Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gray to Stay at Maison Object

I love the way this showcased room is put together to make darker colors springlike by adding a splash of lime green, light flooring, and lots of glass. I also like the two round mirrors. They don't have to be huge, just strategically placed.
I think it is Eicholtz, the Dutch company who is on the cutting edge of design. I am not a big fan of animal hides but this totally works here to brighten up the space.
Also look at the glass cabinet. Simple, elegant, uncluttered.....We have all been trained to put our "stuff" on display. What is your opinion of this???????

Another great room from the same company...I think.... (If I am wrong ,just email me and I will make the appropriate changes or do whatever derriere kissing I need to do to give credit where it is due:) Love the two candle features here on the tray. Gray pillows mixed with metallics on a rumpled linen sofa.... Gee, do you think it was so inviting people actually SAT THERE?????
I certainly do. All you wrinklephobes, just fluff the cushions and enjoy!


  1. The first picture is dark for my taste but I agree, the use of the lime green, mirrors and glass really brighten up the room. Very elegent.
    Second one with the grays, the candle boxes and oh the lovely coffee table! Love this room.

  2. the first one must be much different
    {color wise}
    in person.
    because i am not diggin' the green with the grey in the 1st image.
    BUT.....the second sofa is soooo hot i can hardly stand it.
    the pillow and sofa combo are different.
    i love it.

  3. Love the gray! They day I re-do my living room, I want to switch from chocolate brown to gray -- and these pics have given me great ideas!


    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  4. The gray and the lime green is a really fun and energizing touch. ..and my cabinets would never look like that..

  5. That second photo draws one in for some lounging!

  6. Light some candles, turn on some music and pour some wine and I'm pretty comfy in just about any setting. These rooms look set up for just that! Have a great weekend. Mona

  7. Love Grey in the right place and I consider it to work well in places like Paris...I tried it first years ago in Newport Beach CA in my home over looking a golf course and then little bits of it in the magical setting of Santa Barbara and it's difficult making it feel right at home in those applications. But since I do love it and Haleigh will most likely avoid it in favor of blue...I do think I should have my very own Paris apartment so that I can go crazy over Grey! Gosh this whole blogging thing has me defaulting to wild fantasies...did you read my Valentine post!? Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    ~ jermaine aka French Kissed

  8. Thanks for sharing! I missed M&O this year. Enjoyed the glimpse of the beautiful colors and environments at the show. Fabulous!