Saturday, March 31, 2012

Round Top Our Way......You're Invited!

Our Shop is 15 minutes from Round Top. Sun April 1 we wil be open 11 til 5 (maybe later)We will be open next week Mon 12 to 6 (maybe later)
Tuesday we will be open 10 til 9 serving wine starting at 4 but the added bonus is you are invited to a booksigning !!!!!!!

The fabulous faux finish artist Leslie Sinclair will be signing her hot book Segreto Secrets,
a collection of her work in some gorgeous homes by different designers.......From 5 til 9 Tues.

Wed, Thurs, Fri we will be open 10 til 9 (Maybe later) . Sat 10 til 5. Closed Easter.
 So why do we not set up a tent at Round top??

Because we don't want to put this somewhere like, well,

This.  We are so close we want to show our shop like people expect it to be and have seen or ours and other blogs all over the world.  We admire the fabulous dealers who come out to this area  and brave the elements to make Antiques weeks a success.
 We want people to have a comfortable, cozy,elegant place to come after
hitting the fields.... And THAT"S work......... So stop in next week, and have a glass of wine with us
and relax in the lifestyle that is Beadboard.  See you Soon! 


  1. Mary Ann, Sounds like fun!! Hoping to get by to see you.Just there for a few days this time. xoxo Ann

  2. I would so love to be there. I live in Canada and it is on my wish list to get to one of the Round Top sales, your shop would be on my list for sure.

  3. How exciting! Your shop looks lovely. Have a good week! xo

  4. Hi girlie,

    You are plenty busy I can see! Wish your store was closer, I would have been over in a heartbeat!

    Hugs to you and Happy Easter!

    Warm hugs,


  5. This blog is very well written and I appreciate your efforts.. Keep up the good work.