Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Back!! Treats for my Readers!!!!!

Nothing says lovin my faithful readers like Gelato.... So here,
dig in!!!!! What have I been up to????? Well after the trunk show for our knitwear in August,
we got the goods and a lot of people across the country are now sporting snappy Parisian style garb and the winner of the piece of knitwear chose her complimentary piece.... A cashmere squiggle!!! Her name is Mrs Bob Talutis.

More treats for my readers......Lovin this biscotti..... So then I had to do a tablesetting presentation at the Country Club, packed up half the shop's dinnerware and glasssware and hauled it out there. The food was late so they just let me blab for a half hour.
I felt like one of those anchor people where the producer is making the motion with their hands to "stretch it out".

This is a friend of mine...... Lives and works in the same town as the gelato..

More tasty Italian treats for my readers... Can you guess where this is????

Nope not France in the good ole USA..... Back to my excuses....So the same week I was doing my gig at the Country Club I had the installation on the first phase of the beautiful house and guest house I have been working on since Feb.... Yes INTERIOR DESIGN....

More treats for you readers.....And we have been getting the shop ready for gift season..... Sooooo ..

That's why I have not been in touch for a while.......... I missed you all...

Hope you enjoyed your treats..... From Ferrera's Italian Bakery on Newberry St,
in Little Italy, NYC .


  1. I guessed NYC! Used to live and work there!
    Love it! Oh Little Italy is fantastic!
    Great post!

    Flora Doora

  2. ughhhhhh

    my butt just got 2 sizes bigger.
    but, it was worth it.

  3. Was just drooling over equally delish displays in Little Italy in Baltimore last weekend - yum! Cathy

  4. That was yum but Id love to see what displays you did at the country club!Fiona

  5. Hi Maryanne, I just received my beautiful ruffled shawl and fingerless gloves with the roses in black. Everything is gorgeous and I love the shorter length for me,it is perfect. Can't wait to get my Arte Pura linen jammies, which I intend to wear otherwise. Thank you for providing such lovely things for us, luv, Nella

  6. Hi Maryanne,

    Welcome back! and you have been missed.
    Many thanks for visiting me.
    All the food you have shown is fabulous and are you trying to fatten us up here?

    Happy week

  7. Hi Maryanne
    I love New York and I love the delicious cakes! You give me water in the mouth with your gorgeous photos.
    Have a nice day!

  8. You've gone and given me a sweet tooth now and all I have to satisfy it are my trusty chocolate Pop-Tarts...I suppose they'll just have to do. :)
    Welcome back!
    xo J~

  9. delicioussssssssssssssssss post! thanks you for sharing your sweets with us :-) xoxo Haleigh @ BB

  10. Fabulous. sigh. I think you could gain 2 lbs. just looking at those pictures, no? Some bakers make such glorious little pieces of art.
    You had me at gelato.


  11. So long dear Maryanne, what a great time you are having doing your interior design... and did you also opened this lovely bakery shop??, I don´t understand much of what you wrote...sorry.
    Thank you so much for your visit and you won´t see the comments option at my blog for some time, I think all of us are so busy now...
    Many hugs to you my dear,
    maria cecilia

  12. Now that I have DROOLED ALL OVER MY KEYBOARD, thanks Maryanne! Glad you are doing well. I hope you will post some pictures of your interior design project!

  13. Just love the Bakery, my dream- combining 2 loves-desserts and design.. What a Dream..
    a new follower, ill check back for more

  14. No I didn't open a bakery..... I just have been working on this home for a while and my blogging has been somewhat neglected so I thought some virtual treats were in order for my readers...Glad you all liked it.... I think my one Job Running Beadboard is enough..Especially during this time of year!!!!!xxxooo Maryanne

  15. Maryanne... oh my word... I'll take one of EVERYTHING! :)

    Why is it that everything seems more amazing in NYC??
    I dream of a trip there over Christmas coming back after New Years -- staying in a fabulous hotel room just over Times Square, so I can enjoy the New Years Eve festivities "in person" but high above the mayhem.

    Thanks for the eye candy! No calories this way -- love it! :)


  16. Wonderdul and delicious post. MIAM MIam . I guess you are in NYC

  17. Hi Maryanne...

    Just named you in my blog award line up. ;)

    Have a great weekend!