Friday, January 22, 2010

Paris, Look Out, We're Baack!!!!

Oh where, oh where, has my Metro ticket gone??? Oh where oh where can it be????I checked all my pockets and the little stinking thing was gone. When you travel on the Metro in Paris, (in this case the RER) we buy two tickets one out and one to retournee. Each has to be entered in a turnstyle to let you board the train and when you arrive you have to reenter the ticket so that you can leave the station. There are some people who "cheat" and jump the turnstyles to not pay the fare. NOW, it seems, I am one of those criminals.!!!!! I however, did not cheat I bought the ticket and lost the stupid thing.

,So ,in front of everyone at Maison et Object in Paris I crawled on my knees in my vintage cashmere coat (much to Robespierre's amusement) under the turnstyle to get the hell out of the metro before I went to meet Greet, Amanda ,Tracey and Haley.(They don't know what a moron I was.) Robespierre was only sorry he couldn't get a picture of me doing it and actually asked me if i could do it again tomorrow!!!!! (NO, I DON'T THINK SO.) See how small this little ticket is???

When I crawled out of the turnstyle at our destination, (I had to do it twice) there was this tall young man who looked like Michael Phelps who saw me on all fours and actually winked at me like I was ONE OF THEM as he leaped over the turnstyle to board the train!!!! Tune in Sat night for my television debut on the ever popular Paris's most wanted!


  1. Maryanne,

    How funny! Enjoy the show, and guard that Metro ticket.


    P.S. I was a little confused. I thought you had already gone to Paris, and come back. How is the appt?

  2. I WISH we had a photo of that! Too funny!

    Say hello to the other bloggers for me...

  3. Maryanne,

    Sorry...but I think it would have made a very fun picture! Hope you and Peter are having a wonderful time. Jenny C.

  4. Ah...youth....You won't be able to do that when you grow up, young lady. Very funny. Sigh. Wish I was there. Next year? Trish

  5. Ha! that sounds hilarious!!! I hope you continue to have fabulous time in Pareee!


    ps Teri does know you

  6. Robespierre, get that photo! How funny, Maryanne. Wish we could have been there to learn how to save on metro tickets.

  7. Maryanne, you crack me up! I am laughing so hard my teeth are almost falling out! (I am sure you amused the security camera team as well. They probably had to rewind the tape!). Much fondness, Mon

  8. Great story! To be in Paris again...I'd do that every time! Thanks for the smile!
    :) Laura

  9. Ooooh how I want a metro ticket... so I can ride around Paris... oooh la la!!!
    J'adore that settee in your header... trés FAB!!!
    Off to look around your site... I believe I will find MORE FAB Paris posts!

  10. What a hoot!!! I sure wish the picture existed....too bad I have to use my imagination. Sometimes my imagination is a good thing but in this case....the imagination is going wild. Glad you had a fabulous time in Pareeeeeee! Kathy

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