Saturday, March 17, 2012

The ART of Arte Pura Table Linens

I'm not going to write a lot on this one, just want you to enjoy the beautiful table linens of Arte Pura.
This is with the elegant lace trim and the Evento Slipcover...

The elegant lace down the center on the left and on a border on the right.

The Tulle lace on the left on an octogonal tablecloth and Swarovski crystal on the right with a
crochet runner....

The Geometrica organza over linen in a diamond pattern on a tablecloth and runner.

The tulle lace in assorted pieces and some eyelet runners folded in the back on the left.
On the right the more contemporary shirred lace covered by an unbellished tablecloth.

Left The Geomectrica mixed with the Arabesque embroidery and on the right the crochet lace.

A close up of the Arabesque embroidery..............With the little linen basket and a napkin.

So after seeing these pictures, here is our current version in our window we moved outside to photograph. 

Add a little Juliska dinnerware and Arte Pura Ambra glasses, along with the florals we carry in the shop.........And Voila!
So if you would like a catalog of the " Eye Candy" Email us at

Also a big Thank You!!!!!! To Joni Webb from Cote De Texas for mentioning us when the Evento Slipcovers were used in a gorgeous house designed by Julie Dodson. You can see at


  1. Just incredible Maryanne, looking forward to the catalogue. N.xo

  2. The linens are beyond my wildest dreams! Those chair covers alone are simply amazing!

    Flora Doora

  3. wow, those table linens are just stunning. how can I get one?

  4. Maryann, these are beautiful. Just got your email about the book signing event. My daughter & I will try to attend. She's trying to open a Texas artisan shop of some kind (thinking so far only) and she needs to know what's happening around the state. Sending love.....

  5. Oh I love all of this, Maryanne! So gorgeous. I need the chair cover. Going on my list.
    Happy Thursday.

  6. beautiful. thank you for the images. i particularly love the sea green in the first image and the layered lace in the final two. a great way to start the day.

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  8. I deleted myself!!!!!!! I am having spelling issues this AM. This is to Julie, just email us at the address at the bottom of the blog and we will be happy to send you a catalog.......To everyone thanks for your enthusiasm about the Are Pura.......Maryanne ;)

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