Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Round Top: Another Day Another Tent!

There is something about a Swedish tall clock with it's rounded curves and soft colors that makes it one of the things I have always wanted...... When you see 8 of them all propped up against a white tent and ticking away, it is nothing short of breathtaking...
Here at Arbor antiques is the Lone Ranger Swedish Antiques, up from Ft Lauderdale Fla.
Look at these two beauties........A PAIR might be nice!

More clocks, Gustavian chairs, chests, I am in Heaven! Let me have a few of those chairs!

A Gustavian armoire...I'll take two thank you very much....

And one of those for the dining room........

And one of these........... Oh and (I'm hyperventilating!)

Definitely one of these!!!!!!!!

After you are through you can breeze to La Bahia Antiques Fair and A Touch of Europe.
Great European linens at very reasonable prices.... Check out your purchases before you buy! You would hate to get home and have a stain on one of your pair of vintage French or German shams...

Ok guys, wrap all these up! I'll need a bigger truck....

Jump in there and Dig!!!!!

I like La Bahia because you can get home made pies, Blue Bell Ice Cream, and a Shiner Bock Beer, all made by local ladies from the surrounding areas. Most of the proceeds go to keeping up the old buildings and other charities like the volunteer Fire Depts.

Look at these lovelies! Whose hand is that?

This is one of the lesser known venues as they have more traditional furniture.

But look! Here is a Louis Phillippe Armoire with a pull out shelf in solid cherry from Rooster's Antiques for under $2000!
Another gem from Rooster.... This one from Normandy...Also very reasonably priced under $2000. Some of the smaller shows may have great things too, they are just not publicized as much........Next Installment... The big guns, Marburger and The Big Red Barn....Now, if I could only figure out where I parked the truck.....


  1. Maryanne,
    Love your picks! As for your didn't get towed again did you?

  2. Nah, I've been a good girl, I still have to pay for the original citation......

  3. Hilarious. I was there today too! I almost drove over to Brenham before coming home, but thought, naaaahh, she won't be in the shop - she's over here somewhere! I was right! Did you go to Marburger or the Round Top show?

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  5. Thank you Maryanne - maybe we could plan ahead next time? I should have called before I headed back home. I wish I was there today - I want to come back!

  6. Delightful pictures and review. Thank you for this tour. I have always wanted to get there and see this amazing show in person.


    Marjorie in Carmel-by-the-Sea

  7. Thanks for the visit Marjorie! After a week of muggy hot weather in the dirt and gravel I wish I was where you are right now!!!!!I f you ever come just e-mail me and I will share the best informational websites. It can be daunting it is so big....But Fun!

  8. I am screaming loudly with glee...can you hear me? Lovely....


  9. Anybody who loves Swedish antiques, I got to follow! I found your blog via my friend Greet's blog - Belgian Pearls. I am glad I stopped by!
    Enjoy your weekend! Monika.

  10. Maryanne,

    Could you believe that booth! When I saw all those Mora clocks, oh my! I could have stayed in that booth all day! Oh, and La Bahia was my favorite! My hubby enjoyed his frito pie just as much as I loved shopping the booths!

  11. Thanks for the shout-out Maryanne - I was not there when you visitedd the booth but my aunt told me you'd been there - great pictures!