Saturday, August 13, 2011

Belgian Design/American Retro?

It is amazing when you look through magazines you thought you read and lo and behold you see something Fabulous!!!!!!!! Just your style..... How did I forget this??????
Owners of this home are passionate for antiques and buy and sell them.

Love the hotel silver piled up on this bakers table.
This home is located in Belgium. It was featured in Cote Quest,  in January 2011 issue.

Love this big mirror reflecting the living room.  Heavy beams and a grand chandelier.

The dining room elegant but casual with the glass cabinets.......
Filled with White dinnerware and silver. The door pulls and the sign saying "Pull".
There are glass doors to the kitchen.

This is where the RETRO comes in, there is a Philco refrigerator, against an espresso colored wall with a floor reminicient of the 50's in America.... There is also a Petite sign on the door to the dining room saying " GANG". Love the cleverness of this.  The island is an old shop counter.
And not holding back on the mix of styles, the modern chandelier totally works in this room.......

The back side of the island in the kitchen is from someplace,
 like a shop as some of the square drawers have the enamel labels on them, saying "Amandes, Moutarde" Etc...... Owners Anita and Carlos really know how to put things together. 

The blue on this authentique canape is fabulous with the grey green of the Library.....
Beautiful Photography by Gilles Trillard. Article by Marie-Maud Levron.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this house!!!! In my top five for the year!!!!

  2. I love every single thing in these photos! Drool!

  3. Was there a link to the magazine. I know I couldn't save the pictures to my file:(

  4. That was lovely. Would love all those doors! Fiona

  5. Oh my goodness Love everything, especially the baker's table!
    Have a great week.

  6. Hi Karen!
    The Cote Maison Magazines web address is I couldn't find a link to this particular article. If you like I would be more than happy to email you the pictures I have.;)

  7. Indeed this house was featured in a lot of Belgian magzines all over the passed years! Really beautiful!
    Wish you a wonderful Sunday Maryanne!

  8. I love it all -- that kitchen and it's island in particular!! And I have dreamed of one of those baker's tables for sooo long.

    This house epitomizes true relaxed elegance. Thanks for sharing such beauty!! :)


  9. So fabulous!! I always forget to look at those magazines online - they are a wonderful resource of gorgeous images like these.

  10. the kitchen concept is great.
    risky...and it was worth it!


  11. What a charming home- it has such personality! I adore the kitchen and its mix of styles with the modern light fixture!

  12. Hi Maryannne,

    I love this gorgeous home, everything about it.
    The library is fabulous with the antique blue canape and the old shop counter in the kitchen, for an Island.
    Thanks for sharing and wishing you a lovely week


  13. I've seen ths home before...I wish I could remember where though, it's amazing!! Love every bit of it!
    xo J~

  14. Maryanne this is a wonderful home, thanks for posting. brilliant inspiration! Glad your trunk show went so well.. pls forgive me for not getting there, have been inundated for weeks now...

    xoxo Kit