Friday, January 8, 2010

Leslie Caron, Thank Heaven

Recently an actress I love came out with her long awaited memoir. The actress/ dancer/chanteuse is the lovely Leslie Caron who at 78 still can wow.

Pictured here in "Lili" one of her first films, she starred in several , when she was with MGM, including Daddy Long Legs with Fred Astaire, Father Goose with Cary Grant... She mentions her
relationships with people like Warren Beatty. Evidently, they had great fun together.

Classically trained as a ballet dancer made her sought after in Hollywood and she landed the role of a lifetime dancing with Gene Kelly in American in Paris.

My favorite, "Gigi "with Louis Jordan as she grows up in Paris and is trained as a courtesan and then shocks her family by saying she will not be one, instead she wished to marry. And marry she did. It is from this film that the title of the book was inspired, when Maurice Chevalier sang "Thank heaven for little girls"about the young Gigi.

Dancing with Gene Kelly in "An American in Paris" showed the world her versitility as a film star. The book is available on Amazon.


  1. One of my all time favorites!! The actress and all of her films. Thanks for the heads up on her book, I'll definitely need a copy!

  2. I became aware of Leslie Caron through her dancing talents every when I was young. She definitely has "it"! I think this weekend would be a good time to rent some of the old classics she was in... thanks for the info Maryanne.

  3. I spent my 30th birthday at her beautiful inn "La Lucarne Aux Chouettes" (The Owl's Nest). It is located outside Paris, in Burgundy in a tiny town called Villenuve-sur-Yonne. It has a WONDERFUL restaurant where we had a spectacular meal and a few rooms in which to stay... and we did in the charming "loft" room which was no "loft"! Simple and beautifully decorated. I woke up on my birthday (a perfect fall morning) to warm croissantes served with creme brulee... in bed... not bad!
    Go there... or at least check out the website!
    Can't wait to get the book now!

  4. Wow! what a birthday! I stayed at one in Salon de Provence when she had it called L'abbaye St Croix. We stayed in a monk room but it wasn't a monk's hotel....The one in Burgundy sounds great I'll check it out!Thanks!

  5. Maryanne,

    Great minds think alike. Glad I didn't do a posting on this book, which I received for Christmas, and read almost non-stop. She is quite a lady. I think we should have a gal's weekend trip to her charming Inn in Burgundy. What fun we would have! Are you still abroad?


  6. What a great blog you have & I was thrilled you commented on mine so I could find yours. I cannot believe you are in Brenham, I love Brenham. So much more scenery there than out here in Katy. So pleased to read your post about Leslie. I have always adored her. An American in Paris is one of the best movies of that last century. The music & dance was incredible. Hope your having a great week?

  7. Hi Maryanne,

    Many thanks for sharing the post of Leslie Caron and looks like a great read.
    I just love that age does not get in the way of some people and they are so inspiring and seem to get better.

    Happy weekend

  8. Hi Maryanne, I love your blog and am going to add you to my blogroll, we have a strong sympatico factor!! Also, believe it or not, I think I have been in your shop in Brenham. My best friend lives there now, I visited her last year, we went into some absolutely fabulous shops there, and I fell in love with the town, you have photos of your shop?

    Can't wait to see more of your adventures in Paris, etc....

    a bien tot!!


  9. I LOVE HER!!!! I am so getting this book. Thank you for telling me about it.