Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Thanks for accepting our invitation to our
We are very excited about this year's offerings. A head's up, only the pieces in the descriptions
are available... Some accessories are prototypes so we are not able to order them for you.  And Yes we have the same gorgeous model that still needs a hot oil treatment! 
 Color choices and fine print are at the bottom.

This is the WOW Sweater! Pictured Above.  Open Cardigan with Pleats SW-11-02
Two sizes S/M and ML 267.00

Farfalla Sweater- One size SW-11-04 297.00
Love the ruffles on this one!
Poncho Turtleneck Short PONS-11-03 177.00
(Comes in two lengths, longer version below)
This  orange color is HOT!!!!!! Goes Great with Grays....

Poncho Turtleneck Long PONS-11-02
This available with contrast border. 217.00

Belt Cape Cap-11-05 297.00
Braided Scarf SCF-11-06 87.00
Note:Scarf only available in mix of Red, Brown, Blue and Black.
Matching braided gloves in next picture.

Lucy Long Vest VEST-11-11 237.00
Braided Scarf (see above)
Gloves with Braided Cuff GL-11-05
Note: gloves available only in Black, Brown, Red, and Blue mix
This has been a popular piece.

Bee Hive Cardigan S/M and ML CARD-11-03
(Love this!)  327.00 

No, you can"t have her Petite Ruana....

But you can get this one!!!!!! Petite Ruana Ruffle RRP-01
Very Popular! And can be worn as a skirt!!!!! 167.00
Button Vest S/M-M/L VEST-11-08  167.00

Ruana Regular Ruffle  RRR-01 187.00

Two Length Vest  Vest-11-07 167.00
Very unique!

Cape Telefonica As shown only.CAP-231-1 267.00
Medium rosette pins (sold separately) Any Color.RST-02 37.00

One of my new favorites : Lucy Blooms Cape shown with a medium rosette pin.
Cape is CAP-230 187.00
Medium Rosette Pin is RST-02 37.00

This was the WOW coat from last year and is still very popular!!!!!!!Available as shown only/
SM & ML  COAT-021 375.00 Another view of this coat at the shop.

Three Ruffle Stole ST-03 217.00
This is available with contrast ruffles on the bottom.
Gorgeous.  Pin on the stole is the Medium Rosette Pin RST-02 37.00

Ok, here is the cutest Bolero Cape Zingara in the HALF length ( to the Waist )
CAP-226 217.00
The other one is the 3/4 Length (covers the derriere) actually more popular,
CAP-227  237.00

And finally one of my personal favorites the Merengue Stole. ST-03 197.00
 I took two of these to Paris twice and they came out of the suitcase just perfect.......
Think White shirt and jeans..... They sure are great to wear when you sit outside in the winter under gas lights and it's too hot for a coat..... The younger fry wrap around their waist.

My recommendation for a scarf to go with any of these????? The 100 % cashmere Stretchy Ruched Squiggle Scarf Shown here with a red Ruana..... We have again this year.....
Colors for the scarf are black, red, ivory, grey, charcoal, lt blue, turquoise, midnight navy, purple ,camel and fuschia. It rocks!

All the knitwear is angora blend and washable, packable and gorgeous....Delivery will be 2nd to third week of October, shipping is complementary in the US.  To order, Go to the website
 and use the contact feature or email us direct at or call the shop at 979-830-8788 and we will be happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

Thanks to blogging friends Renee Finberg of Renee Finberg's Adventures in Design, Deb Milne at Dumwit Tellher, Ms Bubbles at Crush Party,  Valorie Hart of (take note)" THE"  VISUAL VAMP
blog, Greet at Belgian Pearls, Linda at Lime in the Coconut,Tish Jett of A Femme D'un Certain Age and Karen Sugarman of Karen Sugarman Designs who paired some of her jewelry with some pieces from the collection on her blog. 
  An example is above.


  1. Thank you,Teresa!!!!Do something nice for yourself It is as hot in Alabama as it is here!!!!! A Carrot for you to look forward to!!!!!;) Maryanne xo

  2. the belted cape ...
    toy me is the most divine of them all!!


  3. Dang! I can't decide...We have to order by the 8th? I do work best under pressure, so...

  4. So fabulous...

    All items are real lovely ♥

    And I'm really loving that Lucy Blooms Cape.

  5. Every thing is lovely., Enjoyed this post.


  6. Sis,
    They are all gorgeous!!! My favorites are the Ruana Regular Ruffle and the Three Ruffle Stole!!
    Oooohhhh my ! I wish it were mines!
    PS Jan & me are so much thinking about you both!! I do hope we will meet each other next year in Paris!

  7. Oh my....soooo beautiful. It's so danged hot here it's hard to remember that winter is coming and so many of these will be perfect!


  8. very glamorous! such beautiful royal blue.

  9. Love this knitwear. Your blog is amazing!

  10. Beautiful knitwear. What a fabulous idea... a virtual trunkshow.
    Are you still coming to NYC. When can we get together? i will be off next sunday morning for Maine, but will be in the Showroom friday and will do the gift show on the run on Saturday. Hope to see you, Francine

  11. You know how I adore this line? I'm just sorry that I'm late to the show, it's been one helluva week. I'm just hugely impressed that Catherine is wearing the Petite Ruana Ruffle. You cannot get better advertising than that. I adore her and this knitwear truly would make anyone look like a Princess. I wish you much continued success with this great line Maryanne. Sending you wishes for rain, a glass of wine and a huge hug. xo

  12. Stunning...the lot of it!! Maybe Kate will pop in sometime for another piece...wouldn't that be nice! Truly, they are all lovely.
    xo J~

  13. Looking for 'Robes'
    Is he/she here?