxes of merchandise so pickings are always fresh.....

For those who love the French red toile here is a delightful display....

Vintage linen sheets, beautifully monogrammed. Get a plain linen sheet for the bottom and make a duvet.........

Napkins, tea towels and glass cloth.....Feedsacks are in the mix too. This was a whole container load of new merchandise. Whoopee!!!!!

Shams are separated into pairs, and singles and by size.....

And baskets of French soaps.... Always delightful . La Bahia also has home made food by locals, beer, Blue Bell Ice Cream.......


  1. I am both astonished and drooling at the picture of the monogrammed linens! That is the biggest selection I have ever seen.

  2. Oh those linens are just beautiful, how I would have loved to have been there!

    Happy Easter

  3. It is probably a good thing I was not there. I could go bankrupt buying all those beautiful monogrammed linens.

  4. oh the monograms! Seriously amazing! So glad I have come across your blog! Happily following! xoxo

  5. Thanks for this Maryanne! It was so nice to see you and I'm sorry we could not stop by the store at night, we were so pooped, we'd have passed out on the front doorstep after one sip of wine - not really a classy look, huh? See you in Fall, with lots of new goodies!


  6. Oh, how I envy you! I love Touch of Europe. Can't imagine being able to look at their linens in person. You are such a lucky girl. That rack of monogrammed sheets is just too much! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.


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  8. Hi Maryanne - I had to google the La Bahia A.F. & sure enough I'm always a day late & a dollar short. I need to get w/the program here in Katy. The fair would of been my cup of tea, what fun. I looked up your chamber of commerce for the Brenham Antiques Fair you spoke about & saw one in the fall. I just want to make sure I don't miss that 'Bubble Lounge'! I can't wait to meet you sooner than later.
    Wishing you and yours a truly special Easter Maryanne. All my best as always to you x
    P.S. sorry for the delete, it's been a long day...

  9. Just seeing these images makes me wish I was still in Texas. We were there making the rounds for eight days but are back home getting ready for Easter tomorrow. We always have so much fun. It's hard to leave. Can't wait till the Fall to come back.

  10. BEAUTIFUL inspiration images! Have a wonderful Easter!

  11. Hi Maryanne - So sorry I missed you but we really enjoyed our brief visit with your charming husband! I really wanted to get back over to see you but was traveling with a friend and my time was not all my own! I love visiting this booth at La Bahia - sorry we didn't run into each other there. Amazing, beautiful linens.

  12. That looks so amazing! I don't know how I missed all of these cool Texas places when I lived there, I really must not have been looking!

  13. Such a beautiful shop, thanks for taking me there!

  14. Hello Maryanne,

    Oh how I envy you! Those French toiles and linens are right up my alley or is it allee?



  15. Hello Maryanne,

    Your post had me wishing I was there, where you are!
    Love the vintage linen, shams and the gorgeous soaps.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope that you are having a lovely week.


  16. Your photos of the begonias are just divine! I love these gorgeous things - they always look so bright and happy. Leigh

  17. Those vintage linens! *sigh*

    xx Charlotta