Sunday, October 17, 2010

Arte Pura The New Collectioni !

We have been waiting with Great anticipation for images of the new fall introductions from Arte Pura Italian Linens.....

We knew they would be over the top fabulous...... We didn't anticipate how far over the top they actually were....... We are so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!! Puckered stretchy Slipcovers shown above available in 30 colors??????????????

Three new trims offered on their tabletop, bedding and bath items.......YOU choose...

The white table cloth shows the Cornely Roses, the one on the right the Crocheted Lace , the runners have the Tulle Lace trim.

Lovin this slipcover... Just pop it on a wooden chair it makes a great vanity chair.....

Note the layering, of the textures on the tablecloths with the runners......

The new napkin rings with embroidered roses and Swarovski crystal.

Pajamas, we ordered already for fall..... Jersey and cashmere...... Everybody seems to be wearing them OUTSIDE..... The Ruched tablecloth and the placemats are
a huge hit........

Macrame lace tablecloth, lower left and right......

Someone already bought these pillow covers........She had never had been in the shop before. She loved them and ordered them in a dusty mottled beige called Polevere Old.
Sheet and pillowsham in new Crochet Lace.

My favorite new color Gesso Old....A mottled light gray. Rich and looks great with charcoal, white, and the Lava Old....

A bedspread with a ruched "train" on the corner, and the pillow covers on the left
with the eyelet trim.

Don't even get me started on these....... 118" in length..... SOOOOOOO many choices!!!!!Colors!!!!!!! The new Cornely Rose print on the left and the lace with the mini volante on the right. Look at her nightdress........

New printed pillows offered for the first time.
The EVER popular Attolo spread we have in the shop with the textured gathers throughout, and the relaxed ruffle.....Makes a great slipcover, according to Lauren Ross, designer and slipcover expert in Austin.......

Casual if you like, you are driving the design of your own bedding YOURSELF!

The Cornely Rose spread with the relaxed volante attached.... I LOVE this!!!!!! Shown in the Gesso Old I think>>>>>
The new Gray color.....

Fabulous new pillows...... Robes calls them the "Bustier "pillows, the chemise, new too.

More new pillow intros...

The spread with the velvet top, lace bottom and pillows with one of the new trims.....

Towels with the Tulle lace left and Cornely Rose Right.

The stretch lace trim, and yes they make linen trimed bath mats.......

Reversible robes, terry bag/pillows, pajamas...... ALL AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT BEADBOARD UPCOUNTRY IN THE US, AND CANADA. For information or if you would like a catalog of pictures of the line emailed to you, email us at


  1. This entire collection could not be more luxe and dreamy!! A huge wow and sure to be a best seller, all of it.

    I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Fabulous images!... some things are worth waiting for. The new grey color they added to their line is wonderful. ~Terri

  3. Just beautiful! The trims are amazing and I just love those dining chair slips. All truly wonderful.

  4. I saw these slipcovers at the show in Paris and loved them.....gorgeous collection Maryanne, xv.

  5. The stretchy slipcovers for the chairs are quite unique. The bedding looks dreamy.

    Amy R.

  6. Hi Maryanne,

    I adore this wonderful collection, the dreamy colours and romantic linens are fabulous.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Happy week

  7. I love the whole collection, but the slipcovers...fabulous!!

  8. Fantastic collection, love it all.
    Linens are my weakness.


  9. "Polevere Old"...what a color! Just gorgeous linens. Like sleeping on art! You picked a winner Maryanne! Have a wonderful week! XO Trish

  10. Gorgeous..gorgeous..gorgeous. The puckered chair covers all the way to cashmere pajamas. I remember when Robes showed us your linen pajamas, & yes would certainly feel chic wearing them out of the house. They were divine. Maryanne, everything is superb, just like everything in your shop. You don't carry anything unless it is très chic.
    Sure beats my TJ Maxx sheets & Pottery Barn duvet cover!!

    Thanks for the thrill as always my friends.

    xo xo

  11. Don't worry Deb, We'll do something about that.... Thanks sweetie!xo Maryanne

  12. I am really lovin that puckered slip cover!


  13. Ive just found your blog and I love it! So many beautiful things to see. Love the cloths, slipcovers, placemats, everything!! Fiona

  14. Dear Maryanne, thank you so much for your encouraging message about the rescue of the miners and thanks god everything went so well with their rescue. Still there are so much to do about the big earthquake and tsunami we had on Feb... and oh this earth in this part of the world doesn´t stop shaking, last night we had a 5.9 movement.
    But, there are so many wonderful things in the world to be happy for, specially this italian collection you have in your shop, which is really something absolutely gorgeous!!!! Puro Arte!!!!
    much joy to you my darling,
    maria cecilia

  15. i am not sure that anything could be cozier!!

  16. Hi Maryanne I love the puckered slipcovers...and everything else! gorgeous collection, so glad you showed it..thanks



  17. Hi Maryanne,
    I was laughing reading that Peter named the pillows "bustier" pillows!! Haha! Very nice word for these indeed!!
    I really loved everything you posted here!Beautiful!I love the Tulle lace little towels!
    Have a wonderful weekend you both!

  18. Beautiful! I'm so in love with the table cloths and I'm very much so wishing that I had a dining room table to put them on! xo J~

  19. here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time,

  20. I love that line. I saw them at Scenes d'Interieurs and almost placed an order, but I don't think that we are the right venue for the collection. I just want them for myself!!

  21. the use of texture in this chic line!

  22. I love the bedspread shown in the very first photo and also the the spread shown with he velvet top, lace bottom and pillows. Are they still available and if so, how much is the King size typically?