Thursday, October 15, 2009

Introducing Arte Italica at Beadboard

I don't do to many "Shop Blogs"but recently we were able to acquire a beautiful line of Italian tabletop called Arte Italica. The reason I chose it is pictured above, a new line of white dinnerware with gray dressmaker details called Bella Bianca.

In addition to the scalloped dishes with ribbon like swirls there are coordinated pieces of Bella Bianca flatware above.

The stemware for the Bella Bianca is equally as beautiful shown on a hallmarked pewter tray.

This is another one of my favorites, ceramic mixed with hallmarked pewter beaded rims called Perlina....

The coordinating flatware. See the maker's marks to the lower right...

These are just four of the numerous choices of charger/platters offered from a swirled taupe glass called Splendore to a contemporary "croc" pattern...

The pewter looks more curvy and European, not like Colonial stylings of pewter, but more feminine and more detailed.

Part of the Tuscan collection, clean lines... I wouldn't mind having my mornings start like this.......

There are also beautiful accoutrements to adorn your holiday table. I just love the candlelabra.

We are thrilled to be able to offer Arte to our customers, it will mix in with so much of what people already have. It is all there, highly stylized, glass, ceramics, barware, pewter, flatware, and stemware. AND, for xmas, beautifully boxed gifts in chocolate linen-like gift boxes. To see more of Arte Italica go here.

OOPS! Almost forgot I love this LINO (Italian for Linen) like the Perlina but they actually took linen fabric and pressed it into the bisque creating a linen pattern on the plate......Who needs bone china anymore????And I'm sorry but this coffee mug is sexy.....


  1. As usual... your selections for your shop are fabulous! I'm absolutely crazy about the Perlina... but any of them would set an exquisite table.

  2. You have such exquisite taste. I love it all and especially the trays. I have one of their trays in which I put folded linen hand towels when we have house guests.

  3. I have to say that you both know that we are pioneering"luxury in the sticks". Robespierre and I appreciate you're getting it. Annie, I love the folded linen towel on the tray, it reminds me of the times when I was working first class as a sky goddess, and I chilled the forks and brought in my own fresh herbs to "tweak the beef tenderion"....

  4. I love everything. I wish I lived closer to your store. I'm sure I'd be in there all the time! Do you sell online?

  5. Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blogpost! I have to say that I can not tell to you what this green vase really is! It was a present given to me and I don't know what sort of glass it is but yes indeed it is beautiful and looks very German styled glassware!

    And I am so escited to discover your blog! What a beautiful, inspiring blog!
    I add you immediately to my bloglist!


  6. I just discovered you a couple of weeks ago and am finally taking the time to say thanks for bringing us such a delightful new Blog! Great style, wonderful taste, and I share your Cali/Tex connections. Would love to stop in your shop next time I am down that way.

  7. Just beautiful! I love white dishes and that pewter is stunning!

  8. Maryanne, you are a natural with both exquisite taste and your blogging! This line is another perfect addition and is just gorgeous!

  9. Always great to discover a wonderful new blog and I enjoyed my visit to yours.
    Your shop must be beautiful, I love all your wares.

    Happy week

  10. I want it all! What a beautiful addition to your shop. Also, this is just a beautiful post, Maryanne! You are a true blogger!

  11. Lovely! I particularly like the Perlina line + the flatware. It can be mixed with more contemporary pieces. Very nice indeed! Happy week, Monika.

  12. Beautiful porcelains and glass ware...xv

  13. Thanks all of you. You all may not know this, but some of the offerings in these lines are huge. It helps my decision making to see your opinions about what you like. So, I guess I'm ordering some more Perlina!!!!!:)

  14. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love it all, what wonderful taste you have in these selections.

    xo, Michelle

  15. I discovered this brand about a year ago and have only been able to purchased a few pieces because of the price. The Lino was my favorite so that is where I started. I have Texas family roots and raised in California so we also have that in common. When I visit Texas, I would love to visit your shop. Thank you for sharing, I love your blog.

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