Saturday, April 7, 2012

The New Gorgeous Arte Pura Flagship Store!

I needed a break.......... After two weeks of antiquing and antiquers, I needed to visually and mentally STOP.
This was the solution......This is the new Arte Pura Flagship Store in Riccione Italy.
Located in the new Palazzo du Congressi dei Riccione, it's near the coast in the Emilia Romagna Region of Italy.

For those of you who think Arte Pura is just girlie, check this out.
Cutting Edge Design. That is two Evento slipcovers floating mid air.........

Plaster all over the pictures up the wall........

The linens mixed with the furniture and a white white floor.........

THIS blew me away......They put the trims offered on the linens into the flooring........

The Atollo bedspread.......I think I should mess up my beds a little more.......?
What do you think?????

Suspended on a platform........With a lace and crystal sheet.

All washable..........

A closer shot of the laces in the floor.... Prissy?????? NO!!!!!

Bath towels and other accroutrements.

Some furniture......And a candle.... Yep this did it for me, and now they are on Facebook!!!!!!
Go to facebook to Arte Pura Srl and check it out!!!!!!!!! Yes I feel better now......
Good as New!


  1. Spectacular photos! Love those linens...and the lace on the floor. Will check out their FB page.
    Happy Easter to you! :)

  2. maryanne-
    You never disappoint! Can you imagine working there. I would wear stilettos!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hello Maryanne

    What a fabulous store. It is so unusual and has so much character and style Happy Easter/Passover


  4. Maryanne, thank you for stopping by, this time of year I always think of Marburger and you.....but I will be back! Love Arte Pura as you know, I love the floor application, and noticed their gorgeous tag as brilliant ! Thank you for bringing us this.....wishing you hugs and and a Happy Easter! N.xo

  5. The messy bed is sexier than the primly-made-up bed because it suggests that someone was recently romping around in it. ;-)

    And plastering over the pictures, frames and all? FINALLY I have a reason to shop the "art" sale bins at Bed Bath & Beyond!

    Happy Easter/Passover/Spring to you and Robes.

  6. Wonderful pictures, it really looks like a fabulous shop which I would love to visit!

    Thank you, Maryanne, for these fantastic photos.

    All my best wishes for a Happy Easter,

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Wishing you a lovely Easter!

    All the best,

  8. what a treat.
    this is BRILLIANT!!!

    xxx happy easter

  9. Fabulous! Fabulous! Sorry we missed you at Round Top this year...we were pretty much in and out. Had to cut the trip short so Talena could get home and move her son home from Indiana...and on to Easter today. Hope you had a wonderful day. XO,Mona

  10. Indeed fabulous! I love the plaster over the pictures on that wall! I am going over ot FB now!! Thanks for sharing Sis!

  11. if i ever gotta a chance to move there, i ll never miss to watch it out. Its all so beautiful. Epic :-)

    Apartment for Rent

  12. I need a break too desperately so this is a real treat. Hope all is great with you guys...Sorry we missed you this time during Round Top...We stayed in La Grange this time. Won't do that again. XO, Mona