Thursday, September 24, 2009

Round Top Watch Part Deux

Your roving blogger was out in the fields of Round Top Yesterday to give you again the latest and greatest as it is happening.........Blue Hills, although not full to capacity is open and ready for business. In addition, it has undergone improvements on the property making it in my opinion one of the most attractive venues here.
This is an adorable Swedish chest I found very hard to pass up. Note the detail on the bottom...

Hey! What is this???? The Big Red Barn "toilette" facilities, still, as in my earlier blog, only TWO of them.... They say "Jackpot" on the doors, I wonder why the company selected THAT name???? EEEEEWWWWW! Did they come from Vegas?

Does the proportion of Tent to Toilette seem a little off here?????
Don't worry they don't open until the 30th. Maybe then they will hit the "jackpot"!

Arbor Antiques has some fabulous things already........ Curtis Ann Davis always delivers having dealers with quality goods, a lot of Euro Country, and great prices. They will be hosting an Octoberfest night on the 30th, with beer, wine and eats....Here are some examples of some other goodies there.....

Still in the unpacking stages.........But the early bird gets the great picks.

These sconces were a steal at 265.00 each

Is that Miss Velvet and Linen back there????? Yup. I think so. I was going to introduce myself ,
but I was in my "I'm going to dress poor so they'll give me a deal" ensemble. You know, removed all the jewelry, old bowling shoes, jeans, baseball cap... It was raining, she looked great like she was on Rodeo Drive.....

Great bolster pillows out of old feed sacks. I say go for the BIG pillows put a few WOW ones on the bed, not fifty little ones, it makes men anxious....

This is a great booth for Euro Country and even not so country.... The proprieter is Owen Swift out of New York State. He is a transplanted Irishman and nice as can be... He has some great Louis Phillippe Silver leaf Mirrors and some fabulous frames....

Also some great Chandeliers........Not Repros but the real deal...
On to EXCESS.....

A great pair of French Chairs......

This I loved ! An industrial table with wheels and a thick old plank top.
A great kitchen island with plenty of storage space priced at $1950...

A"Princess" bed.

This is the booth right behind Claude's in the front left side of EXCESS. They have great pieces, some very unique.... I think his name in Paul but I will verify... A "hottie" no matter what his name is...... Oh and he is wearing the coolest shirt.... Linen with poet sleeves and great embroidery....... Where did it come from ??? You won't believe this! Magnolia Pearl, who is best known for their womens vintage like clothing, bags and jewelry. The scuttlebut is her husband is doing a version for men. I'm going to have to get one for Robespierre.... They always have a booth at Marburger......

Great table with stone top at Excess...

A twelve foot hanging rack.... A Wow piece in any grand kitchen offered by The Plaid Veranda at Excess. Judy has some great things there....This is the last picture before I almost got towed for illegal parking.......Nothing unusual here at Round Top EVERYONE does it. BUT this year they are serious.... And the reason I couldn't get the Hottie's name is today when I called my Partner in crime, Jacquelyn, to get verify his name, SHE had just been towed!!!!!! And she is one of the 77 actual citizens that lives there and is responsible for moving most of the beautiful buildings in to Bybee Square in the center of the town.....

So what did I get? One of these. I'm using as a coffee table from North Star Antiques out of Dallas. It will be between two Belgian Linen Slipcovered loveseats in Libeco Napoli Vintage/Natural. You can contact North Star here .
And of course, we invite you to stop by Beadboard in Brenham.


  1. Oh my gosh it's better than I expected. Much better! I would love to be there too. There are several tables there that would go in my kitchen so well. It's hard to find narrow tables and often old farm tables are the only ones that will fit my space.

  2. OHMYGOSH! you are driving me crazy! I want to be over there right now! I am just green with envy that you are so close that you get to just run over and snap a few pics! I even thought of bringing my daughter and letting her skip school tomorrow................hmmmmm, big science test - guess that wouldn't be such a good parenting move! Oh well - you sure have become the best blogger on the block, Maryanne!

  3. You girls are great! This is a wonderful venue but bring your cheap rubber boots and mud and rain proof gear! As a matter of fact, the best finds I ever purchased and the best times I ever had was whe the weather was BAD! But it wasn't a downpour just a drizzle.....There is a wonderful comaraderie among dealers and buyers when they are all braving the elements together.

  4. Great scoop, Maryanne.

    Tall Husband (he loved the "Jackpot" part of your posting) and I are coming Brenham Sunday and will be spending the night at Ant Street Inn. Can you believe it?...they had one vacant room on the very night we need it, Sunday night!

  5. No, I can't believe it you are VERY lucky! WE'll be open Sunday PM come say hi.WE'll have Vino....

  6. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my post! Now I am very pleased to have discovered your blog!


  7. Maryanne... do you really think you are fooling them by "dressing down"?... your flamboyancy and red hair kind of dispels that image!!! ...

  8. Such a great Round Top tour: you Texas girls have all the fun!
    I just found your blog (through Joni) and will look forward to returning ... . .

  9. You are welcome to Beadboard anytime Judith! Oh and Terry, I go as, Inspector Clouseau says "eeen deskizees".

  10. that's not Velvet and LInen - she won't be there until Wed. hahah!!! sorry - wonder who she is. excess? that's new? omg omg omg - i am hyperventilating over the arbor!!!!!! buy me anything! pluzzzeeee. ill pay you back! seeya tues or wed

  11. and damnit - take off those verfication letters right now or I'll never leave another comment! haha!!!!!

    they are sooooooooooooooo annoying and unneccesary - go to settings.

  12. Hmmmm that's tempting... HAHA!! Ok they'll go as soon as I can figure out how in the blazes to do it.. Boy if that wasn't V&L it was her twin sister!!!!!

  13. Oh I love all your images. I wish we had markets like these in Australia! Wish I were there to be able to buy some of the beautiful pieces. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Axx

  14. Hi there! Enjoyed looking at your photos. My sister and I just returned home from Round Top. It was so worth the 7 hour drive. Only wish we could have stayed longer. Look forward to more Round Top post~

  15. To Oliveaux, I have been to your lovely country and marveled at the markets but they were the farmers? markets OMG! you people grow the biggest vegetables I've ever seen!!!! And to Miss Bienvenue, WELCOME! Glad you enjoyed forraging( I got to get the spell check goin on this!) for stuff in the sticks.....Where did you drive 7 hrs from??????