Sunday, October 4, 2009

Villa Gallici: Elegance in the Provencal Tradition

The best hotel memory for Robespierre and I was a short stay in a Gem of of a hotel in Aix en Provence, the Villa Gallici. I had cut out a picture from the cover of Cote Sud as it had just opened in 1992. Now, a member of Relais and Chateaux, it's traditions of luxury, exemplary service and provencial design continues to wow visitors...

The entrance is understated and elegant with blue painted French doors ready to welcome. As you enter, the subtle scent of fresh lavender embraces you. It is in the air, throughout the hotel...

One of the sideboards always ready to serve.......Look at the autumnal gold leaves and the birds...

Breakfast on the terrace of Villa Gallici. No detail is missed for the comfort of the guests such as putting throws out on chairs on a brisk morning, and the baskets of fresh baked croissants.....

The abundance of fresh flowers rest in the fountain before being cut and arranged for the hotel.

The terrace set for dinner, you can smell the herbs and flowers.

I don't know about you but I don't trust that statue.... I think the waiter is in trouble here. Doesn't that savory pastry look incredible?????? Ok, I'll have one bite. Maybe two. Or more..maybe. Where are those people anyway? Especially with the chilled champagne ready! Let me sit there!!!!! This gentleman's efforts should not go unappreciated!!!

This is my favorite room in the hotel a Petite Lounge with the trompe l'oeil on the walls of the garlands......... More throws, and I love the yellow.....

The restaurant Clos de La Violette, superb fare by renowned chef Jean Marc Banzo, who has been a key player in this whole venue since the beginning, insuring it's success.

Ok tell me this is not the most gorgeous bathroom........Just look and imagine...

One of the guestrooms, and that is not wallpaper it is fabric....

One of the other guestrooms... OOPS! Are they giving away designer handbags???? This looks very much like the new Toile Peacock Alley is doing called Toulouse... I might have to rethink putting that in the shop......Maybe with an ivory matelasse coverlet?

The draperies in the hotel warrant a mention, they are classically made with contrasting fabric and flannel interlining. We would be happy to be ensconced here..... After running around the Cours Mirabeau all day we might just opt for Room Service.

Bonne Idee. Our door is the last on the right... Merci Monsieur. Bon Soir.
For further information on the Villa Gallici click here.


  1. Maryann,

    Lucky youstaying at this exquisite hotel! Don't you just adore Cote Sud. It is always so full of sun and beauty.

    Marjorie in Carmel

  2. I have wanted to go there forever - lucky you!!!!

  3. Mama Mia! With 3 young kids I don't get to visit nice hotels that often. But I can only imagine and live it through your beautiful images. Absolutely stunning!


  4. I want to be on that terrace RIGHT NOW with my coffee and one of those throws wrapped around my shoulders (because in my fantasy there is just a slight chill in the air - not too cold, just perfect!). what a beautiful place! Thanks for the comment on hill country house - I know what you mean. We all took different photos and yet isn't it funny that Joni and I bought from the same dealer!

  5. Maryanne, I love the images... I will add some of them to my files... thanks!

  6. Hi Maryanne. Thanks for your comments...meant to tell you earlier how much I love your shop front and those gorgeous hotel photos...thank you for the best thing to being there. Added you to my blog roll because I knew I'd be coming back! Thanks, Trish (Trouvais)

  7. If any of you go to the south of France this is well worth the detour... We stayed there even though we had leased a house......Thanks for "Getting It"! Trish, thanks for adding me I will recriprocate!

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