Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Fascinated" by Cherry Chau

In Paris in the Marais we stumbled upon this fabulous shop owned by designer Cherry Chau.
Yes, she makes the fascinator headpieces that Kate Middleton has made instantly popular. Cherry has been making couture bridal and wedding dresses and accessories for her upscale clients for years.

How's this for a nice little Oscar dress????? Maybe with...


We were lucky to meet Cherry and score some of her bracelets for the shop, which we brought back with us from Paris. This a wood and velvet with crystal bangle.

This little cuff is fabulous with the crystal.... It looks like space, with stars.

This is a generously sized leather bangle with leather, hide, and jet trim. We like our leather here in Texas especially when mixed with...You guessed it!

Bling! Here, a leather lined "Cherry" red hide cuff with gorgeous stones, that I thought went nicely with This....

This is a faux pony cape, lined with silk. It is fabulous.........Looks great on either side as it is reversible....... And drop dead gorgeous with either of those last two bracelets..... Think white, shirt, Jeans, boots.

A close up of the detail....

OOPS! Almost forgot this stretchy woven bangle accented with leather and brass. To see Cherry's Shop in the Marais, go to 30 Rue de Sevigne, say Hi to Natasha......
Cherry also has shops in Selfridges in the UK, a shop in Madrid....
If you decide you would like to purchase any of Cherry's pieces we brought back, just email us at the shop ( for pricing and information.



  1. Those are SIMPLY GORGEOUS!
    Good for you to score these..
    bon chance

  2. Love that dress!!!
    Happy weekend!

  3. How much the cuff and cape...and feathers. With your hair'd make quite the entrance! XO Trish

  4. I know !!!! I would!!!! I am screaming in my head to keep this.... When you put it on, it ROCKS!!!!!!!! The view from the back with the cutout is particularly wow.....MA;)

  5. Hi Maryanne,

    I love the beautiful dress and all the accessories, how wonderful and was great to find out about Cherry Chau. Thanks for showing us.

    Happy weekend

  6. Shops like this make Paris so wonderful! Weren't you like to be there! I love all your

    Flora Doora

  7. Fabulous! Loving all of the fabulous finds from your trip!

  8. So beautiful!! All of it! You can always find the most wonderful addresses in Paris, isn't it?!
    Wish you a wonderful week my friend!

  9. Hi Maryanne! Love the last stretchy bangle...good eye! Let me know how much that one is...:) would be great with all white, black and cream linen I live in summertime!

    xoxo Kit

  10. Hats make life so much more civilized!... love all your wonderful finds!

  11. Hi Maryanne, hope you are doing well . I love this shop , I will check it next time I'm in Paris